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Canada turned around and looked at the spot where Prussia laid. He knelt down and touched the spot before taking his silver maple leaf pin off of his jacket and sticking it into the ground. "God rest your soul Gilbert, kingdom of Prussia." He whispered and followed his family away.

Current chapter:

"We're so screwed." England stated placing his head down on the conference table.

"You can't say that." Germany said, "We're not done fighting yet."

"Well here's the thing you big idiot." England said raising his head up, "When we fought them we only made it harder for us."

He looked around the table. "We lost 3 allies. 1 of which we killed." He stated glancing at Germany. "We lost France and America. To put it simply we lost a fantastic fighter and a world superpower."

They looked down at the table with worried expressions. "Does anyone have any ideas on what we could use to beat them." England asked.

"Um." Japan raised his hand a bit.

Germany nodded at him. "Perhaps if we knew why they were doing what they're doing, we can get a head of them."

"Brilliant!" England exclaimed flying out of his chair and going to the blackboard in the room. "We'll have to make a chart."

We'll have to start with Italy. Since that's basically when all this shit happened." England said, "anyone know?"

"The only one I can think of is Holy Roman Empire but we already heard about that ordeal." Hungary said, "that what else could it be?"

"His grandfather." Austria said fixing his glasses, "He was furious that he was gone when he was finally free….. from us."

"Oh my. We should probably make a list of potential targets as well I'm guessing." England said.

"Next is Canada." He continued. "I've probably known him the longest out of everyone and I can't think of a single person. I bet Prussia would have known. We'll have to skip him for now."

"We also have to include the people that they gained, da?" Russia asked, "They would have joined for a reason."

"That's true. Let's start with France."

England brought the chalk up to his chin thinking before his eyes widened as he thought about the earlier incident with Canada. "Joanne of arc." He whispered.

"What was that?" Germany asked.

"Joanne of Arc! He's going to come after me because of Joanne of Arc!" England yelled.

"Get a grip!" China yelled, "Remember, these are just possibilities!"

England nodded nervously and added it to the board. "and lastly America." Germany said.

"You've been close to America most off his life right, England?" Germany asked the shaken nation.

"Ah, yeah. But as I recall he hasn't lost anyone that was the fault of anyone or had a dramatic effect on him." He replied.

"What about before you meet him." Russia asked.

"I don't know." He replied quickly.

"That was a little too quick England." Germany said standing up and facing him.

"Well, yes. I mean no! No it wasn't!" He stammered rolling back in his chair.

"What. Is. It?" He asked stepping closer with each word.

"Native America." He said slowly.

"Native America?" He asked.

"The first personification of America before I….. took America away." He looked down at the table as the nation murmured around him.

"You sure know how to piss nation off, huh England." Cuba laughed in the corner.

"Are you serious?!" He shouted, "you should be saying that to Germany."

"Excuse me?" Germany asked threateningly turning back towards him.

"Don't you dare!" England yelled at his face. "I know how to piss people off?"

He pointed his finger in his face. "You shot your brother in front of his boyfriends face! Canada is going to rip your spinal cord out through your throat Germany! He's looking for blood now and I'm 98% sure that he's not going to stop until it's your blood."

Germany clenched his teeth and glared at him. "But you knew that already didn't you? You just didn't want to mention it when we were going through our little list. Don't worry, I'll write it down now."

Beside Canada's name he put Prussia and Germany's names down in their spate sections. "There now we're back to being organized." He said with a sarcastic tone.

Something snapped within Germany's mind and he reached out and grabbed England's collar. "Can I help you?" He asked passively.

"You better watch your damn mouth." He stated.

"Or what?" England asked rolling his eyes. "You'll kill me? Believe it or not, there are actually people who would avenge me."

"Is this a game to you?!" Germany snapped. "Our lives or sanity is on the line here!"

"Well I already lost one of those." He said as a wide grin crossed his face.

Germany dropped his collar and took a step backwards. All the other nations looked on as they exchanged remarks. England's eyes seemed to loop as they developed a plan.

"Well lets get this show on the road, shall we?"