The Memory Remains

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Rating: M for violence, death, language, and adult situations

Summary: Though Klaus is regrettably out of her life, Caroline has to deal with the consequences of still being the focus of his affections. Set one year after 4x23 but without the Silas/Stefan Doppleganger cliffhanger. Stefan dropped in over the falls where he still lies.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Thanks to klarolineepiclove for helping me with ideas for this story and for idiot-wind for being a wonderful beta. This was supposed to be a one shot that with her help became more of a short story. Also, this is a 180 from my other Klaroline multi-part story, just fair warning.


Part 1

She watched the building for a while to make sure it was empty before she decided to find a way inside. She needed the element of surprise on her side because if the blonde caught sight of her or picked up her scent before she wanted her to, her plan would hit a major roadblock. There were several open windows low enough to the ground to easily climb into that she took advantage of the one closest to her.

The interior was one large room, with a small kitchen tucked over to the side and a separate bathroom that was located in the historic district of Savannah. The interior was decorated with wood floors and old looking furniture. It reminded her of a certain other person's house and she scoffed at the similarities in their styles. And they said they had 'taste'? Please, she preferred things that looked like they had been made in this century.

As she walked around the room, the scent of the fruity perfume she had always hated hit her full force. She hadn't smelled it in over a year but it was still god-awful and it permeated everything. She did her best to ignore it as she explored the room.

A framed drawing on the table next to the bed caught her eye and she went for a closer look. She instantly recognized the New Orleans landmark; after all, it was one of his favorite spots in the city. She could tell that the crappy drawing was his as soon as she looked at it without noticing the handwriting at the bottom. The note consisted of only two words: 'One Day'.

She flung the frame on the floor before slamming her boot heel into the glass. It shattered easily but didn't give her the satisfaction her temper was looking for. She needed to take her anger out on something else since the object of her hatred was not there at the moment. She grabbed the box that had been under the frame with the intention of destroying it as well but it looked ancient so instead she just wrenched it open.

Inside there were dozens of letters, letters in that same damn handwriting, just like the one she had found a couple of days ago in his study. She had thought that seeing the drawings and paintings of her in his studio had been bad enough, but knowing he had also been writing to her was like salt in her wounds.

He always presented himself as the all-powerful badass hybrid but she knew that when it came to the blonde, he turned into a puppy scared of stumbling over his own paws. Because of that, she had thought that perhaps the one she had found was the only one he had written or maybe there were more but he hadn't sent them. She had known that he had kept tabs on the woman, always knowing where she was and if she was safe but she didn't think that the letters had ever reached her. But now she held in her hands the proof of how wrong she was. By the amount of letters in the pile, she wouldn't be surprised if he'd been sending them since the last time he had seen her.

She saw red as she ripped the papers to shreds, tossing them around the room like confetti. Damn him, he just couldn't let the stupid blonde bitch go.

Well after tonight, she wouldn't have to worry about living in her shadow anymore. The blonde would be dead, by her hand so to speak and he would be none the wiser. When he couldn't find the woman, he would get over his obsession and would accept her in the role that was rightfully hers. She had demanded it several times, she had earned it damn it, but he had denied her. She knew it was because he was still hoping that she would come to him, but she would make sure that it would never happen. She would get what she wanted. He might be an asshole who treated her as if she was nothing but he had power and she wanted as much of it as she could get her hands on.

She was about to rip the box apart as well, when she heard a clinking. Somehow, in her anger over the letters, she had missed seeing a small vial filled with red fluid. She knew instantly what the liquid was inside; it was his blood. Of course he had given it to her, anything to protect her when he couldn't. She was glad that she had found it before the blonde could get her hands on it or her plan would have been over fast.

After she chucked the vial down the garbage disposal, she looked around at the mess she had made and smiled. It would tip the blonde off that someone had been there but she wouldn't know who so she still had the element of surprise on her side.

An hour later, she spotted her target coming down the street from her lookout at the side window. The problem was she wasn't alone; there was a guy with her. At first, she thought the blonde might have brought someone home to warm her bed and quench her appetite, but then she saw the guy's face. He was one of his vampires, a lackey that he had undoubtedly sent to protect her. This created a bit more of a challenge, but it just meant she'd have to work a little harder.

After quickly deciding the best way to approach the new situation, she slipped back out the window to hide in the shadows. Showtime was close and she could smell her anticipation as she waited.


"Really Jack, you don't have to stay out here," Caroline pleaded as she unlocked the front door. "If you don't want to go to your place, you can sleep on the couch; I know it's not against your orders."

"It's the full moon, Caroline," Jack stated. "While I doubt that there are going to be any wolves in the city, it's best if I stay out here and make sure nothing gets in."

"Alright, but if you change your mind..."

"Make sure you lock the doors. It won't stop a wolf but it will slow them down," Jack ordered.

"You know I have been around a few wolves and hybrids, so I think I know to get away if I need to," Caroline reminded him before she shut the door, locking it as he had told her to. Once that was done, she turned around to move into her temporary residence, heading to her bed. Though it was dark out, it was still somewhat early so she thought she would just veg in bed until she fell asleep.

"What the hell?" Caroline exclaimed when she saw little pieces of paper scattered on the floor around her bed. It wasn't until she caught sight of the broken glass underneath it and her antique treasure box lying in pieces that she realized what it was. She ran forward before dropping to her knees, scooping up the paper and glass. ""

All of his letters, his drawing, they were all torn to shreds. She wasn't sure how it happened but she knew one thing, someone had been in her place. Someone had come in and destroyed the letters and drawing that Klaus had sent her and the vial of blood he had given her for emergencies; it was gone. This wasn't a simple break in; whoever had broken in had done this destruction with a purpose.

She could only think of two people who would do something like this. With it being a full moon that would exclude one of the two suspects. However, Caroline really couldn't see Tyler doing something like this. True he hadn't taken their break up well but if it were him, there would have been more destruction if he had let his anger out.

She was still staring at the pile in front of her when she heard footsteps on the front porch. She knew her bodyguard was outside when she saw his shadow fall across the curtained window of the front door. She stood up quickly and headed to the door, he needed to be told what had happened. "Jack! Jack!"

Caroline quickly unlocked the door and swung it open revealing Jack on the other side. As soon as she saw his graying face and the stake tip sticking through the front of his chest, she couldn't help but scream in surprise. He lurched towards her, falling into the doorway. She caught his body before he completely fell forward onto the floor. Though a part of her knew it was useless, she still reached around to try to yank the stake out of his back.

Right as her hand wrapped around the piece of wood, she felt someone grab her head and shoulder from behind, wrenching them apart before she felt a sharp pain on her shoulder. She screamed out in pain. "AHH!"

She dropped Jack's body as she reached behind her and shoved as hard as she could, feeling the pain lessen a little as the person behind her flew backwards into the apartment. She spun around to face her attacker, fangs dropped, hissing in warning.

Across the room where she had flung her was the brunette she-wolf who had been the bane of her existence for the last couple of years. "Hayley."

Hayley smiled wickedly at her, her mouth stained with blood as she stood up from where she had landed. "In the flesh."

Caroline looked down at the body on the floor as she brought her hand up to where she had felt the pain and felt the jagged skin. "You killed Jack just so that you could bite me?"

"Wow, I knew you were a dumb blonde but I didn't realize how dumb." Hayley retorted. "I killed your little fang boy there because he would have stopped me from getting close enough to bite you. I don't know the guy personally, but I do recognize him as one of Klaus' so I figured he'd give me a bit of a fight. Luckily I got behind him before he could hear me."

"That seems to be the way you operate, always stabbing or attacking someone from the back." Caroline snapped vehemently as she walked forward carefully. Hayley looked too smug for being the weaker of the two of them. She might be a werewolf but Caroline could take her. However, she wasn't sure if Hayley was alone. "And I'm not the dumb one here. Your bite isn't going to do anything to me when you're in human form. If you were trying to kill me, you missed."

"Did I?" Hayley taunted.

"Did you not just hear me?" Caroline retorted.

"It's a full moon, and I wasn't forced to shift. Aren't you curious as to why?"

Caroline's eyes widened in fear. With Katherine's brief stint as a human; she would have been able to supply Klaus with the blood he needed to remake his army. "You're a hybrid. Klaus made you a hybrid."

"Wrong answer." Hayley retorted. "Klaus may have some of that special blood to make hybrids but he hasn't given any of it to me. No, I'm still all wolf."

"Then how?"

"A witch." Hayley answered. "You see, when I was pregnant...Klaus told you about that right?"

"Yes." Caroline bit out. "You know he did."

Hayley saw the anger and jealousy in the blonde's eyes and couldn't help the smile on her face from growing wider. "Well I couldn't shift on the full moon when I was pregnant because it would kill the baby. Activated female werewolves can't birth babies, its part of the whole curse deal, but this witch Sophie down in New Orleans was able to brew up a potion to hold off the effects of the moon. It still hurts, but nothing like a shift. Sophie had a few extra, which I swiped in case I needed it one day, like today. Since all the potion does is hold off the shift, it means that my bite packs the same punch it would have if I shifted."

"Oh my God. Why?!" Caroline exclaimed, bringing her hand back up to cover the injury. It was already starting to burn as the venom worked through her system. Hayley had bit her, and without Klaus' blood, the stupid wereslut had signed her death warrant unless she could get him here to heal her. "Why did you do this?"

"Because you are a thorn in my side, you have been since before I even met you." Hayley answered. "During our time in the mountains, all I heard from Ty was 'Caroline this, Caroline that.' I thought that when I came to Mystic Falls that maybe I might find that things were over between the two of you. Instead, I found that he was still in love with you. Even when he saw you flirting with Klaus during your 'fake' date, he couldn't open his eyes and realize that you weren't the one for him. He said you were just playing along but you aren't that good of an actress, Caroline; you enjoyed every bit of the attention that Klaus was giving you. The big bad hybrid is good at putting on the whole seduction act isn't he?"

"Please, I doubt he had to do much at all to get you drooling over him," Caroline shot back. "He told me that he was drunk and you were there. Convenient I think was the word he used."

"I wonder how he would explain all of the times after? Like last night, the day before that, and twice the night before that. He is very insatiable," Hayley replied with a grin.

She didn't want to believe the brunette; she remembered the sincerity in Klaus' eyes when he had told her that it had been a one-night stand during a moment of weakness and frustration. But there was a part of her, composed of those insecurities she thought she had outgrown and the pain that was starting to hit her from the bite that whispered to her that Hayley was telling the truth. After all, Klaus had never pledged to be celibate while he waited for her, and as much as she hated it, Hayley was the mother of his child. That linked the two of them forever. She gulped a little before she could speak. "Yeah, well good for you. You can screw his brains out for all I care; it makes no difference to me."

"Now Caroline, you don't lie very well," Hayley commented. "If you really don't care what he does, or who he does, then why keep the letters and drawing? Or why react the way you did when you saw what I did to them? I could hear you all the way outside. Besides, aren't people supposed to confess before they die?"

"Well if I'm going to die, what makes you think I just won't snap your neck and take you with me?" Caroline retorted, as she refused to acknowledge what Hayley had implied her feelings for Klaus. She wasn't going to give her the satisfaction of knowing how much she treasured those letters or wondered every day what he was doing. His letters never spoke of Hayley, or his child. She had only learned that his son had been born when Matt had told her. Klaus always wrote in his letters about missing her, places he wanted to take her, things he wanted her to experience, anything and everything but his life in New Orleans.

"Because that isn't you. 'You're too 'good' and 'full of light'," Hayley spit out. "Besides you would never take a mother away from her child would you?"

Damn her, Caroline thought. Hayley was right. She wouldn't kill her in revenge or spite and leave a child motherless. The wolf smiled at her knowingly as Caroline took in her words.

"Well it looks like Klaus isn't the only person I can use the baby as leverage against."

"Leverage?" She replied shocked. "That's what you call your child? Leverage? I thought you were supposed to be so all about your family? After all, isn't that why you betrayed Tyler and his pack? For your family?"

"Yes, family is very important to me," Hayley replied, "But I didn't ask to get pregnant; I would have gotten rid of him if I could have but that choice wasn't given to me. The witches, Elijah, and Klaus didn't give me that choice. So I used it to my advantage. Screwing you over was what I consider bonus."

"I still don't understand why you came here to kill me," Caroline declared. "You said I was a thorn in your side but it sounds like you have everything you want in New Orleans and I'm here so..."

"Not everything. See, Klaus still seems to be hung up on you even though he hasn't seen you since the day he left Mystic Falls," Hayley informed her, "And that makes you an obstacle to me."

"Seriously?!" She exclaimed as things clicked. The destroyed letters and drawing, the attack was out of jealousy. "As you pointed out I haven't seen Klaus since graduation."

"Oh please. As if that has stopped him from wanting you. His studio is full of drawings and paintings of you; he has people watching out for you. You are that unattainable goal for him, the girl he put up on a pedestal who I just knocked off."

Caroline couldn't believe that she was going to die by Hayley's bite, all because the wolf was under the delusion that Klaus was hers. She was very familiar with wolves and how they dealt with those they thought were intruding on their territory and that's what was happening. However, there was something still tugging at her thoughts. "If Klaus is still so hung up on me, when he finds out I'm dead by a werewolf bite, he is going to hunt down the wolf that gave me this bite. Which means he will get revenge, and knowing him, you will be wishing that he killed you quickly."

"I am very familiar with Klaus' wrath, I've seen it many times over the last year. Not to mention, I'm the one that set it on his twelve hybrids last year remember? This is why I didn't come here without a plan. Klaus doesn't know that I still have the potion. He thinks I went to the safe place I normally go to shift. When I come back tomorrow, after you're dead and buried, he'll be none the wiser. Without your body, and his lackey dead, Klaus will assume you got sick of having a babysitter, killed him and went into hiding to get away from him. Then after a few months, he'll forget about you and things will be exactly how I want them."

Hayley seemed so proud of herself for thinking of her plan, but she really had no idea who Klaus was or what he was capable of. So, Caroline was going to tell her and knock her off her own pedestal. "You really are that stupid aren't you? Wow, you can't even put two and two together correctly."

"Excuse me?" Hayley retorted.

"You're here with your grand plan to get me out of the way because Klaus cares about me, ME, not you, even though I've been out of his life for over a year and you're with him every day. What does that say about how he'll get over me if I suddenly disappear? It tells me that he'll continue to see you as nothing but a toy to play with until I come to him." Caroline snapped, as she walked towards Hayley.

She could see the tension in Hayley's body and could hear a low growl coming from her but she didn't care. She was too upset to care. Hayley thought she could just kill her in cold blood and then she'd go back to Klaus and have the perfect life? Who the hell did she think she was? The anger flowed through her veins and she could feel her fangs dropping as well as her eyes darkening.

"Did he tell you about when he came to Mystic Falls that last time? It was because I asked him to; he got my graduation announcement and flew up there for ME. He didn't come for Rebekah or to pack up his house, but to give me a gift and see me. He wanted me to go with him to New Orleans but knew I wasn't ready. He said Tyler was free because he knew that Tyler was my first love but that he wanted to be my last one! After everything going on with you in New Orleans, he still chose me! So while I might die because of you, don't think for a second that he will forget about me and will stop wishing that I was the one there with him."

She didn't know if it was her whole speech or just her last words but one of them caused Hayley to snap. The werewolf launched herself at Caroline, fists swinging and a snarl on her face. She caught Caroline by surprise at first, which made her slower than she should have been. She wasn't able to move out of the way before Hayley was on her, her hands grabbing onto her shoulder and ripping into the festering bite, causing Caroline to cry out in pain.

Caroline brought up her knee and hit Hayley in the stomach, sending the she wolf flying backwards. She followed her, not wanting to give the other woman a moment to gain the upper hand again. Caroline stayed aware of what the brunette was doing as she moved to hit her again, but Hayley recovered quickly and kicked out at Caroline's legs.

Years of cheerleading had helped her to have a great sense of balance so the kick didn't knock her off her feet but it did give Hayley the chance to scramble upright so she was standing again. Caroline swung out with her fists, landing several of her punches to Hayley's face and body.

As Caroline pummeled her in the face, Hayley managed to reach out and grab a hold of Caroline's hair, wrapping it quickly around her hand to use as leverage to wrench her head back, exposing her neck. She knew what the wolf was planning to do, bite her again, to weaken her more. She knew she couldn't let that happen, but Hayley's grip on her hair was so tight that Caroline felt as if she couldn't move her head to plunge her fangs into her. With that weapon not an option, her instincts told her to go with another, her strength.

Before Hayley could get to her neck, Caroline's arm shot out towards her. She felt her hand rip through the flesh of the other woman's chest and through the muscles until she found her target. Without thinking, she wrapped her fingers around the pumping organ tightly and yanked backwards.

The brunette's eyes widened in shock and horror, which Caroline was sure mirrored her own before they closed and her body slumped lifelessly to the floor. Caroline could only stand there in shock. Hayley's blood splattered over her, covering her arm and hand; the same hand that was holding her heart, HAYLEY'S HEART.

As the realization of what she was still holding hit her, she dropped the heart quickly as if it was burning her, and looked down at what she had done. She had killed Hayley, she had killed another person. She had killed before but they had been accidents or a way to protect her friends. Not like this. "Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God."

Caroline could feel her undead heart beating like crazy from the adrenaline of the fight and the horror of what she had just done. She needed to get control of herself or she swore her heart was going to burst out of her chest. That made her think of the heart that she had just torn out of Hayley's body and before she could stop herself, her eyes dropped to the body again. When she saw the hole in the wolf's chest, a hole she knew she had made, she ran into the bathroom.

She heaved for a few minutes, throwing up everything in her stomach, which wasn't much. She'd been so busy exploring the city and had planned to come back to her place early due to the full moon that she hadn't bothered to eat while she was out. Since she normally ended her day with a blood bag, her system was lacking that sustenance as well. Her vision blurred a little and she suddenly felt dizzy which caused her to drop to the floor next to the toilet.

Caroline didn't know how long she sat there with the room spinning around her but she did know that her decision to not eat earlier had weakened her, allowing for the venom to affect her faster. She remembered what had happened before when she had been bitten, and how quickly they had affected her, Klaus' more so than Tyler's had. She figured that Hayley's bite would take longer to kill her since she was or had been a normal werewolf, but it appeared she was wrong.

She needed to call Klaus, and tell him what had happened. With Jack dead, and Hayley covering her tracks, Klaus had no idea that she needed him. She patted her pockets to try to find her phone but remembered she had set it on the table when she had come in earlier. She forced herself to stand and head out of the bathroom despite her shaky legs.

However, once she had her phone in her bloodied hands, Caroline hesitated. Would Klaus be able to get there in time to heal her? New Orleans was at least a ten-hour drive away and by plane, he could get here in a few hours.

But would he even come? Before Hayley had shown up at her door, she had no doubts that he would, but now? Now she wasn't sure. She knew what he said in his letters, that he was still in love with her, but what about what Hayley had told her about their relationship? Would he be mad for killing her? For killing the mother of his child? She didn't know, but she didn't want to die. She searched quickly for his number, the blood on the screen not making it easy to see but she managed to find him.

The call went straight to voicemail. She disconnected before redialing, hoping that he would pick up. Instead, his familiar voice that she had only been able to hear in her dreams for more than a year started playing again before the beep. "It's me. I had a run in with a werewolf and the blood you gave me before is gone. Um, I need you. Please come and hurry."

She hung up then. Caroline hoped he check his messages soon, she would call him back in a little bit, and over and over again until she reached him. She looked around the room at the chaos around her. Things were turned over or broken; paper and glass littered the floor not far from where Hayley and Jack's bodies lie dead where they had fallen. If she didn't make it, the couple she rented this place from were going to be pissed when they found the mess along with three bodies.

The thought terrified her. Caroline didn't want to die, she wanted to live. There was still so much she hadn't seen, and places she hadn't visited yet. She had only left Mystic Falls nine months before, traveling around the country. Hell, she hadn't even made it past the Mississippi, let alone across an ocean. Klaus had told her that there was a whole world out there for her and she wanted to see it all.

As she made her way over to her bed, feeling very tired, she hit redial on her phone. She prayed that he would pick up but only got his voicemail message again. She didn't leave a message this time, just disconnected it and stared at the screen. She should call her mom, just in case, Stefan and Matt. They were the only ones she wanted to say goodbye to besides Klaus.

The summer after graduation had been eye opening as well as heartbreaking for Caroline. When Tyler came home, they had tried to pick up where things left off but she couldn't. She still loved him but her feelings for Klaus and the decision she had made in regards to him after graduation had changed her too much to jump back into things with Tyler. He hadn't taken it well when she had called things off between them. And after they found out about Bonnie, her focus had been on her grief over her friend.

Bonnie's death had been the final straw for Caroline. After they had buried her, she was determined to get out of Mystic Falls. With Bonnie gone, there was nothing keeping her friendship with Elena going and Matt had left town with Rebekah. She was alone. Therefore, after following through on her promise to her mother to get her out of Mystic Falls and helping her relocate to a small town in West Virginia, Caroline packed up her car and hit the road. She met up with Stefan every few weeks to hang out and he would deliver her the letters from Klaus, but she hadn't seen anyone else since she'd left. Stefan had tried to talk her into making him a travel mate but Caroline wanted to be alone; at least for a little while.

The thought of saying goodbye forever to the few people she still had left was overwhelming. Tears started to fall before she could stop them. She was still lying on her bed crying when the hallucinations began.

To be continued...

Will Caroline's messages ever make it to Klaus? Will he make it in time to save her?

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I know that there has been a lot of Hayley/Phoebe hate going around and this story is not such hate. Granted I don't like Hayley, but this idea came to me one night when I couldn't help but think that eventually Hayley would see Caroline as a threat to what she saw as her territory.

Also, I don't consider tweets canon so I have disregarded JP's tweets that Hayley knew she was pregnant because she didn't shift on the full moon. Until I see it in the show, I don't consider it canon.