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Part 3

Klaus picked up Caroline's limp form and carried her over to the bed. He heard the faint sound of glass crunching under his feet but ignored it as he laid her down gently. From past experience, he knew she would be unconscious for at least an hour or more.

He watched her for a moment, stroking her hair as the color slowly returned to her beautiful face. When he had arrived, she had been very close to succumbing to the effects of the venom, too close for his comfort, but she had taken quite a bit of his blood so she would heal quickly. The wound on her neck was already beginning to heal and before long all traces of it would be gone.

After confirming that the blood was working, Klaus reluctantly moved away from her. He would have preferred to stay by her side; perhaps to hold her in his arms again like he had the night he had healed her at the Gilbert house. How her body felt against him was still very fresh in his memory. After she had finished consuming his blood that night, she had curled into him and fell asleep as he had continued to stroke her hair.

He had come very close that night to letting her die, just to prove to his first hybrid just to prove a point. While Tyler might be a strong hybrid, Klaus was the Alpha and there were penalties when you conspired against him. However, when he thought he heard her last words in this world, he had found himself unable to let her go and saved her. As that night turned into morning, he had simply held her and watched her sleep. He had stayed like that for as long as he could but when she started to stir, he relinquished his hold on her so that when she awoke, he was across the room seated in a large chair. She had been none the wiser and had acted as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

This time however, Klaus was confident that she would not have any issue if she woke in his arms, but he would have to put that off for a few moments. His attention was needed elsewhere; he needed to figure out what had transpired before he arrived and then there was cleanup to be handled. He had brought a few vampires with him that could handle the body disposal easily once he ordered it.

When Klaus turned away from the blonde sleeping beauty that had haunted his dreams for the past couple of years, he once again heard the crunch of broken glass under his feet. This time he looked down and saw the source of the noise. Under his boot and scattered around him were a shattered picture frame as well as dozens of pieces of torn paper littering the floor. Inside the frame was a familiar drawing, one that he had sent to Caroline right after they had said their goodbyes in MysticFalls after her graduation. He knew immediately who the culprit behind the destruction was.

Klaus moved over to where the she wolf's body had fallen. He had noticed it when he first arrived but once his senses told him she was dead, he had paid no attention to her as he had searched for Caroline. Now he took the time to examine her. The front of her chest was covered in blood, which surprised him. He would not have thought that Caroline would have killed her in this way. He would have assumed that if Caroline had to resort to killing, she would have preferred a more merciful means of doing it, such as snapping her neck. However, the empty hole in her chest paired with the blonde's hand and arm being covered in blood told him otherwise.

He couldn't help the small smirk that appeared on his face at the vision that popped into his head of how the scene had played out. Like so many others, Hayley would have underestimated Caroline until the last moment, until it was too late and the blonde had held her life in her hands, literally.

As he looked at Hayley's vacant dead eyes, Klaus pondered how her death affected him. His son was now technically without a mother, though she had proved not to be much of one when she was alive. The babe would surely forget her existence within days, as would he.

She might have borne his son, but he felt absolutely nothing for Hayley. He knew that Elijah, his oh so honorable brother, would try to disagree with him. Elijah had been trying to push him to connect emotionally with the wolf since they had learned of the pregnancy. He refused any type of dealings with her that did not directly concern his son despite Elijah's pleadings and Hayley's desperate attempts to seduce him. He did not want her in any way. She had been a distraction during a night when he had been swimming in self-loathing and alcohol; nothing more. There was only one woman whom he cared for and she rested a few feet away from him.

The only emotions that Hayley's death stirred in him were relief and anger; relief to have her out of his life, and anger because she had tried to kill one of the only bright spots in his life. She would have succeeded if she had covered her tracks as good as she thought she had.

On full moon nights, Hayley was supposed to be in one of the crypts, chained up and locked away from all of the vampires that her venom could poison. A werewolf running around loose tended to make the vampire population a bit edgy and while he did not care, Elijah had thought differently and had worked out the arrangement.

It was late in the evening when he had gone searching for her, to make sure that she was secure. She had been acting on edge earlier in the day and his instincts told him that she was up to something, which was confirmed when he had discovered her missing. If he hadn't picked up her unwanted scent in his study, he would have thought she had merely broken free and was running around the bayou. However, considering that her scent had been strongest by his desk where he had been writing his most recent letter to Caroline, he knew where she was. Hayley had always hated Caroline out of jealousy. Her missing shortly after seeing the letter was not a coincidence; she had used the fact that he would expect her to be locked away for a night to her advantage.

After she had given birth stalling her shifting once a month was no longer a priority so Klaus had ordered Sophie to stop giving Hayley the potions to achieve that. It seemed that either she had ignored his order or the she wolf had managed to get her hands on at least one dose. Either way, the meddlesome witch was going to pay for what her error had almost cost him.

He had already been on the way when Caroline had started calling him though he hadn't been aware that she was trying to contact him until he landed. He had hoped to get there before Hayley made her move but mechanical delays had thrown off his plan. He looked over at the body he had stepped over on his way inside, and took in Jack's decaying face. He had been right to send someone to watch over her. It appeared that the compelled vampire had attempted to follow his orders, until the stake in his back prevented him from doing so. His body would need to be disposed of along with the wolf's.

Now that he had garnered all of the information he could from the scene, it was time to get rid of the mess. He didn't want to leave Caroline asleep and defenseless so he summoned the few vampires he had brought with him from New Orleans from their lookout posts. He quickly gave them their orders, and then compelled them to do what was needed as discreetly as possible. After retrieving a few blood bags once his vampires had left with the bodies, he moved back towards the bed.

While he wanted to hold her, Klaus chose instead to sit in a nearby chair and simply watch her. He thought about when she woke and how she would react, calling him stalkerish most likely. After over a year of not seeing her with his own eyes, he couldn't help himself.

His eyes traveled over her again, this time trying to find any changes that might have occurred in the time that he had spent away from her. She might be forever immortalized as a seventeen-year-old girl, but to him she seemed to have grown more beautiful since she had said good-bye to him that night in her living room.

There were only two things in his very long life that Klaus had truly desired but they had slipped right through his fingers just when they had been in his grasp. The first had been the means to break his curse, the second had been Caroline. It had taken a thousand years but ultimately he had overcome his curse. Therefore, he hoped things with Caroline would work out as they had with the curse. Caroline would be his once again, and he would be sure to never let her go.

His memories of the night of her graduation where she had confessed to caring for him and her desire to leave with him haunted him daily; specifically the happiness and anticipation in her eyes that had quickly turned to sadness and disappointment due to his announcement about Hayley and the baby. He had never been overly concerned what others thought about him unless he was instilling fear into them, but in that moment he had cared about her opinion; namely because his actions had driven her away from him just when she had been willing to give him a chance.

No one had captured his attention as she had, not in a thousand years. He had seen in her a kindred spirit; even if she was the light to his darkness and before he could stop himself he had fallen in love with her.

He had initially thought his interest stemmed from a combination of her beauty and the challenge that she represented. The way she had held her own on the first night he saw her at her school had intrigued him. After their first brief meeting, when she had defied him every time he had tried to charm her, he had become completely enchanted. He knew he wanted her, and he always got what he wanted. Women had tried to play coy over the centuries but they always succumbed to him. The more they denied it, the bigger the thrill he felt when he finally bedded them. The predator in him had always enjoyed the hunt.

However, as time passed and he spent more time around her, he began to realize that there was more to his interest in her than getting her into his bed. True, if things had gone in that direction he would not have turned her away but it wasn't the sole reason he continued to seek her out. She was loyal, fearless, and honest, brutally so. No one had spoken to him as she had, well and lived to tell the tale.

He had tried to resist what he felt, to resist her, but he found it to be a fruitless endeavor even when she made it clear that she had no interest in him. Then when it appeared he was making progress with her, becoming her friend, a reckless mistake came back to haunt him.

All of those events had led to the position they now found themselves in: Hayley dead, Caroline recovering from being at death's door, and he watching over her.


As she began to regain consciousness, it took Caroline a minute to think clearly. A blur of images went through her mind: coming back to her apartment and finding it a mess, Jack's body at her front door, Hayley's attack, the hallucinations, Klaus healing her.


Her eyes popped open as she jerked up right. She looked around the room from her spot on the bed, confused to see her apartment seemed to be in its normal state, well semi-normal, there were no bodies, no shredded letters, and no glass. She would have thought she was dreaming if she didn't see the large spot of blood on the floor, or if she hadn't suddenly become aware of the fact that she wasn't alone. She knew exactly who it was. "So it wasn't a dream."

"No, definitely not a dream." Klaus answered.

Caroline turned and saw him sitting in the chair nearby. She had a brief feeling of deja vu as she remembered him sitting in a similar manner the last time he had healed her. However, this time his intense stare made her uneasy. Her earlier conversation with Hayley about his relationship with the wolf was still fresh in her mind and now she was worried. She couldn't tell what he was thinking; was he there as her savior or her executioner? "Are you here to kill me?"

"If I wanted you dead, I would have left you the way you were when I arrived. After all, you were already on death's door." Klaus stated. "Why would I heal you if I was going to kill you?"

"To make me suffer." She answered.

Klaus rose from his chair then, grabbing one of the blood bags he had waiting for her and made his way towards the bed. What was going through her head to make her think he would want to bring any suffering upon her? "And for what possible reason do you think I might do that Caroline?"

"Because I killed Hayley." She answered as he sat down next to her, taking the blood bag that he offered her.

Despite the anxiousness and worry in her eyes, he couldn't stop the laughter that burst from his lips at her words. He could tell that she hadn't been expecting that reaction from him but it didn't stop him from continuing.

Caroline looked at him in confusion, her forehead crinkled as she frowned at him. She swallowed the blood in her mouth before she spoke. "You're out of your mind."

"I'm not the one who is making outlandish accusations here, sweetheart." Klaus told her. He leaned forward and brushed one her curls back behind her ear. "Now tell me, why ever would you think I would end your life because you took hers? When have I ever implied that I care for her over you?"

"You haven't." Caroline admitted. "It's just earlier, when I was talking to her; she said…she implied that the two of you were sleeping together. A part of me thought you would be mad that I killed her."

"So, despite the fact that I have declared to you on numerous occasions, my feelings for you, both verbally and in written word, you chose to believe her?" He asked. He didn't care to admit it but her lack of faith in him hurt a bit.

Caroline shrugged. "Caring for me didn't stop you from sleeping with her the first time, and she's the mother of your child, so it's wasn't that big of a stretch for me to believe it."

"If you thought that, then why did you call me for help?" Klaus retorted.

"I said a part of me believed her; I didn't say I took her word as fact. I wanted to trust that you still felt the same way about me and wouldn't let me die." Caroline confessed.

"I was not sleeping with her Caroline, and I would never let you die. I will do anything I can to keep you safe, which why I took the precaution of giving you a vial of my blood in case you found yourself in this situation." Klaus stated. "I'm assuming that it was destroyed?"

Caroline nodded. "I think so. I kept it with the letters and it was gone. Hayley must have found it and took it."

"She wouldn't have known beforehand that I had given it to you. It was pure coincidence that she found it. You should keep it on you from now on. What if you had been bitten and couldn't return to take it?" He reprimanded.

"Well I don't make it a habit of hanging around werewolves, and I make sure to stay in on full moon nights, which you very well know!" She snapped back. "After all, I know my vampire bodyguard would have reported it back you."

"Bodyguard? I don't know what you are talking about." Klaus replied. She wasn't supposed to know that he had someone watching over her. Of course, she had most likely seen the vampire tonight when he had tried to come to her aid so he wasn't completely surprised that she was aware of him.

"I told Jack that you would lie about knowing who he was if I confronted you about him! He died protecting me, you can at least admit that you compelled him to be here." Caroline exclaimed. It was brief, but she saw a look of surprise pass over his face when she mentioned her bodyguard by name.

"Well obviously his incompetency was greater than I was aware of, not only did he let a young werewolf kill him but he allowed his presence to be known." Klaus growled.

"He wasn't incompetent." She argued. "He did exactly what your compulsion told him to: watch over me and not expose himself unless I was in danger. However, you didn't seem to realize that I know you well enough to conclude that you had someone watching me after the second letter found its way to me. Not to mention that I have been kidnapped enough times to be very much on guard when I feel like I'm being watched and I wasn't just going to let the feeling slide."

"So you discovered him?" Klaus asked angrily. He was upset that the sentry he had sent had been discovered, but also a little pleased that she had been so vigilant in knowing what was going on around her that she had been able to spot him.

Caroline nodded. "Yes, I spotted him one night when I was out. At first, I thought he was some creep or and older vampire that wanted to hurt me but when all he did for a couple of nights was watch me, I figured out why he was there and confronted him. He couldn't tell me when I asked him why he was doing it but it wasn't hard to figure out. I hope that you will give him a proper burial, I considered him a friend."

"I have people taking care of his body, as well as Hayley's." He told her.

"Thank you." She replied. "For everything."

"You are very welcome sweetheart." Klaus answered. "I am just relived that I made it in time. I apologize for not answering your numerous calls, but I was already on my way."

She nodded again then froze as she remembered the last message she had left him. Would he say something about it? Should she? She wasn't sure what to do.

Klaus could see the uncertainty in her eyes at what he said and knew she was thinking about the last message she had left him. It had surprised him when he heard it. He heard the resignation in her voice in the message; she thought she was going to die and had called him to talk to him one last time. It had honestly scared him and he had been worried when he arrived that he might have been too late. The world would have been an infinitely darker place had he been. Yet thankfully, that had not been the case and he was able to save her. However, now circumstances for them had changed again in mere moments and they had things that needed to be discussed.

"Now while the sight of you covered in blood is not an unwelcomed one, perhaps you would like to go get cleaned up? Then you can tell me exactly what happened here tonight and we can discuss how to proceed." He instructed.

Caroline swallowed the last drop of her blood bag as she nodded and moved to slide off the bed. She could feel his eyes on her as she moved to her dresser and grabbed out something clean to put on. As she headed into the bathroom, her eyes drifted to the bloodstain on the floor but she snapped them away and focused back on her destination.

Once inside, she thought about shutting the door completely but decided to leave it open slightly. The idea of him on the other side made her feel safe and after the night she had, she needed that. As the water heated up, Caroline looked at herself in the mirror. Her hair was a mess, her makeup streaked and her skin was grimy but the wound on her neck was gone and her skin had a healthy glow to it. She knew that it was the result of his blood that she had consumed. It had not only healed her but rejuvenated her and the blood bag she had just finished helped as well.

She brought her hand up to wipe away some of her mascara and flinched when she saw the crusted blood all over her hand. Normally the sight of blood didn't bother her, not since she had become a vampire, but knowing where this blood had come from sickened her. She had been too out of it until now to have thought about it.

She quickly stripped out of her clothes and practically jumped in the shower. As soon as she was rinsed, she snatched up her body wash and began to scrub off the blood as hard as she could. She kept scouring her body until the water ran clear and her skin was pink. She knew it was time to shut off the shower and face him. After she dried herself and reached for her clothes, she realized that not paying attention to what she was grabbing had been a mistake. In her haste, she had grabbed a tank top and a pair of sleep shorts. It was not her preferred outfit to be wearing when she was talking to Klaus but it was going to have to do because she certainly wasn't going to go out there in just a towel. She dressed and messed with her hair before opening the door.

Klaus looked up when he heard the door open. His breath caught slightly at the sight of her, she looked both the innocent and the vixen. Her clothes were short and fit her body perfectly, showing off her curves without revealing too much while her freshly washed face and hair gave her the look of wholesomeness. It made for a truly beautiful sight. "Feeling better?"

Caroline nodded. "Yes."

She hadn't missed the way his eyes had run over her body when she appeared but she tried not to think about it as she moved farther into the room. He was still sitting on her bed, leaning back onto her headboard. For a moment, she thought about taking a seat in the chair he had vacated but instead moved over and sat down on the bed, facing him. As soon as she did, he handed her another blood bag. She thought about refusing it but figured it couldn't hurt.

As she began to drink it through the little hose, she looked at Klaus. His hair was a bit longer, more like it had been the night of his family's ball, but otherwise he looked exactly the same. For once he wasn't wearing one of the jackets she had seen on him so often, just a long sleeve gray Henley and jeans, and of course his ever present necklaces. She found it odd that in spite of the fact that he hadn't changed, he looked even more handsome than she remembered.

Pushing the thoughts out of her head, she chose instead to focus on what he had said before she showered. "How did you know that she was coming after me?"

"I was not certain that she was. When I realized that she wasn't locked away coupled with the trace of her scent in my study near my latest letter to you, I assumed that she was coming after you. I attempted to contact Jack but was unable to." Klaus explained.

Caroline nodded. "We were getting spotty cell phone reception all evening. Your message must have been what alerted him to come to my door. That's when Hayley staked him."

"Jack was several hundred years old, she would know the only way to overpower him would be by surprising him." Klaus declared. "If she had simply bit him, he would have been able to fight off the effects longer than you and she wouldn't have stood a chance."

"She used him as a distraction instead so she could come up behind me." Caroline replied. "I had been out earlier, exploring the city, but came back before it got too late since it was a full moon. I had just walked over here when I saw the mess on the floor and saw that it was the letters. I knew it wasn't simply a break in or something because there was nothing else destroyed. At the same time, I saw Jack's shadow over the door I ran out to get help. I caught his body when I opened it and Hayley bit me from behind. I threw her off, we argued, she tried to bite me again and I killed her."

"It was self defense, Caroline." Klaus reasoned.

"I tore out her heart!" Caroline cried.

"Did you have any other choice? She had already delivered a fatal bite to you and from what you said she was attempting to speed up the effects by repeating it. It was either you or her." He declared. He knew that Caroline had issues with killing, one of few vampires he had come across in his long life who did, but she needed to understand that killing was part of their nature. If she was going to survive for years to come, she was going to have to come to terms with that part of herself. While he would do everything in his power to ensure her survival, he had resigned himself to the fact that he could not always be at her side.

"Maybe I could have knocked her out or something." She replied defensively.

"You did what you had to do to stay alive." Klaus insisted. "You can't fault yourself for that, no one can."

"Your son will!" Caroline exclaimed. She watched as his eyes widened slightly in surprise at her words, before softening little as he continued to look at her. "I killed his mother."

Klaus watched her for a moment, he hated seeing the guilt she was feeling weighing on her so much. He wanted to see that familiar light back in her eyes, he couldn't let her sink into despair over this. "Come with me to New Orleans."

"What?" Caroline asked, unsure if she had heard him right. Had he seriously asked her to go with him?

"Come to New Orleans with me," Klaus repeated. "You can leave with me tonight; pack a bag and my people will bring anything else immediately. My house is large; and there is a room that looks out into the garden that I believe will suit you perfectly. You will love my city Caroline; you can spend months exploring it and never see the same thing twice."

"Your city?" Caroline said the surprise in her voice evident. Normally she would have simply thought that he had referred to it as his since he lived there. However, there was something possessive in his voice that made her think it was something more than that.

Klaus nodded. "It is back under my control; Marcel is no longer an issue."

"He's dead?" She asked.

A vicious smile crossed his face before he answered. "No, he's still very much alive. Well as much as any of us are alive, that is. Once I obtained what, or actually, who Marcel was hiding that gave him power over the witches, my part of my bargain was complete and he was mine to deal with. I quickly drained him of that nasty vervain he had a bad habit of snacking on and now he is bound to serve me and my family."

"For how long?" Caroline asked. "Wait, don't answer that. I really don't want to know."

"In any case, the city is mine now." Klaus declared. He brought his hand up and caressed her cheek. "Come with me Caroline."

Caroline looked him in the eyes and could see the anticipation in them, just like when he had pleaded with her to still leave with him despite Hayley's pregnancy. She leaned into his touch; he was so warm and smelled so good. "Do you know how many times over this past year I've thought about forgetting all of my reasons for not going with you that night and just showing up at your door? More times than I'd like to admit truthfully. I just wanted to forget the stuff with Hayley and come to you."

"So then do it." Klaus demanded. "Though Hayley was never the obstacle you thought she was, she's gone now."

"By my hand." Caroline stated. "Something I wouldn't be able to forget the moment I saw your son."

"She was his mother in name only; Rebekah is the one who looks after him and fills that role." He explained. "By the time he is old enough to understand, he will not remember who she is. She won't even be a memory to him; all he will be told is that she died when he was still a babe."

"That doesn't change what I did," She insisted. "Because I would know, I would know what I did."

It was then that Klaus knew her answer without her speaking a word. "You're not coming back with me are you?"

Caroline shook her head. "I want to, believe me I do. I just can't."

"Won't." He corrected.

"Won't." She repeated. "If things were different, if I wasn't the one who killed her, maybe I would leave with you."

"Even in death the wolf is keeping you from me." Klaus growled as he moved away from her towards the edge of the bed.

His words tugged at something inside her and she realized something. "Is that what you think? That Hayley was what kept me away?"

"Wasn't she?" He queried, not looking at her as the words left his mouth.

"NO…yes…I mean." Caroline stammered before she could gather her thoughts. It was hard to put her feelings on the matter into words. She had wanted to go with Klaus, but the idea of Hayley always being there, reminding her by her mere presence what had happened between her and Klaus was too much to bear at the time. The wound had been too fresh.

"You were ready to leave with me until I told you about her and the pregnancy." Klaus acknowledged as he finally turned around to look at her again. "How could I not blame her?"

"And I'm sure that she knew that you held that against her, which is part of the reason she came after me." She stated.

He nodded. "I did nothing to hide my resentment of her and that, coupled with the jealousy she already felt towards you, made you her target."

"Please tell me that you didn't displace those feelings onto your son?" Caroline asked.

"Perhaps in the beginning, but when he was born, I felt differently." Klaus admitted. "I refused to be like Mikael and blame my son for my or Hayley's sins. Afterwards, my resentment was reserved solely for her."

"Good, because he's innocent in this and I don't want to come between you and him." She confessed. It was true; the last thing she wanted to do was come between a father and his child. Over the past year, she had acknowledged that if she was going to be involved with Klaus, which she knew was inevitable, she was going to have to accept that he had a child who was always going to be a part of his life. "I need some time. I'm not saying never, but just not now. When I do come to you, I don't want to feel guilt when I'm around him."

Klaus wanted to argue, he wanted to compel her guilt away, he wanted to throw her over his shoulder and just take her with him, but he knew if he did any or all of those things she would hate him for it. And while he had been the object of her hate and loathing before, he did not want to return to that state. "Very well Caroline, but do not think that I will stop trying to persuade you to join me."

"I don't expect anything less." Caroline replied. It was supposed to sound teasing but instead came out quite the opposite. It sounded sad, because she was. As much as she knew she wasn't ready to go with him, she didn't want him to leave. She wasn't ready to let him go yet. She couldn't fight the desire to be close to him, as she had for so long, not after admitting to herself and to him that she cared for him as more than a friend.

They sat in silence for several moments, simply enjoying being near each other after being parted for a time. They faced each other again as they had when she had first sat down on the bed but, now only a couple of inches separated them. His scent surrounded her as did the heat that radiated off of him. Without even touching him, it was still a comfort to her.

"How long can you be away?" She asked.

"Elijah is handling things at the moment so my absence will not be noticed right away; however, there are a few matters that are going to require my personal attention that cannot be put off." Klaus explained.

Caroline nodded at his answer. "Can you stay for a little while? With me?"

He looked into her eyes and saw the hope that was there and before he even knew what he was saying, he gave her the only answer he could. "Yes."

"Good because I might not be leaving with you tonight, but I don't want you to go yet either." She confessed as she reached over and picked up his hand where it had dropped away from her face and laced her fingers through his.

"Is that your way of telling me that you missed me, love?" He asked as his eyes dropped down to where their fingers were intertwined. It still shocked him how the smallest touch from her could affect him so much.

"I didn't say that." Caroline admitted in a whisper.

His eyes shot back up to hers, and he could see that she was teasing him. "Well I guess I was being a bit too presumptuous then."

"Well you do have a tendency of doing that." She replied. "You might be the big bad Original hybrid but that doesn't mean you can read my mind."

"I would never presume to do that, you have and always will be a bit of a mystery to me." Klaus declared. "It's one of the things that has always intrigued me about you; you keep me guessing."

Caroline could hear the reverence in his voice as he talked about her and her heart beat a little faster. He always had that effect on her, even before she had been willing to admit it. She continued to stare at him for a moment before deciding to do what she had wanted to do for a long time but had only given herself a taste of before. She leaned forward, closing the small distance between them and pressed her lips to his.

Her lips caressed his briefly, before he pulled back, his eyes wide in surprise. "Caroline, what are you doing?"

She couldn't help but giggle a little at his words and the look on his face. "For a guy who is a billion, I shouldn't have to spell it out to you."

Klaus' jaw moved slightly and she knew he was about to open his mouth to say something else but Caroline shut him up by pressing her lips to his again. He expected her this time, and his lips met hers willingly. His kiss was welcoming and eager though still somewhat hesitant. He kissed her as if he was waiting for her to pull away at any time. Despite everything, he still expected her to reject him. She would have to convince him of her feelings by showing him.

Caroline wrapped her hands around his neck as she moved closer and then onto his lap. She poured everything she was feeling into the kiss before sucking roughly on his lower lip, causing him to gasp in surprise. She used it to her advantage, slipping her tongue in to explore his mouth. She moved one hand to his necklaces while the fingers of her other hand tangled in his dirty blonde curls. All of his hesitancy had disappeared as their tongues caressed one another, familiarizing themselves with each other's taste.

Reluctantly, Klaus ended the kiss and broke his mouth away from Caroline. He rested his forehead against hers. While his hand came up to cup her face, his thumb moved gently back and forth over her cheek.

He opened his eyes for a minute and looked into hers. He saw so much fire burning in her eyes for him that it almost knocked the wind out of him. He opened his mouth to say something but she quickly silenced him again, this time by pressing her finger to his lips.

"I know I said I'm not ready to go with you," Caroline declared. "But I want this night with you, what's left of it."

His full lips pressed together as he kissed the side of her finger, causing shivers to run over her before his voice vibrated against it. "Are you positive Caroline?"

She nodded. "I want you, if you'll have me."

Klaus leaned forward but instead of kissing her mouth, his lips went to her collarbone. He began to trail kisses up her neck until his lips met her ear. "How many times do I have to tell you, Caroline? I will always want you."

His words were no sooner out of his mouth then his lips claimed hers in a forceful kiss. His tongue ran roughly across her lips, and she quickly parted them as his hands ran up her thighs. He didn't want her thinking for a second that he didn't want her, desire her. He couldn't remember a time in his long life when he had wanted someone as much as he wanted the woman on top of him, not even when he had been human.

Their movements became feverish. All the two of them could think about was their hands on each other, and their mouths clashing hungrily with one other's. They each dug a hand into the other's hair, pushing their faces as close as possible in an attempt to taste more of each other. Klaus pressed his body more firmly against hers, his muscles rippling with the action. The hand that was not tangled in her curls slid down her back and pressed firmly on her waist until she was as close to him as possible. He could feel the hardened nipples of her breasts rubbing against his chest through the thin material of her top. They continued for several minutes before he pulled back and began placing licking kisses down her neck until he reached her covered breasts.

His lips kissed along the edge of her tank top before his tongue dipped underneath to tease the skin underneath. Caroline pulled away from him and reached to remove her tank top off, his hands came up to help her eagerly, running along her skin as he did. Once the hindering garment was gone, she moved back to recapture his mouth but he had other plans, leaning backwards as he looked over her.

Klaus' eyes ran over every inch of her newly bared flesh, it was an image that he was sure would be burned into his brain forever. She was exquisite, her creamy pale skin was flawless and her breasts were perfect. He could see a faint pink blush appear on the top of them before his eyes and knew it was due to the attention of his gaze. He stared at her for a few more moments, before the desire to have his mouth on her was too great and he used his hand that rested on her back to bring her back closer to him.

"Klaus," Caroline whispered softly in a half-sigh, half-moan as his mouth fastened upon one of her breasts, his tongue loving her nipple into a hardened peak as his other hand left her hair to palm the soft mound of her other breast in his hand. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders, her hands clinging to his neck before she brought her fingers up to entwine in his hair.

As he continued licking and sucking first on one then the other, Caroline's head fell back. She began circling her hips against his hard shaft and the ache between her legs increased with the promise of fulfilment. She ground into him harder and he bucked back against her, causing her to whimper. Her body felt so overwhelmed with the throbbing pleasure he was creating that speaking was almost impossible. Her teeth sunk painfully into her lower lip to keep from crying out, begging him to ease the ache that was building inside her. Klaus's own moan was buried against her chest as his lips broke contact with her fevered skin.

Caroline used his pleasure as a distraction to run her hands down to the hem of his Henley before tugging it upwards. Without the need for further instruction, he leaned back so she could pull it over his head. When it was off of him, she pushed his chest, telling him with her actions to lie back on the bed. He did not deny her request. He watched her sitting on top of him, and thought about how beautiful she looked.

His toned back hit the soft mattress as she looked at his newly bared chest. Her hands grabbed his wrists, before placing them at his side. She knew he could easily move away, but she pushed hard on them as an order that he not move while she explored him. Caroline could see in his eyes that the Alpha male in him wanted to fight her on the command but that he also enjoyed her dominating him and taking control.

His body was just as she remembered. He was slim but firm and toned in a way that Caroline found very appealing. On impulse, she reached out and ran a finger over the tattoo on his pectoral. She felt him shiver slightly under her touch, and Caroline looked at his face. He had his eyes had closed and looked to be enjoying her exploration. Her hands continued to explore his chest, running her nails over his nipples, which hardened at her touch. He opened his eyes and looked at her with a considerably darkened gaze that was burning in desire.

Caroline smiled wickedly at him before she bent over and kissed his neck, enjoying the feel of his stubbled chin against her skin before she started to make her way down his body, licking a path down his chiseled physique. When she traced two of the birds on his chest with her tongue, she felt his muscles twitch against her lips as he sighed appreciatively. She tasted every bit of skin she could find until she made her way down to the edge of his pants. Her hands started to undo the button and zipper, pulling it down carefully over the large bulge.

Caroline pulled the worn material of his jeans, along with his boxers away from his waist and tugged until Klaus raised his hips so she could pull them down his legs. As soon as she had them off of him, she moved to kneel in between his naked legs, smoothing her hand up and down his inner thighs, stroking the skin there lightly as she looked at his impressive erection. He was more than ready for her and she reached out to wrap her hand around him, sliding along his length with slow, maddening strokes.

Klaus watched her intently, not wanting to miss a moment with her. He groaned loudly when he felt her silky touch start to stroke him. He had been passive since she had taken control, letting her explore him for several minutes, enjoying the feel of her mouth and hands on him. However, not touching her became too much and he decided he had been submissive for long enough. It was his turn.

As she looked at him, Caroline gloried in the expression upon his face, savoring the wild glitter in his eyes as his hips thrust upwards towards her hand. Then suddenly he grabbed her arms, and flipped them over. Caroline squeaked in surprise when she saw him, hovering over her but he didn't give her any time to protest. His mouth covered hers before his tongue plunged in to tangle with hers again for a moment before he was at her neck, his teeth grazing the skin, nipping her lightly with his human teeth.

As he moved lower, Klaus paid the same attention to each of her breasts as he had with her neck; pulling her nipples, and sucking them into his mouth. He watched her every reaction as he tortured her more and more. His mouth trailed down the front of her body, moving over her stomach. His tongue dipped lightly into her belly button before his hands slid down to the top of her sleep shorts, his fingers moving slightly under the fabric. He pulled away from her and sat up slightly, as his hands slid completely under the fabric to push them down. She smiled up at him, as she lifted her hips, and he pulled her shorts and panties and with one fluid motion, they were freed from her body. He tossed them behind him before his body slid up hers; kissing any skin he touched, memorizing every curve.

One hand came up to caress her breast, circling it, winding closer to her nipple until he brushed his thumb over it. She bit her lip and pushed her hips up toward him and he rotated his but didn't move to enter her. Instead, he licked his way up to her opposite breast until his destination had been reached and he sucked gently on her.

He released her breast; bringing his mouth up to kiss her lips softly as his hands continued to glide across her body. His roaming hand followed an imaginary trail down between her breasts, along her stomach until it reached the junction where her legs met.

He dragged a finger along her slit before he pressed gently upon the bundle of nerves at the top. As he began to stroke her, she moaned softly while she pushed back against his hand. Her kisses stopped and all of her concentration was reserved for what he was doing to her. She buried her head in his shoulder, letting herself be overtaken by the pleasure.

Klaus moved his finger slowly away from her clit, before plunging it inside of her. When he added a second finger, she nipped at his neck and bucked her hips against his hand matching his rhythm. Caroline was close, and with each stroke, the tension in her body grew tighter until she felt like her body was going to snap. Her eyes closed on their own accord as her face began to flush while his body pressed against hers. She arched, her whimpers rising in pitch until he drove his fingers into her one more time and she shattered. Her body shuddered as the waves of pleasured radiated through her.

Everything slowly spun back into place as Caroline fell back; her breathing coming in shallow gasps as she carefully steadied herself. Somehow, despite the fog that she was currently in, she found the strength to use her hands that were placed on his shoulders to flip them over again.

If Klaus was surprised by her actions, he didn't show it; instead he grabbed a hold of her thighs, and helped her to straddle him again. As her legs settled on either side of his hips, Caroline reached between them to grasp him and lead him to her entrance. When he felt the tip of him part the folds of her flesh, he fought the urge to close his eyes. He wanted to see her eyes when his hard, swollen member entered her.

Caroline rose up a little never taking her eyes off his before she slowly sank down on him, inching more and more until he was fully inside her. The hard feel of his cock stretching her so completely along with the sensitivity from the orgasm he had already given her was almost too much. She had always known that when they would be together, it would be this intense, but now she was finding it to be so much more.

At first, he just held himself that way, imbedded in her, relishing the feel of his cock in her tight wet heat. She felt so tight, like a glove around him. He could feel her inner muscles were already trembling but he stayed still, letting her adjust to him. Klaus had wanted her for so long and now that he had her, even if it was only for the night, he was going to cherish every second of it. He would relive the memories until he could be with her again.

After a few moments of simply feeling him inside her, Caroline slowly began to move her hips. Their rhythm built slow and steady, overtaken by a blinding sort of passion. Their minds were hot and hazy, and it felt incredibly, and ridiculously good. Klaus admired how Caroline's breasts bounced as she bucked on top of him, head thrown back in pleasure. Deciding he needed to be closer to her, to feel more of her, he sat up and wrapped his arms around her, bringing her flush against him and capturing her lips again.

The feel of his lips against hers and his hard body pressed tightly to hers opened up the floodgate of Caroline's desire for him and she kissed him as enthusiastically as he had kissed her. Her legs were wrapped around him in just a way that with every upward plunge, she settled more firmly upon him, grinding into him, urging him to go harder and faster, and his hands tightened against her hip as he obeyed her. She broke away from his kiss, as a loud moan erupted from her lips. The feel of him inside her, hitting the perfect spot over and over was too much and she felt herself starting to get close to falling over the edge again.

He felt her orgasm on the verge as her inner muscles began tightening around him, as she rode him, her desire pulling him toward the end that she was racing for. He watched her fangs drop as well as the veins around her eyes darken before she closed them, trying to hold herself back. His hand slid up to her neck, yanking her closer. "Do it, love."

"What?" Caroline whimpered out through the haze of pleasure that was enveloping her.

"Bite me." He commanded.

For a second, she thought to argue, but the growl in his voice and the force of her instincts telling her to give in was too much. She opened her eyes to look at him, only to see his lust-filled blue eyes suddenly flash gold. She gave in and sank her fangs into neck. His thick rich euphoric blood rushed down her throat as she felt his throat vibrate against her lips. She felt Klaus' hands grip her hips harder before increasing the roughness of his thrust, the sudden change giving her the push she needed to fall into the ecstasy she'd been trying to reach. She rode the waves of her orgasm, which was unlike anything she'd ever experienced before. She felt like every nerve in her body was being stimulated, giving indescribably intense pleasure.

As soon as he felt her fangs pierce his skin, Klaus let out a loud moan of pleasure. She was the only one he had ever allowed to drink from him like this, and the feeling of her mouth on him in this way, caused the lust he felt to surge uncontrollably. His hands tightened on her as he shoved his body upwards, thrusting his cock as deeply as he could.

When her inner walls clamped down on his cock, the dual sensations surged to a quivering peak within him and he too flew over that edge. The release shuddered through him, and he closed his eyes, seeing the tiny spots dance behind his eyelids as he growled her name. "Caroline!"

He continued to pump into her until they were both spent. She withdrew her fangs, before licking away the few drops of his blood that had escaped her. Once she saw he was clean, she lifted her head away from his neck and looked at him.

As soon as her face was level with his again, Klaus closed the small distance between her lips and his own, eyes melding shut as he made contact. His lips moved in silence against hers, teeth brushing her swollen lips and he tasted his blood on her. He didn't think he had ever tasted anything as erotic as the mixture of his blood and her lips, except perhaps the brief taste of her blood that he had before. He had yearned to taste it again, this time in the throes of passion instead of anger, but after her earlier ordeal, he didn't want to expose her to another poisonous bite so soon.

Their kisses slowed to almost nothing, just feather light brushes of lips against lips until Caroline broke away, leaning her forehead on his. She looked at him before whispering, "Wow, that"

Klaus chuckled a little at her statement. "Well did that live up to the Hot Hybrid Vampire sex you were expecting?"

"And then some." Caroline replied before she could catch herself. It was hard to stifle how overwhelming the experience with him had been. "But don't let that inflate your ego; it's big enough as it is."

"That's not all that's..." Klaus started to say before she brought up her finger and placed it over his lips to silence him.

His lips curved into a smile behind her finger; it was a real, genuine, devastatingly sexy grin that made her body begin to quiver in need of him again. She'd always noticed the difference between his smirks and when he truly smiled at her. She couldn't help but return his smile. "Modesty is definitely not a virtue you are familiar with is it?"

Klaus' smile turned mischievous then as he rolled them over, keeping himself cradled between her legs. "I think you'll find that I may possess one virtue that you might enjoy."

"And what is that?" She asked, almost scared to hear the answer.

"My attention to detail in regards to things I am passionate about." Klaus answered before lowering his lips to hers again.


Caroline became aware of two things the next time she woke: morning had come due to the sunlight that peaked through the curtains onto her face, and she was alone in her bed. She could sense he was gone but it didn't stop her from searching for him when she opened her eyes. His spot was empty save for the piece of paper on top of the rumpled sheets.

She lifted herself up onto her elbow as her other hand reached out. His scent still lingered in the air but the sheets were cool to her touch. She breathed him in deeply before picking up the paper and unrolling it. She expected to see a replica of the one that had been destroyed, another New Orleans landmark, or possibly even a sketch of her in her current exposed condition so she was surprised when she saw the subject of the drawing. It was a door.

Confusion overtook her until she realized what the door was; it was his door, and from the details of it and the frame around it, it was his door to his house in New Orleans. Her eyes lowered to the corner of the drawing and saw his familiar handwriting. 'One Day'


Yep, you guys read right, it's over. I told you it would be short didn't I? This part right here though is the longest section I've ever written.

I know some of you might be upset that she didn't go with him, but I hope you think that I stayed true to Caroline's character that her guilt would keep her away, at least for a little while. Speaking of Caroline's character, I have to say that the way I wrote the smut scene was directly inspired by a conversation on Tumblr about how dominate Caroline has been shown in regard to sexual situations like with Tyler and with Klaus in the woods.

I'm considering doing a follow up piece to this, with Caroline showing up at his door but I need to figure out a plotline first. If you have anything you'd like to see, let me know.