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'talk': cat

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Hey people, I am Kousaka Jumpei, I had a crazy afternoon, that I will narrate now.

I was just in my way home, whistling and completely distracted, until I tripped and fell over my face. I turned to see wtf made me trip and I saw a long red haired girl with a bandana, so still like she was dead, I checked her pulse and I saw that she was still alive, just knocked out. The hospital was far, my house was just in the corner, so I lifted her and put her arm over my shoulder, dragging her until we were in my doorstep. I reached for my key and opened the door, laid her in the couch and went to make some tea for when she got awake. Luckily no one was home besides Nyamsus and Tama, the other cats, Kumaneko and the fatass were wandering somewhere else. I heard a groan from the living room, when I looked she was awake, good, I wanted to make some questions, but before I stepped in the room, she took that bandana and under was something VERY unexpected.

Cat ears, simply that, not props, they moved alone, like a real cat, so it could mean just one thing, she was also cursed, and her curse was more progressed than mine, then Nyamsus walked until her and spoke:

"Who are you?"

"My name is Torakawa Leona, and you?"

'You can call me Nyamsus, and that jerk standing by the door is my owner, Kousaka Jumpei. Don't worry he's also cursed.'

"Hi Jumpei-san, come here, I don't bite."

This cat just badmouthed me to someone that I just saved, but this girl is a real weirdo, other people would have freaked by now.

"Hi, I made some tea. Do you want some?"

"I would love it."

I served the tea and we sat facing each other. The cat Tama was about to enter in a fit, when I spoke:

"Who start first?"

"Me. My curse was placed on me when I was in a walk in a forest one year ago, I tripped on a cat statue, broke the paw and tail, what made get panicked and I tossed the evidence, namely, the cat and it's parts in a nearby river and went home. In the next morning I woke up with these cat ears, luckily I had a lot of bandanas, so it was easy to hide, but the bad part was that my family was completely broke and sold everything to move to another city, I was the only one with a little money, so I decided to live as a hermit."

"With that you mean a hoodlum right?"

"Well… Maybe, but do not worry, I survived until now."

"And school?"

"I skipped grades until the second year of high school, that was when I was fourteen, then I quit school."

A genius, but the things that she did to the statue were far worse than mine. God… she must be the klutz type.

"Are you wondering if I am a klutz?"

So damn accurate! She is truly a genius!

"Erm… My curse was placed on me after I broke the head of a cat jinzo by accident."

"Are you allergic to cats?"

"How do you know?"

"Your nose is a bit runny since Nyamsus sat behind you."

"Hah… And my family is a cat lover."

"I can solve it for you."

"What? Really?"

"Yup, just need a kiss."

Wait… wait, wait, wait! What did she say!? A kiss!?

"Before you get lost in the dreamland, let me say, it's a kiss in your forehead."

Ah… Now she sees me as a pervert, I hate you world. When I look at her, she already put her bandana back. Now that I see, she is cute with the bandana…

"Can I do it?"


When I see it, she was already at my side, holding my head, getting closer. God! I was blushing like mad! To worsen things, my mother and sister arrived home in the same moment that she kissed my forehead. God, just kill me, please, I want to die of shame.

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