Both Jumpei and Leona were taken by surprise, right after Leona had kissed Jumpei, his mother and sister entered the house and saw the little scene between the couple. All the occupants of the room were silent, not moving, except for Nyamsus that commented something like dumb humans.

"Hoho, my son, why didn't you tell us that you had such a fine girlfriend?" He was sputtering nonsense. "It isn't what looks like mother!" Leona had a surprised face. "So that woman is yer mother Jumpei-san?" The woman turned to the girl. "Who are you miss?" She didn't hesitate in presenting herself. "Well, ya see, I'm Torakawa Leona, and this guy helped me when I was knocked out." The sister of Jumpei piped in. "You talk a bit weird." Leona seemed to not mind the rude comment. "Ah? Ya mean my Kansai-ben?" The little girl added a question. "But why were you passed out on the street?" She thought for a moment. "Ya see, I was searching for this address, but I got lost in the way. Maybe it was a heatstroke." The older woman noticed that she could help. "Can I look at it?" She didn't see why not. "Mm... 'kay." She took out a slip of paper. "But it's the house next door!" The teen couldn't believe that she managed to find her way. "Ah? Are ya sure?" The lady assured her. "Yes, do you have the keys?" She patted her jacket pocket. "Yeah, and about my things, no worries, I sent ahead by delivery." The mother nodded in understanding. "Is that so? Bye then." She was already at the door. "Bye guys, maybe we'll bump someday soon."

Jumpei fell face first on his pillow, baffled by his day and the weird girl, wondering if his life could get any weirder. He decided that it didn't matter right now and that he needed some rest.

In the next morning, he woke up and got ready for school, trying to ignore the memory of yesterday and focus on the today lessons. There was he, sitting on his seat, waiting for the teacher to arrive. But when the teacher finally arrived, he was arguing with the supervisor, something like a troublesome girl that got lost. Why did he get a sense of dread? A cheerful voice almost made his heart stop. "Sorry teacher! I got lost!" He buried hours face on his hands. 'That voice... No way in hell!' The teacher was ignorant of the suffering of his student. "Hello class, this is your new classmate, treat her well. Present yourself." Leona entered the room, smiling brightly. "Hya guys, I'm Torakawa Leona, but ya'll can call me Leo. And... Hey Jumpei-san!" He froze when she called his name. 'God kill me now!' The teacher pushed up his glasses. "If you already met before, you can sit by his side." He bit back a curse. '$# %, you're not helping teacher!'

The class was a very awkward situation for Jumpei, because the other guys were glaring at him for getting to know the new girl first. At the lunch break, his friend Sumiyoshi had his neck in a headlock, seeming irate; after her came Ichinose-sempai, that dragged him to an isolated place and asked him what was going on between him and the transfer student, making things VERY uncomfortable. Then the school had ended, leaving him no other option than to accompany the redhead. "So... Why did these two wanted with ya?" Jumpei grumbled as he was in a bad mood. "Meanie~ Hello Tama-kun!" The calico cat pounced on her, happy to see her. 'Yo ojou-san, there's a kitty wanting to meet you.' Leona turned to face the man. "Uhh, okay, I'll go with you." "Yay~!" She raced him to the temple, while he took his time climbing up the steps. When he got to the top he saw that she was holding a red tiger-stripes cat and seemed to be infatuated. "Ya're so cute!" 'I like you too nee-chan!' He got closer to get a better look, then he noticed that he wasn't sneezing like usual. "Do ya like the name Shinku?" 'It's nice nee-chan!' She looked to the guy by her side. "Could I go to yer place to fetch some cat food?" "Okay." Unknown to them a girl was spying on their little exchange. "So she's also cursed. Huhu, that will be interesting."