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I regret to inform you that I have lost my book of notes for this story, and will be unable to continue throughout the end. I may be introducing a fresh SYOT a little later, so you all are very welcome to submit to that.

To soothe the ending a bit, I have taken a page off of one of the SYOT's I submitted to, and give a rough outline of who would win and what happened.

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The bloodbath comes and goes, taking with it the third highest number of kills yet (8) to be seen in the hunger games. Commentators are seen commentating on the gruesome ends of Amber Montoya from One and Fred Jenkins from Eight. Barely thirty minutes from the start of the games, Ronald Key and Sammy Kohler have a run in on the district seven slice of the arena, resulting in the death of Sammy Kohler. Tributes begin to figure out that the arena is modeled after the twelve districts. But there are thirteen doors. The careers set up camp near the questionable thirteenth door, but still in the cornucopia room in case any stragglers come back for supplies. They don't.


The day starts off with a bang, or a cannon, at roughly six am; waking the careers. They immediately fear of Irvine, their one true competitor and arguably the best reason to stick together. It seems reasonable enough, as Lucy Forscythe, their guard of the night, is gone. There are no traces of a struggle, and the careers stand puzzled until they notice the black door behind them is cracked. River quietly goes up and shuts it, and the careers decide to move across the room. Lucy Forscythe is presumed and confirmed dead by an unseen mutt steps inside of the black room. The careers, shaken by the loss of Lucy, decide to stay put for another day. There are no other deaths on day two.


Benedict Wirespark, in the early hours of the morning, sneaks out of the district door he was holed up in, and sneaks past the careers and heads into the pink door, the one that matches his shirt. He is overjoyed to find his district waiting. In this excitement, he makes a fatal mistake. He leaves the door cracked, and when the guard of the careers awakens from his brief slumber, Heathcliffe notices and wakes the others. They head into district three. Meanwhile, Irvine in district 11 leaves his room and randomly picks another door to terrorize, having found no one in the previous. In a case of extreme bad luck, Celri Ascelepius ventures out of her own wedge at the same time. Two minutes later, the kill number rises by one. Late in the same day, the careers come across Bree Shankles and Nick Westway in district three. Surprised and delighted, they quickly kill Bree by sword, while Nick barely makes it away with his life. Little did he know, his upper arm was grazed by one of Khaleesi's darts.


The first sign of any action all day begins with a canon at roughly ten AM. Nick Westway has succumbed at last to the deadly poison found in the dart that barely touched his arm. The careers, having made camp in district three the day before, decide that they've exhausted the mainly industrious-wedge of the arena out of tributes, they leave, incredibly not noticing the web-trap that Benjamin Wirespark has set for them. The electrical charge isn't enough to kill most of them, but River Seanide gets caught up in the edge of the net and is repeatedly electrified until her canon fires. The careers, shaken by the death, irrationally fear Irvine and get out of the wedge, instead braking the coal barrier over the district 12 wedge, and sheltering in what district 12 tributes would recognize as the seam.


At Midnight the tributes are awoken to hear a grating noise awakens all the tributes, and they watch in amazement as one of the walls along their wedge rises, leaving two districts paired. The remaining wall turns transparent, allowing Ronald Key and Atlanshi Bleumoon to get a good look at each other, caught likewise in district seven and six. Neither of them make a move to harm each other. Kimberly Merril, sheltering in district one, notices that the thirteenth wedge stays trapped in between two very opaque walls. There are no deaths of tributes on day 5.


At about midnight, the careers; sheltering in the district 11/12 wedge, are awoken by yelling as Rhyland Bravo looms over Heathcliffe Sarutobi, sword in hand. Rhyland appears to be speaking to himself, and makes fearsome motions with his weapon. Khaleesi Daren, the last remaining girl of the careers, chooses a sedation dart and blows it straight into Rhylands neck. Almost immediately, the large intimidating career is asleep, and the remaining careers are able to entrap him in a net from his own pack, setting his sword and pack far away from his reach. Heathcliffe and Khaleesi are reluctant to kill him just yet as they will need a strong force to take out Irvine. Later, at around six, both awaken to find the net empty, half of their supplies gone, and the career alliance down to two. No deaths on day six.


Irvine, antsy for more blood, rampages across district six, wanting a kill. He comes across Atlanshi Bleumoon and sets a record for the fastest strangling ever to be completed in the hunger games. The kill list clicks up once more, leaving only nine left in the games after a week. Later the same day, Ronald Key runs into Benedict Wirespark as he enters district three, and the two strike up a temporary alliance for the good of their two pelts. The two of them decide to move into the district five/six wedge and narrowly miss a seemingly more insane Irvine sprinting through the door into the cornucopia room. Barely ten minutes after the pictures show in the sky, Rhyland Bravo comes across Kimberly Merril. Suave and handsome, he manages to strike up a replacement alliance "until insane Irvine" is dead. They decide to actively hunt the boy tomorrow. Ronald Key and Benedict Wirespark decide to set a trap over four of the doors (2, 5, 9 & 12) to try and catch Irvine. There are no more deaths on day seven.


Early the next morning, the traps are set, and luck have it, Irvine Donald tries to enter the district 11/12 wedge by district twelve's door. He is electrocuted, but lightly, and still is able to see the two young boys as they hide behind a bush. He runs towards them, slowly dying from the charge. He manages to stab Benedict twice in the stomach before he goes still and his body is removed from the arena. Ronald attempts to save Benedict, but finally is forced to leave the boy behind as Feniah Ash from seven enters district twelve. The girl doesn't notice either as she hikes the two miles to the edge of the wedge, and Ronald regretfully glances at Benedict's still body before he ducks out of the door and heads towards a different district. But Benedict is not quite dead yet. Sponsors have quite liked his performance with the net traps, and his mentors have just enough points to send him capitol grade medicine. After seeing Irvine in the sky, Kimberly and Rhyland break their alliance.


The next day, Ronald Key, having not heard a cabin or seen Benedict's face in the sky, returns to the arena where his ally was struck the day before. Except for a splotch of dried blood on the rough dirt, there is no sign of the electrical genius. Ronald decides to hunt around district 11/12 to find him, when in the process he runs across Feniah Ash. Ronald opens his mouth to offer an alliance, but the girl strikes out at him, and he (being of more physical prowess) is forced to kill her as she will not listen. This is the second time Ronald has killed (if you don't count Irvine), and it seemingly strikes him harder than before. There are no other deaths on Day 9.

DAY 10

Working together, Heathcliffe and Khaleesi finally track down another tribute, Kimberly Merril. Amazingly, the redhead gets away with few wounds, infuriating both. In making camp for the day, Heathcliffe struggles with the fact that there are only seven people left in the game, and as a rash decision, waits until Khaleesi is asleep. He slits her neck and moves to the edge of the arena as Khaleesi's body is retrieved. The canon wakes Irina Morgan, who has kept a relatively low profile in the games. She worries about her location, and moves into the mystery 13th door, which has morphed into a sunny meadow with long grass perfect for hiding. There are no other deaths on day ten.

DAY 11

On day eleven, one tribute is awoken to hear terrible screaming seemingly coming from the 13th door. Rhyland, transfixed, appears from his camp in the cornucopia to watch as Irina Morgan is torn to shreds by the same mutt that murdered Lucy Forsythe on day two. Subdued, Rhyland decides to wait out the day in his comfortable copse, and watch as all of the tributes shift rooms yet again. He watches as Heathcliffe Sarutobi ventures into the 5/6 wedge, and as Kimberly Merril heads back into the 1/2 area. Ronald Key darts into the 9/10 room, while Benedict Wirespark heads into district 3/4. Seeing an easy kill in the recovering geek, Rhyland waits an hour for the fun of it and heads into his home district. Just as he does, the gamemaker's clock hits midnight and all of the tributes watch as every single one of the transparent barriers disappear, creating a huge ring shaped arena. Rhyland, remembering the huge black mutt that killed Irina, panics and runs back towards the cornucopia room to find the doors gone. The majority of his supplies are gone. In a crazed rage, Rhyland stumbles over still-healing Benedict, and brutally snaps his neck as he is sleeping. This is the end of day 11.

DAY 12

There are no deaths on Day 12. Both Rhyland and Heathcliffe actively search for tributes, though the latter isn't as enthusiastic about it. Ronald Key and Kimberly Merril, both surprised that they are even close to the final four, decide to stay put in their rough territory. All tributes, especially Rhyland Bravo are running low on supplies. It is clear the games must end soon. In the late afternoon, trumpets blare and announce a feast in the golden meadow where Rhyland saw Irina die. All of the other tributes, having not seen the gruesome death, immediately decide to go. All camp on the edges of district twelve's wedge, or district one's wedge. Rhyland reluctantly follows.

DAY 13

A golden table rises in the center of the meadow at dawn the next day. On it sits two bags of food. It is clear there are only meant to be two survivors of Day 13. Rhyland, having not eaten in two days, decides that if he grabs food first, he's likely to get away from the mutt. He is wrong. About fifteen feet away from the table, the mutt appears from the grass and smacks him to the ground, breaking his spine and neck with a brutal snap. The canon fires, but the mutt continues to mutilate the body. Heathcliffe, bile rising in the back of his throat, decides to use this opportunity to snatch the bigger backpack and get the hell out of there. Ronald and Kimberly come next to the table, the latter arriving seconds before. Ronald, knowing that his chances were practically zero if he let her get away, gets a short blast of speed and knocks the redhead to the ground, ending her life quickly with a knife to her neck. There are only two tributes left in the games at this point.

DAY 14

Both tributes seemingly decide take a day off to rest and eat. This infuriates the game makers by mid-morning. Two weeks is about the timespan they like for the games to be over. So using this plan, they duplicate the big black mutt from the mystery district and program them to give each boy several wounds to drive them together. This plan works, and both boys are severely harmed by the time they meet in the same golden meadow. Heathcliffe, seeing what the gamemakers want them to do immediately, has the upper hand, and disarms the dying Ronald. Feeling a sharp sense of pity, Heathcliffe hesitates for a minute, and Ronald quickly dislodges the older and bigger boy in search of his knife. Unfortunately, it is simply too far away and Heathcliffe brings his small hand-held scythe down on Ronald's skull before he can reach it. Heathcliffe Sarutobi is crowned victor of the 25th annual hunger games, bringing honor to the Sarutobi clan yet again.

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