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Two chapter story, don't worry. Just a fleeting idea was all heh.

Liam Angelus was a ball of nerves as he drove to the airport. He knew it would only continue to grow from here on out.

He muttered to himself as he drove around, trying to find a parking spot, then got out. He grabbed his bags, locked the car up, and went hurrying to catch a shuttle to the airport itself.

He stepped onto the bus and headed for the back.

He found himself gaining the attention of most of the passengers, the females eyeing him.

He ignored it, staring out the window, trying not to think himself sick.

When they got to their stop, he grabbed his bags up and made his way out the doors. He sighed, continuing on into the large building.

Angel looked around, reading the signs and directions and found which direction he needed to go.

After checking most of his luggage, he walked over and stepped into the long waiting line, holding his ID and ticket tight in his hand. He could hear and see those around him, but he couldn't for the life of him pay any sort of attention.

When the motioned him forward once at the front of the line, he went to man on the left, handed him his information. Once stamped, he continued on. He put his bag up on the belt, taking the small ziplock bag out and placing it separate. He undid his belt, slipped his shoes off, removed everything from his pockets and placed them all in down in the bin with the ziplock.

He watched his items go through and come out the other side before he got a chance to.

Not that he was far behind.

He was told to step forward and did, to spread his legs so and hold his hands as shown. He did, and before he knew it he was asked to step out and forward. There he stood for just a moment, then was free to go collect his things.

He hurried to do so, then stepped off to the side. He took a seat at the bench and began putting his shoes and belt back on. He put his watch back on, and the rest back in his pockets. He put the plastic baggie back into his carry on. He grabbed his ticket out from the pocket he'd placed it in then started on his way again.

Angel arrived at the right terminal, checked the board to make sure he was still at the right one, then took a seat.

As he waited, Angel felt a lot of emotions and memories rush back to him. Some he was grateful to carry with him, some he wished he hadn't experienced in many ways.

Sighing, he reached back into his bag and pulled out a letter. The one he'd received just a few days before. The one responsible for this little trip. He swallowed, taking it out of the envelope, unfolding the pages, and re-reading it yet again.

He did three more times before carefully putting it back.

Then he was back with his memories.


They announced that his plane was being moved to a different gate. Thankfully it wasn't far and in the same section. He just had to zig-zag over to the other side.

They also announced they were running a little behind, but they'd be boarding as soon as possible.

Angel took another seat and waited.

More and more people showed up, closing in on the time to depart.

He was usually one of them, rushing in late. Not this time though. He'd shown up with plenty of time to spare. He didn't want to miss it.

They started boarding before too long. Calling out for those who'd need assistance getting on first, then going from there. When he heard his section called he stood, grabbing his bag and heading over.

He went with the line. A small boy in front of him had run into him, the father apologized, he said it was fine and not to worry.

When he got to the front, he handed his ticket over, it was stamped on again, and he was told to have a nice flight.

They didn't have the jetway set up, so they exited the door and went out into the world, then climbed the steps up.

He flashed the attendants his ticket as he passed, scanning the letters and numbers above the seats as he moved until he found his. His bag was small enough to fit under the seat so he took it with him, stepping past the outside aisle seat to the window one he'd call his own for the next few hours.

Angel slipped his bag down by his feet under the seat before him then buckled himself in. He laid his head against the window and idly the commotion out on the ground.

There was an older woman who sat next to him not too long later. He pulled himself away from the cool glass to look at her and say hello and how she was. Then he returned to the window.

Before long, everyone was on board. They were told to shut off their cell phones, laptops, ect for the time being. When they were at a safe distance, they could turn x device on or x other device. They explained where the exits were, how the oxygen masks worked, how their seats doubled as floating devices. They told them there was a booklet in the pockets of the seats that also showed more information and drawn pictures of what they may expect in an emergency.

They rolled around for what felt like forever, but finally made it to the front of the line. They rolled out onto the runway and began their journey.


Plane friendly devices were allowed back on, you could now put the trays back down, get up and use the restrooms.

It wasn't too long before the two attendants started giving out complimentary beverages to the passengers. Angel asked for a Sprite with lots of ice. They handed him the plastic cup and a napkin. He put the tray down and slowly sipped it the first half of the flight.

When they came back around collection trash, he handed the two items to the woman. He put his tray back up, and let his head fall back to the window.

For almost the entire trip that is all he did, stared out at the clouds, the sky, the land below them.


The pilot announced they were about thirty minutes out. He told them the time and the weather.

Soon, everything started becoming a lot clearer out the window. He could make out houses, pools, cars, roads... a lot easier.

The landed easily. They were told to please stay seated but they could unbuckle themselves and now return to using their phones and such.

Angel sighed, leaning forward. He grabbed his bag and put it in his lap and waited.

Finally, they were allowed out. So everyone began hurrying out.

He thanked the gentleman who let him and the elder woman exit before him, and began following her down the narrow aisle.

Here, they had the walkway set up. For those who hadn't checked their bags but also hadn't been able to take them on as carry on's stood on one side of the hall.

Angel continued walking, pushing the door open into a loud atmosphere of people and noise.

He shifted his bag to the other shoulder and started making his way to baggage claim.

This airport was much larger so it took more time getting around. He was more familiar with it than the one he'd come from however, so he had that working with him.

He made it to the baggage area and waited for his flight's to be released. It took a bit of time but finally they came. He spotted his early and went to get them, then started to head upstairs.

Angel found a place to sit and did so, putting his bags on the floor before him. He rubbed his eyes and pulled out his cell phone.

He hadn't called this number in many years now, but he knew it by heart.


Angel knew he probably shouldn't have called her. At least not to come pick him up. He knew she was still hours away. He knew she had a lot to deal with. He knew he could have easily found another way there.

But he called anyway.

And she came. As he knew she would.

Angel hadn't seen her in almost five years. He hadn't spoken to her in four. He'd thought about her every single day, though.


It was late when she showed up. His flight had been well into the afternoon, then there was the flight itself, then waiting for her to make it out here. By the time she did, the place was almost deserted.

Angel's leg bounced up and down and he fought the urge to shake all over.

And at the first glance of her, it didn't get any easier, he didn't get any calmer. Though he did his damnedest to make it seem that way.

Buffy was walking around, her head turning about as she scanned the area. When she saw him, she stopped for a moment. Seemingly to catch her own breath. Then she forced a smile and started walking towards him.

He was standing by the time she reached him.

"Buffy," he greeted.

"Angel. I'm so glad you came," she told him softly.

He nodded. "Sorry to drag you out here."

She shook her head. "Don't be. It was nice to get out of there for awhile."

The two just stood there, silent, staring. It felt like an eternity had passed.

"Are you ready to go?" she finally spoke. "I'm not parked too far away."

He started reaching down for his things. "Yeah. I'm ready."


Angel's eyes were glued to her hand as they walked through the airport and then out to the parking area. More specifically, they were glued to the big rock on her finger.

"You can put your things in the trunk or in the back," Buffy told him as they reached the car.

She unlocked it and he put his bags in the back seat. He shut the door and climbed up front.

She was already in the driver's seat.

She stopped at a gas station near the airport. They filled on gas and each had got some quick snacks and energy drinks for the rest of the trip.

Then they were back on the road.


Both were silent for the longest time. Angel was back to staring mostly at her sign of marriage, though when he did glance around the old car, he saw a few others.

If Buffy noticed, she didn't comment or call him on it.

When she finally did speak, she asked him how he had known what'd happened.

He sighed, looking away. "She wrote me a letter. I hadn't spoken to her in years. She'd sent it to my parents, though they said they hadn't heard from her either. I guess she found them somehow, and the letter went there. My parents forwarded it to me but by the time I got it, it was too late. I made a few calls and found that out. Then, to pay my respects and everything... hopped on a plane, thankful I could at least make it to this."

Buffy nodded. "I hadn't known she'd done that."

"Sounded like she had known it wouldn't be long."

Another nod. "I think she did."

After that, conversation continued... fairly easily. They asked about family, work, where they were living these days, touched on what they each had been up to in the past four years.

Words were said, but it was as if nothing was really coming out.

When they finally passed the city limit's sign, he told her what hotel he had a room booked at.

She nodded, and began heading in that direction. "How long are you in town for?"

"Just for the funeral. Then, I'm flying out again."

"Seems like a lot of luggage for that."

"Not flying home, not yet. Have another stop to make along the way."

"Oh. Gotcha."

It wasn't long before they got there. She left the car running as they sat in front of the manager's office.

"If you need anything..." he trailed off, taking his safety belt off.

"I will. Thank you."

He reached for the car door. "It was nice seeing you," he whispered, then stepped out. He got his bags then waved at her, going toward the building.

She was gone when he came out with his room key.


Angel found it hard to go to sleep, but once he did, h was surprised he slept until noon.

He got up, showered, walked to get something to eat, then found something to get him around.

Most of his day was spent aimlessly driving, or watching television at the hotel.

When evening tie rolled around, he dug through his bags and went to change.


The visitation had started about an hour before he arrived.

Angel headed inside the funeral home, found the right room. He signed the guest book outside in the hall, then went inside.

Angel looked around the room. There were a mixture of people he knew, and one's he didn't. Some had reacted to seeing him, though he didn't care. He saw there were flowers by the dozens already delivered up at the front of the room. He saw Buffy and her family in the front pew to one side talking with other's who'd com out tonight.

Angel saw the large casket and the enormous framed picture of the woman inside of it.

Angel sighed, starting his way to the front. His eyes met Buffy's as he passed the front pew but he continued on.

Angel stepped up to the casket and sighed loudly as he looked down at Dawn Summers.