For perhaps the second time in over nine centuries of life, the lonely wanderer, who for so very long had been known only as the Doctor, was rendered speechless. Like that previous time, his throat worked as he tried to form the words, and tears glistened in his eyes. The jewelry case containing the beautiful antique pocket watch hung limply in his hands.

"Rose…this is…" He swallowed again, hard. "I used to carry a pocket watch, quite a long time ago, but this…"

"D'you like it?" she asked, anxiously. "It's not too-?"

"Rose Tyler, it's a gift from you. I love it," he told her firmly. "It's magnificent."

He looked up and met her gaze, and Rose knew that he meant more than the worth of the gold and jewels - he understood what had drawn her to the watch.

"You an' me," she whispered.


"But there's a bit more than you're thinkin,'" Rose continued softly. She traced the swirls of precious gems with a careful fingertip. "There's you and me, but…" her fingers lingered on the diamonds. "There's something else here, linking us." She glanced up at him from under her eyelashes.

His eyes widened. "Rose Tyler. You're not-?"

She smiled up at him, her eyes sparkling brighter than the diamonds. "Yeah. Yeah, I am."