Chapter 8.

Embry's P.O.V

If I had been in pain the first time she had left it was nothing compared to how I felt now. She had not only left me but she had made it very clear that she wanted nothing to do with me. She was scared, who could blame her? I mean, Jared and Sam had at least gotten the chance to explain to Emily and Kim before they phased, Kate had just seen me phase out of nowhere and who wouldn't freak out?

I hadn't left the house since she had left, not even for patrol this time. I hadn't even phased, because I knew that there would always be someone else there listening to my thoughts, and that would be the last thing I wanted.

It had only been a week but it felt like longer. Of course I couldn't just give up. I had texted her every day, begging her to hear me out, but I had stopped when I had gotten this text this morning.

Just forget about me and I'll forget about you. It's not like we had anything. I promise I won't tell anyone your secret, but please leave me alone.

I had been having an internal battle ever since I had gotten the text. I wanted to keep trying but I also wanted to do what made her happy, and if she wanted me to leave her alone I would have to do just that. If she ever came back I would have to explain everything to her, and I mean everything. Including the imprinting. The pack had been nagging me about going to England but I couldn't do that. Or could I?

I missed her so much and it was killing me to not be able to see her every day. I wanted to hear her laugh, see her smile, talk to her, brush her hair.

I picked up my phone and stared at the text once more before before coming up with a reply. I wasn't giving up, we were meant to be together.

If you ever decide to come back I'll be waiting for you, I could never forget about you. I love you.

I pressed send and sighed. That wasn't something I would have wanted to say in a text but if that is what it would take then why not?

Two weeks after she had left I was sure I wasn't going to make it. Everyone had tried to get me out of the house but without success. Nothing felt relevant, I just wanted to stay here.

I was lying on my bed staring at the ceiling one morning, thinking about Kate, when I heard a knock on the door. I sighed.

"Mom! Open the door!" I yelled. I didn't have the energy to get out of bed.

"I'm in the shower!" she yelled back and I groaned. Great, I would have to see people. I got out of bed and threw on a pair of cut offs and a t-shirt then went to open the door where the person outside knocked again. I threw the door open and put on my worst angry face.

"What?" I growled at the person and when I saw who it was my heart dropped. "Kate..." my face softened and I mentally slapped myself for growling at her. That wouldn't help her in not being scared of me.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have come" she mumbled and turned around. I grabbed her wrist and spun her around.

"Wait! I'm sorry, I just thought it was someone else, I'm so sorry, please don't walk away again!" I sounded desperate but that's also how I felt. She was back! When had she gotten back?

She studied my face for a while with a frown on her face.

"You look awful" she said and I chuckled. I probably did. "I'm sorry for leaving and not letting you explain... I was just... freaked out, a-and scared, and it wasn't..."

"It's ok, I understand. I would have freaked out too" I interrupted her rambling. She sighed and I could see the pain in her eyes.

"Is it my fault?" she asked in a low voice and I frowned. What was her fault?

"What?" I asked and she looked away.

"Are you hurting because of me?" she said and I winced. She thought she was hurting me.

"No, why would you think that? I am fine, I'm ok" I assured her and she turned to look at me again.

"You're lying. First of all, it looks like you haven't been outside for days, and when you opened the door you were a whole other person than the one I knew before I left" she explained and my heart sank. It was true that it was because she had left, but it wasn't her fault, it was mine. I should have been more careful.

"It's true that I was upset that you left, honestly it broke me" I could see flash of pain in her eyes and hurried to continue. "But it's not your fault, it's only mine." I said and tears filled her eyes.

"I'm here now, so do what you have to do. Explain or whatever" she said and I felt relieved that she was willing to hear me out.

After I had finished telling her everything about the legends and answered her questions we sat in silence. It was a lot to take in but she took it better than I expected. When I sat there in front of here it was like she had never left at all, I was whole again.

"So... about that text..?" she mumbled after a while. I sighed. I would have to tell her now.

"Yeah, about that..." I said and she swallowed.

"Was it just something you said so that I would come back?" she asked in a low voice and my eyes widened.

"No!" I said in panic. "I would never do that, that would be awful"

She nodded and I relaxed. I would never hurt her like that, I would never lie.

"I love you, Kate" and then I started to explain the imprinting, watching her eyes fill with doubt.

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