At long last, the beginning of my next request! XD I'm sorry it took a while, I've been working really hard on it. This idea was actually one I had gotten before, but chose not to write. When someone asked for a demon/hunter fic, I figured 'why the hell not'. I really hope you all enjoy it, I'll try and make it really worthwhile =D Anyway, here you go... the request made by Ninja-master-of-the-moon! I can't wait to see how you like the fic =)

Grimm: I'm a hunter? Fucking wicked! =D

Ichi: ... You're making me a demon? Am I at least a kickass demon? =(

Shiro: No, yer a fuckin' chick demon! XD

Ichi: I am not! T^T

Grimm: I'm sure you're a very formidable demon, Ichi. *pats him on back*

Ichi: *hugs Grimm and sulks*

Shiro: ... Oh no, aibou, that's totally not chick-ish. *rolls eyes*

Ichi: *kicks Shiro in stomach*

Gemini: The Twins

Humans live in a blissful ignorance of the world cloaked in darkness. As they sleep throughout the night creatures roam their streets, haunt abandon buildings, prey on those lingering beneath the moon, and run the thickets of wild outside towns and cities. They're called demons. A sector of the government specializes in taking these creatures out, keeping the balance between the light and dark. Within their ranks are humans born with a sensitive sixth sense that helps them locate these demons, they're they hunters. Each hunter is paired with a powerful demon set apart from their brethren, these demons are the top of the food chain and are referred to as the zodiac. These demons are different from the others for a few reasons; they hold more of a conscience, they're unable to die, and they have the ability to bind themselves to a single person at a time. This is the main reason the government uses them, as they bind them to a hunter to make them more powerful. The youngest and most powerful of the zodiac have finally reached an age where they can no longer put off this ceremony... much to their dismay.

Ichigo snuggles closer to his twin, Shiro. The two are turning twenty-one today, yet they've never spent more than a night away from each other. They represent the zodiac Gemini, a zodiac so powerful it can only be contained in two bodies. The government has been awaiting this day with great anticipation.

"Mm... stop movin'," Shiro mumbles sleepily.

Ichigo gets himself comfortable and stills, sighing happily as the sun warms his skin. It's too early to get up right now, however the younger twin knows something other than the sunlight woke him. He waits for it, wondering what it could be, and then he hears the knocking again. He whines and buries himself deeper beneath the blankets, irritating Shiro when his face is covered as well.

"What the hell?" Shiro whines. "Who the fuck is here this early in the mornin'?"

"Byakuya," Ichigo mutters bitterly. "Just ignore it, maybe he'll think we stayed someplace else last night."

".. Yer kiddin' right? It's Byakuya, ya can' pull one over on 'im. Believe me, I've tried like hell," the older copy huffs. "We should just answer the door, get it over wit, an' go back ta sleep."

"Have you forgotten what day it is?" Ichigo glowers. "He's here to pick us up for our binding."

Shiro frowns at that, waiting a second before burying his head under his pillow. Ichigo does the same, taking comfort in the arm slung over his back. The knocking doesn't let up and slowly gets louder, yet neither twin gets out of bed. At long last the sound stops and the twins breath easy. They're just dozing off again when their bedroom door is thrown open. They gasp and turn to face the intruder, growling in irritation at the sight of the man with long black locks and slate grey eyes.

"Could you please explain to me why you felt it necessary to ignore me when you knew I would be here today," he asks calmly.

"... It was Shiro's fault," Ichigo immediately states.

"Was not!"

Byakuya holds up a hand and the two immediately quiet. Ichigo and Shiro weren't born like other children, they technically have no parents. The zodiac demons are born when high concentrations of supernatural energy cling to living organisms such as plants or wildlife. They were found in the middle of a forest by a hunter named Kisuke Urahara, who saw them for what they were. The two had started out tiny little wolf pups that had strayed from their mother, the energy clinging heavily to the pups slowly cocooning them so they can morph into the demonic babies they are today. Kisuke located them when they were still wrapped in the womb of energy turned egg. The man raised them as best he could alone, the two growing into fine young men he couldn't be more proud of. Byakuya was assigned their handler when they finally emerged from the egg. He knew from the moment Shiro broke through that Ichigo likely would've have made it if they were in separate eggs, as the smaller baby didn't even attempt to break free. Now, however, Ichigo is known to be the more dangerous of the two... he just has much better self control that his instinctual twin.

"I'm not arguing with the two of you today," Byakuya frowns. "This is an important day for the two of you, you should be happy about this. Today you're finally full members of the 'Shinigami', you'll be getting field missions now. Isn't that what you wanted?"

"Hell yeah!" Shiro cheers.

"No," Ichigo mutters at the same time.

Unlike the rest of the Zodiac, the twins' powers are split between them. Shiro got the more aggressive abilities like superior strength, control over fire, and a powerful telepathy that can tear apart a target's mind or body. Ichigo, however, was settled with the more passive abilities. He has control over water, a knowledge of potions, a more subtle telepathy, and the gift of foresight. He can also speak to the departed and tell fortunes, which has been his way of life since he turned eighteen. He and Shiro have been working together in his shop 'Gemini', it's been rather lucrative over the years and Ichigo's known for his flawless fortunes and potions.

"Ichigo, your foresight is a powerful gift," Byakuya scolds. "You're just as invaluable as your twin, you know that! Why would you shirk your duties to the Shinigami?"

"I'm no field operative," he sulks. "I'm a useless white witch, nothing more."

"That ain't true, Ichi," Shiro frowns. "Yer fuckin' powerful, just like me. Just 'cause ya don' throw yer weight 'round as well as I do, don' mean ya ain't as strong. Any hunter would be fuckin' lucky ta have ya fer a partner."

"I don't want to be bound to anyone!" he shouts. "It's nothing more than a shame of a marriage!"

Byakuya sighs, shaking his head in exasperation. Ichigo has known he was to be bound to a hunter since he was seven, yet even then he's refused to understand the importance of said binding. All he knows is that he'll be bound to a single hunter that will use his abilities to defeat other demons, that's it. He'll be a possession, one his hunter can use in any way they see fit.

"Ichigo, this is ridiculous," the raven comments sternly. "You've known this day was coming, it's not like you're the only one that's not looking forward to this binding. It's a necessity to keep our hunters alive and well, it's not just to keep a zodiac's loyalty in tact. We know you're not likley to run off and start hunting us down, but hunters are few and far between. We can't risk the lives of the ones we have because a zodiac refuses to bind souls with them! Without your binding ability, they're just as mortal as any other human. They need you longevity and healing abilities to survive their job!"

"... What if I don't like them," the orange head whines.

Shiro can see the want in Byakuya's eyes, the utter need to throw away his noble upbringing and give himself a facepalm... it's delicious. He waves the other off, deciding to have mercy on their handler and deal with Ichigo himself. The twins have never responded well to anyone but each other when Kisuke isn't involved, so they've learned that dealing with each other one on one is the best way to handle their insecurities. Ichigo has a lot of those and Shiro has slowly been defeating them one at a time.

"Ichi, ya know this is important," he says soothingly. "I don' see nothin' wrong wit what we're doin', it gives us a purpose. We're savin' lives bindin' wit a hunter."

"I know," Ichigo sighs. "But... what if they treat me badly? I don't want to be a possession, Shiro, I want to be an equal! Is that so much to ask? I mean... Why couldn't I meet them before this? I fucking hate arranged marriages, I don't understand them at all!"

"Ichi, don' worry so much. Ya know all the other zodiac an' they all get 'long great wit their partners. Not all of 'em er treated like a marriage, they're friends and family too. Just 'cause it's called a marriage don't mean it has ta be one. That's just somethin' ya gotta figure out wit yer partner."

"... I guess so."

Shiro gives himself a mental cheer, striking up another victory for himself. They get read after that, Ichigo jumping in the shower while Shiro brushes his teeth. They switch after that, the two waiting to get dressed until they're both cleaned up. Afterward, they head into the bedroom and dig through their shared closet for some clothes. They settle on black jeans and tee shirts. Shiro's is white with a black skull and Ichigo's is black with a white skull.

The two have demonic features just like any other demon, but they resemble incubus and can hide their features easily. Their tails wrap around their leg and can't be seen beneath their baggy jeans, their horns are small and lost within their shaggy spikes, and their wings mold to their backs and take on the form of tattoos. They're both lithe and slightly muscled, around five foot nine, and athletic. Ichigo, however, has tanner skin, amber eyes, and vibrant orange hair. Shiro has paler skin, gold eyes with black sclera he hides behind sunglasses, and white hair. As much as they're alike, they're so very different at the same time.

"Let's go 'fore Byakuya has a fuckin' conniption," Shiro sighs.

"... I'd still rather skip all this," Ichigo mutters.

"Yeah, I know. Happy fuckin' birthday ta us," his twin comments bitterly.

The government sector called 'Shinigami' resides in a large building that looks like a lab from the outside. Their area is underground and far larger than the building itself. Byakuya is waiting impatiently by the elevator, relieved when Ichigo and Shiro finally arrive. The vibrant twin is sulking horribly, which can only mean Shiro is in a horrid mood himself... they usually reflect each others' emotions. The bad part is the fact that they act differently when in certain moods. While Ichigo sulks, Shiro will be more apt to cause sadistic mischief. He quickly hits a red button with Shiro's name on it, the alert flying through the labs so everyone knows to be on the lookout. The button was installed after Shiro screwed with the elevator and someone almost died falling down the shaft. If Ichigo hadn't warned Byakuya at the last minute, they would've lost more than their suitcase. After that, Shiro was placed on the same red alert as the zodiac Cancer... Kenpachi had his own button long before Shiro was born.

"It's about time you showed up," he huffs. "Let's go. Yamamoto is waiting for you downstairs."

"What's the old man doin' here?" Shiro wonders. "He don' ever take the time ta deal wit shit like this."

"You two are special... and Ichigo is the only zodiac that's never liked the idea of binding," Byakuya sighs in exasperation. "He wants to make certain there are no surprises or complications."

Ichigo bristles, yet says nothing more. His twin pulls him close, draping an arm around his shoulder to still his irritation. Byakuya guides them to the elevator and presses the down button, the twins reluctantly following. On the way down, Ichigo's anxiety can be seen. It flows through Shiro in strong waves, aggitating him more than usual. By the time the doors slide open, Ichigo's simpering and Shiro looks ready to kill. Everyone in the immdiate vicinity backs away.

"Now, boys, there's not need for this," the raven sighs. "I assisted in choosing your partners myself, I can assure you they'll balance you both out perfectly. Like any partnership, you're bound to run into a few obstacles. Together, you'll overcome whatever is thrown in your way. Now please calm down. The more one of you gets worked up, the more you'll work your counterpart up... which will only make you feel worse. I think this chain reaction is the one thing I simply can't stand!"

"... I want to go home," Ichigo mutters with a scowl.

Byakuya sighs, deciding not to fight this losing battle. When Shiro gets irritated, Ichigo gets impossible to work with. Shiro pulls Ichigo up against his side, sneering at those they pass. Ichigo allows the possessive behavior, hoping it'll move onto the one he's supposed to bond with. With any luck, Shiro will kill his future partner in a fit of rage and Ichigo won't have to worry about being bonded. They're led into a large room with uncomfortable plastic chairs, a long coffee table, and a few side tables with magazines.

"Stay here," Byakuya comments. "I'll be right back with your partners."

"Why can't you just show them the way out?" Ichigo mutters bitterly.

"I'll show 'em my fuckin' fist!" Shiro growls out.

"... It's surprising we could fine anyone to deal with the two of you."

The raven pinches the bridge of his nose, sighing after the comment. Ichigo and Shiro take a moment to grin impishly, it only to irritate their handler even more. Byakuya doesn't take the bait. They've stalled long enough, it's time for them to meet their bonded. He leaves the room and Ichigo flops back onto one of the chairs, Shiro pacing in front of him. He can feel a surge of relief at the loss of their handler, however the anxiety is still nibbling at the back of his mind.

"Ichi, ya gotta calm down," he informs. "I can' settle my temper 'less ya stop workin' yerself inta a panic attack!"

"I'm trying!" the younger twin snaps. "It's not my fault! I just don't like the idea of being bound to a complete stranger! This isn't fair! Why can't we pick our own partners?"

"'Cause we tend ta pick people that share our personality," Shiro states. "Demons need ta be balanced by a second personality, like a conscience. Ya should know this shit, Ichi..."

"I do know it! I just don't like it!"

They stop talking at the sound of footsteps behind the door. Byakuya enters once more, but this time two men are behind him. One has silver hair and his eyes are shut tight like a fox, a huge smile stretching his lips as he looks around. The second man has sex-messed blue locks and a striking cyan gaze, his cocky grin immediately setting a fire in Ichigo. The orange head scowls at them both, unwilling to like either. Shiro, on the other hand, shows a hint of curiosity through his own scowl. Byakuya motions the silver haired one to Shiro, but the other just faces Ichigo. The fury within Ichigo's amber eyes is a lethal storm, causing that cocky grin to grow more feral. Ichigo knows from just one look this man will be the death of him.

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