Episode 7: The Super Saiyan Prince

Basil picks himself off the ground, completely bewildered by the surprise kick to the face. He looks over and sees a brazen Vegeta glaring at him.

Basil: "What is going on?!" Why are you here, Vegeta?!"

Vegeta: "Isn't obvious you fool? I'm here to destroy you and all the other Assassins!"
Gohan: "Vegeta! Man, I'm glad you're here."

Vegeta: "Hmph. Do not misunderstand, kid. I did not come here out of obligation. I'm simply trying to maintain my role as 'The Most Powerful Being in the Universe!'"

Basil: "Don't make us laugh, Vegeta. Last time I checked, you were shivering in your little boots whenever Frieza was around. Don't think that since he's gone you can just do whatever you want."

Gin: "Yes, you shall be killed for the treasonous acts you committed on Namek!"

Vegeta: "Ha! I may have been afraid of Frieza, but things have changed! Now, that I'm a Super Saiyan of course!"

There was a silence in the air. Everyone looks at Vegeta, shocked by his revelation. Is what he is saying the truth? Has he finally ascended into the legendary form?

Gin: "What? I thought the one named Goku was a Super Saiyan, and my scanners do not pick up anything unusual."

Basil: "Don't you get it Gin? He's obviously bluffing. There's no way he's a Super Saiyan."

Vegeta: "Well then, if you don't believe me, I might as well show you. Prepare yourselves you worms and witness the power not seen for over a thousand years!"

Vegeta begins to power up. The earth trembles below his feet and he starts to transform. His changes color, his eyes turn from black to green, and an incredible aura surrounds him. After a few moments of powering up, Vegeta transforms and bright lights flash everywhere. The Assassins, as well as some of the Z fighters, look on; flabbergasted by what they had just witnessed.

Vegeta: "Take a nice, long look, you fools. Because, this is what a legend looks like!"

Gohan: "Whoa, no way!"

Gin: "So this is a Super Saiyan . . ."

Basil: "Nothing special to me. Just a bunch of flashing lights is all."

Vegeta: "You, Overgrown Lizard, you seem like a good victim to test my new power on!"

Basil: "Grrr what did you just say?!"

Vegeta: "You heard me, you ugly slob!"

Basil: "OK WANNA DIE?!"

Vegeta: "Bring it on then!"

And so the fight between Basil and Vegeta commences. Basil charges at the Super Saiyan in a blind fury. As he charges full speed towards him, Vegeta shows no sign of evading the attack. Basil throws a punch, but Vegeta, moving at an incredible speed, ducks the on-coming punch. In that moment, Vegeta unleashes a devastating uppercut which literally launches Basil upward in the air. Then, Vegeta flies up at amazing speed and knocks Basil in another direction. Vegeta then proceeds to juggle Basil in the sky, throwing tremendous punches which send him flying in opposite directions in the air. Basil; however, manages to regain his composure and fight back. They exchange a number of punches. They both fly off in different directions and exchange devastating, high-speed charge attacks. They attack each other with such great force that it almost sounded like bombs were going off in the sky. They also fire energy attacks at one another. They dodge and fire energy blasts in rapid succession. The landscape is drastically altered by the intense fight. Small explosions erupt as each and every blast lands on the ground, changing its appearance. After they finish firing attacks, both warriors go back to hand-to-hand combat. Vegeta kicks Basil to the ground which creates a small crater upon impact. After a few moments, Basil, battered and beaten, picks himself off the ground. He looks up and sees an elated Vegeta standing over him.

Vegeta: "Ha! What's the matter, freak? Where did all that confidence go?"

Basil: "SHUT UP!"

Basil desperately throws punches, but is unable to land a single hit. Vegeta punches Basil in the face and then knocks him back down to the ground. Basil grovels in the dirt, obviously in tremendous pain from the beating he received.

Vegeta: "I will admit you are very strong. It saddens me a little that your going to have to die now. Your almost a worthy opponent by my standards!"

Vegeta flies high up in the sky and prepares for one of his signature techniques: The Big Bang Attack. Vegeta charges up and prepares to fire. Basil tries desperately to get up and run away, but it was in vain and Vegeta fires his attack.

Vegeta: "Take this! It's Super Vegeta's BIG BANG ATTACK!"

He fires his attack. All Basil can do is lie on the ground as the attack would make its way towards him. Less than a second, the entire sky lights up with spectacular lights. The blinding light is so great that it consumes all the people in the general area. After the light disappears, all that can be seen is a humongous mushroom cloud of smoke and dust. The cloud grows to the size of a skyscraper. Fortunately, Krillin were able to get the other Z warriors out of the blast's radius. He takes them to a rock formation which overlooks the battlefield.

Krillin: "Oh man was that close! Damn it Vegeta, you could have killed us with that attack! But then again, that power was incredible. We may have a fighting chance against these Assassins!"

After several minutes, the smoke begins to clear. Vegeta is seen in the sky, clearly proud of this victory.

Vegeta: "Haha! Do you fools now understand the power of a Super Sai . . . W-What?!"

Vegeta looks down and, to his surprise, sees a large crater in which Gin is seen hovering in the air, carrying Basil who is clearly still alive.

Basil: "What are you doing, Gin?!"

Gin: "It is time for us to leave"

Basil: "What? What do you mean we're leaving?!"

Gin: "I just received word from Captain Zephyr. We need to meet up with the others."

Basil: "B-but my fight!"

Gin: "Stay quiet you fool. You need to conserve your energy."

Then, Gin flies away with Basil in hand. Vegeta sees this and quickly becomes furious.

Vegeta: "Grrrr how dare he interrupt my fight! I won't let you get away!"

Vegeta then flies off, pursing the Assassins. Krillin sees this and is absolutely confused by what had just happened.

Krillin: "Huh? What's going on? Where are they going?

Gohan: "K-Krillin!"

Krillin: "Oh no Gohan! Don't move ok, I'm gonna go to Korin's tower and get some Senzu beans for you and the others. Just hang on, alright!"

Just then, a car is seen flying towards the Z fighters. There are two passengers in the car. Krillin is hesitant about these people at first, but that quickly goes away when he saw who they were. It was Bulma and Yajirobe, carrying a bag of Senzu beans for our heroes. After they eat their senzu beans, the Z warriors return to full health and strength.

Yamcha: "Man, are we glad you showed up, Yajirobe!"

Tien: "Yeah if you hadn't showed up, we would have been dead."

Yajirobe: "Yeah well, don't say I never helped you guys!"

Gohan: "Hey, Where's Vegeta and the Assassins?"

Krillin: "I don't know. They just took off outta nowhere."

Yamcha: "Good thing that they did, otherwise we might have been dead meat!"

Tien: "Yeah, As much as I hate to admit it, it's a good thing that Vegeta showed up when he did. Otherwise, we woul-

Just then, our heroes sense another huge power level approaching. Our heroes become very agitated by this presence making its way towards them.

Tien: "You've got to be kidding me!"

Yamcha: "This power is huge! Don't tell me it's another Assassin! There's no way we can handle another one. Not now!"

Piccolo: "He's coming this way. Looks like we have no choice but to fight!"

The unknown figure makes his way to the Z fighters. They ready themselves for another gruesome fight. As the mysterious person comes into view; however, Gohan sees who it is and says:

Gohan: "It's Trunks!"