The Uchiha Guide to Babysitting

Chapter Two

There would never be anyone who could rival Sasuke's foul moods. It was one thing to take that walk of embarrassment to the daycare, but what he was doing now was, as he thought to himself, so much worse. Sasuke never thought that so much would be on the line when he was given the task of babysitting. He could practically feel his dignity leaving his very soul and trampled on by children.

Sakura was of no help to him at all, which was definitely unexpected. He had assumed from the moment she walked in with cups of coffee that she would help him in any way she could. But all she did so far was help parents sign forms and watched him as he struggled to interact with kids. Not to mention, she kept laughing with her hand over her mouth and giving him amused smirks, which he was pretty sure was his thing during his academy years – minus a lot of the laughing.

He was pretty much helpless in the daycare environment and the fact that he was sitting in a miniature green chair at the moment did not improve his situation, or his mood, for that matter.

"Sasuke, stop frowning." Sakura said from across the small, round table. "It's just cute little chair, not a death trap."

Beside Sakura, the girl, who was seated on a blue chair, spoke up and gave him a wink. "Yeah, Sasuke-kun, turn that frown upside down!"

"Don't call me that," Sasuke replied grumpily.

The girl grinned and stuck her tongue out. "Okay then, your highness. I shall call you any name that pleases you."

"Whatever," Sasuke sighed. He could tell that that girl would give him a hard time. She was clever and he knew he would have to keep an eye on her.

"Well, we hope you'll cheer up, Sasuke-kun. It's only been five minutes," Sakura chimed as she took the art bin from the center of the table and rummaged through its contents. Pulling out a few sheets of blank paper and a pack of crayons, she handed the latter to the girl before she passed out paper to every member at the table.

Immediately taking the box, the girl, whose name he still did not know yet, took out a black crayon and waved it at Sasuke's face. "This colour is called 'Coal Dust Black' and it's my favourite colour! Sakura-san already knows; her favourite colour is blue, but not blue like the sky… more like a royal blue! What's your favourite colour, Sasuke-san?"

"Tell me your name first," Sasuke commanded before letting his darker side take over and adding an alternate option. "Or shall I just call you 'minion' for the entire thousand hours that I'll be here?"

Sakura rolled her eyes. "Technically, Sasuke, we are catering to her so calling her a 'minion' doesn't make much sense – Oh, stop glaring at me like that, Sasuke, or else I'll call you minion instead."

The girl grinned at their interaction and abruptly stood up, extending a hand towards Sasuke. "Name's Miryuki, seven years old, aspiring artist, nice to meet you!"

Sasuke stared at her hand and let out an exasperated sigh. "As you already know, my name is Sasuke Uchiha and that is all you need to know. Hn." He grunted as he shook hands with the girl, who was now smiling toothily.

"Okay then, Sasuke-san, your royal highness." Miryuki winked, Sasuke glared. "Now tell me your favourite colour." She sat down and pulled out a blue crayon from its box before handing it to Sakura and looking up at Sasuke expectantly.

"I don't have one."

Miryuki gasped. "Oh! But your majesty, how can you not have a favourite colour? You have to have a favourite colour! If you don't then what colour would you choose to paint your room or what colour clothes to wear and feel pretty in or what—"

"Red," Sasuke interrupted, trying to get her to stop rambling. "Red and white; the colours of my clan."

Miryuki fell silent for several long moments, which Sasuke noticed made Sakura tense, before seeming to snap out of her daze to wrinkle her nose in distaste. "Red? I don't like red. Red is the colour of blood and the sight of blood always makes me queasy. It's also the colour of tomatoes, which are gross." She stuck out her tongue at the last part.

"Tomatoes aren't gross." Sasuke and Sakura said at the same time, turning to stare at the other when they noticed their synchronicity.

Sakura look away first. "I actually kind of like tomatoes," she admitted, shrugging. "What don't you like about them, Miryuki?"

"They're just so… goopy." Miryuki replied as she picked up the crayon box again. Sasuke tried not to take offense from her insult to his favourite fruit. "Anyways, Sasuke-san, because Sakura-san and I both got one crayon each, it's only fair that you receive ONE, too."

"Then give me the re—"

"AND," Miryuki wore a deceivingly sweet smile now. "Because red and white mixed together is pink, that's the colour you get." She handed the crayon over to him enthusiastically.

Sasuke really couldn't care less about the fact that pink was a stereotypical girly colour. He really couldn't. But he just had to let his eye twitch when he saw the name written on the paper wrapper: pretty princess pink.

"A pretty princess pink for his 'royal highness'," Sakura commented like an expert on crayon colours and laughed with Miryuki.

Sasuke mentally cursed the two girls in front of him. Women were evil – he was sure of it. How was it that he had so much bad luck with them. He was almost always surrounded by fan girls, which he thought was "damn annoying", condemned to a thousand hours of babysitting by a female hokage, and then made fun of by his former female teammate and a little girl. The fact that he had to satisfy these women did no good for his mental state either.

After a full, and rather long, minute of giggling, Miryuki began to doodle with her coal black crayon, giving Sasuke the opportunity he needed to talk to Sakura. He met her eyes with his own and opened his mouth to speak when she cut him off with a finger to her lips and shifted her gaze over to Miryuki for a split second.

"Not now," she seemed to say. "Not in front of her."

Sasuke closed his mouth promptly and gave her a slight nod. In response, Sakura gave him a small smile and picked up her blue crayon – probably so that Miryuki wouldn't grow suspicious of her inactivity.

Sasuke did the same of course, not wanting to be made fun of by the child again. He stared down at his sheet of paper at a loss of what to do. He hadn't drawn since, well, ever. Even when he was still leading a deceitfully happy and normal life with his family, he never drew. At least, he had no recollection of doing so.

Pressing his lips together in uncertainty, he pushed the tip of his pretty princess pink crayon to the sheet and drew a circle. He remembered that back in his academy days, his classmates would always doodle in their notes and draw stickmen. Although sometimes, he did see some interesting portraits of himself drawn on the notes of his fan girls, and by interesting, he meant disturbing.

Surveying the room for some inspiration, his eyes landed on Sakura. It wasn't as if he really found inspiration in her hunched-over-the-table figure, but instead it was her hair colour, which was quite a close shade to the crayon he was holding. He inwardly smirked. Maybe he could draw her with his nonexistent artistic skill to get back at her for all the incessant teasing she'd done to him that day.

Sasuke traced the shape of Sakura's hair and coloured it in, then adding a few more lines to form a chin and neck – he'd leave the face for last, when he'd have the most inspiration to draw something horrendous. He wasn't sure exactly how much time he spent drawing but by the time he looked up, Miryuki already had an entire new box of crayons dumped all over the table, colouring furiously. Literally. Sasuke couldn't even believe that anyone could be able to draw with such an intense expression. Sakura, on the other hand, was still drawing with her blue crayon, though she was sitting up straighter now.

Taking a last look at his semi-completed masterpiece, he couldn't help but feel proud that he managed to draw such a realistic picture. He had planned to make the drawing look ugly, he got carried away with drawing for the first time and actually tried to create a good-looking piece. However, it wasn't quite finished yet. He didn't draw Sakura's eyes in because he just couldn't picture the movement of his hand to draw the curve of her lashes and her shining green irises. Hold on, did he just make her eyes sound… more than just "normal eyes"?

"Sasuke?" Sakura's voice.

"Sasuke," she repeated. "Why are you staring at me?"

Sasuke immediately snapped out of his trance and realized both girls were examining him with curiosity. Feeling his neck grow hot, Sasuke cleared his throat awkwardly and placed a hand on the spot that was burning with embarrassment.

"I wasn't staring at you," He remarked. "I was just thinking."

Which wasn't a total lie.

"Sasuke, what's that?" Sakura's voice was getting louder now. Sasuke wasn't stupid enough to miss what she was talking about and he knew there was no way he could lie his way out to save himself from more embarrassment.

"It's you," he muttered, backing his chair up from the table, as if getting farther away from Sakura would make the situation better. He didn't meet her couldn't meet her gaze so he looked at Miryuki instead, which wasn't the best decision he made, because she smiled and raised an eyebrow at him.

"Sasuke!" Sakura yelled, grabbing the sheet from the table. He should have used amaterasu on it when he still had the chance.

"Sasuke, this is incredible!" She broke out into a wide smile and got up from her hair to move over to him. "I can't believe you did this on your first try of drawing. Actually, what I can't believe more is that you chose me to draw as your first try!"

She gave him a one-armed hug, to which he tensed up at before relaxing when she whispered "thank you" into his ear. She sat back down on her chair and showed the picture to Miryuki. For a second, he was reminded of the Sakura that he used to know as a pre-teen, the one that he knew right before he had left the village, the one who cared about him and not just his looks and "cool" demeanor. For a second, he felt something resurface inside of him.

"I have to say that it's kind of creepy that you drew me without asking me first, though, Sasuke." Sakura added, but without a trace of disgust in her voice. "But if you don't mind, can I keep this drawing after you draw in my eyes?"

"You might want to keep this one too, Sakura-san." Miryuki chimed in, sliding her drawing towards the former.

One small glimpse of the sheet was all Sasuke needed to see before he wanted to set the girl on fire.

One small gasp from Sakura and the slight reddening of her cheeks was all Sasuke wanted to see before he knew he needed to set something on fire.

Miryuki was grinning proudly of course. With her artistic ability came the power to use it for evil, which was exactly what she did. On the paper was none other than Sasuke and Sakura kissing. But it wasn't just lip-to-lip contact. NO, of course a devious little girl would go farther than that. It was a hot kiss and that was evident in the way she had drawn Sasuke leaning over Sakura, desire and love laced in every fibre of his paper body, and the way she drew Sakura's grip on Sasuke's shirt collar, which was dangerously close to getting ripped.

Sasuke was about to excuse himself so he could go outside and set a forest on fire when Sakura recovered from surprise and spoke up.

"Miryuki, honey," her voice was unbearably calm, completely opposite to Sasuke's inner turmoil. "We've talked about these pictures of yours. Don't you remember what I said about them?"

So something like this happened before? , Sasuke thought.

"Yes, Sakura-san, you told me not to draw these if the two people featured in them weren't a couple." Miryuki said, cocking her head to the side innocently. "But aren't you and Sasuke-san a couple? Because I think you two would make a good one even if you aren't."

Sakura sighed exasperatedly, covered her face with her hand, and shook her head.

Sasuke did nothing but stare in disbelief at the child. This was the first time he had ever heard anyone pair him up with anyone but themselves. But either way, he was sure that he wouldn't one any better than the other. Perhaps this new type of pairing would turn out even worse. He glanced at the two girls, at the two drawings, at the clock, back at the inappropriate drawing, and he just knew that the 59955 minutes he'd spend at the daycare would not be good for his mental state, or his dignity, at all.

He eventually managed to tear his eyes away from Miryuki's drawing and tried to push down the warmth that kept resurfacing in his chest. It didn't work. But at least he had 45 minutes completed, 45 minutes he would never forget.

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