Short missing scene :) I think Jim's recovery took a bit longer than we were shown in the movie :)

Title: hope
author: Cindy Ryan
spoilers: Into Darkness
pairings: Spock/Uhura

Uhura was not surprised to find Spock in Sickbay. He'd been visiting the captain twice a day in the nine days since McCoy had injected Kirk with Khan's blood. Kirk was out of immediate danger but had only briefly regained consciousness. McCoy had assured the crew that rest was the best medicine. They all caught the doctor's underlying warning; no one knew what affect the treatment would have. No one knew if they'd have their captain back.

"Hello, Nyota."Spock greeted without turning.

"Spock."Uhura responded as she moved to stand next to the science officer.

Spock was standing a few feet from the left side of Kirk's bed They were off duty and between shifts. The Enterprise was in drydock above Earth to get repairs done. Uhura counted this moment as personal and private. It was early afternoon between shift change in Sickbay so they were alone.

"How is he?"Nyota asked.

Spock met her gaze and Nyota caught the flicker of worry before the Vulcan side won.

"Doctor McCoy says the captain's brain waves are normal and his vitals are within range."Spock reported.

"Good."Uhura commented with relief. "Spock, you need to sleep."

"I do not require..."Spock began but Uhura interrupted.

"You require some sleep."Nyota countered gently. "I'm not the only one worried about you."

Spock raised an eyebrow but lightly touched Uhura's left arm briefly. "I am fine. As acting captain I can not..."

"Dr. McCoy is threatening to sedate you."Uhura stated.

"He would not."Spock protested turning to face Uhura.

"If he felt it was in the acting captain's best interest."Nyota continued knowing she was on dangerous ground. "You've been through a lot, Spock."

The science officer looked back at Kirk's still form. Uhura linked hands with Spock giving his a squeeze.

"He's getting better."Uhura stated quietly. "That's the most hope we've had in days."

"Hope."Spock repeated in a murmur.

"Hope is an emotion you can let yourself feel, Spock."Uhura commented. "Lots of races have different meanings associated with it. It's not just an emotion it's faith. Faith that things will improve."

Spock nodded and Uhura felt his hand tighten on hers.

"Jim is going to need you at full strength when he wakes up."Uhura continued. "We're off duty until tonight. Come lie down with me for a few hours. "

Spock lightly brushed his free hand across Nyota's left cheek. She leaned briefly into the touch.

"Alright."The science officer relented as he released their hands. "For a few hours."

Uhura smiled. "Thank you."

Spock nodded and together they left Sickbay.