Sherlock got back to the flat and began setting things up. With the delay in finding a suitable engagement ring and then getting the other pieces for tonight he was running behind schedule. So he decided to send Molly a text to delay her.

Don't come home. I am busy with the case – SH

Molly was just finishing up with the paperwork and was now thinking about home when she heard her phone make a light ding in her bag. When she retrieved it and read the message her smile of seeing it from Sherlock turned to a slight frown.

'He's never kept me out of the flat before, why doesn't he want me?' Molly thought quietly to herself then suddenly it dawned on her. "Ohh crap he's in trouble, he's hurt" this time saying it out-loud. She tried to quell her nerves as she text him back.

Do you need any help x – MH

Then after a second her phone dinged in her hand.

No. – SH

This response did nothing to quench the worry that was blossoming through her. She ran through many situations of what trouble he was in, each ending with the death of Sherlock.

"No Molly he doesn't want you home, if he needed help or was in trouble he would call. Anyways what murderer would let him text you." Again she spoke out-loud in an attempt to convince herself.

As she pulled out a body and began opening it up. Banishing all thoughts of Sherlock as she got lost in finding out the COD time slipped by. The corpse took forty five minutes to process and then by the time she had filled in the appropriate paperwork the clock read 5:15. It had been one hour and fifteen minutes since Sherlock had text her and there was no more outstanding bodies to do. The nightshift pathologist Harry had come and was already starting his bodies.

"Hey Harry, I'm done now is there anything you want help with?" questioned molly.

Harry was well used to Molly staying later than her hours so it wasn't a surprise to see her half way through another body when he came into work.

"No you're ok, go home Molly and put your feet up. You deserve a relaxing night. Unless there is something else keeping you here that isn't the bodies" he joked. "But really Molly this isn't the place to be exploring that avenue."

Harry was younger than Molly by 5 years but it didn't stop him making passes at her frequently. She would always knock him back and she had done ever since he started. Molly never thought it would be a good idea to take him up on one of his offers. Even now that she was dating Sherlock and he knew he would still ask her out but now it had evolved into an old joke between them as they would part company.

"Well I didn't quite mean that" she said whilst suppressing a giggle.

"It doesn't mean you don't want it." He joked whilst putting on a false accent that made him sound all breathy and deep.

"Well if that is all I should be off now, I'll see you tomorrow night." Molly spoke whilst turning towards the door.

"I'll be counting down the hours" he called after her.

All he got in reply was the sound off Molly's laughter bouncing down the hallway.

Once Molly was outside she hailed a cab and headed for Baker Street. It didn't matter how hard she tried she could never seem to get a cab like Sherlock could. He would raise his hand and one would be there with in an instant. She just didn't have that knack in fact she doubted that anybody in London had. It took her several minutes of waving her hand to get a cabbies attention.

As she climbed up the steps of 221B she suddenly remembered that she was told to stay away. That had been a while back now but when it came to Sherlock she couldn't predict anything. Instead of running out the door and waiting for him to text her with the all clear, she decided to listen for any signs of a struggle or meeting. Then when she heard only the scuffle of Sherlock's light tread and then a string of swear words curiosity took over so she carried on her assent up the stairs.

As she opened the door she barely got through the door when Sherlock was by her side and gently pushing her out again.

"I told you not to come home Molly" said Sherlock whilst clutching his index finger.

"Well I am sorry but I was done at the morgue, why don't you want me here anyway?" she tried to cover the hurt that was threatening to take over her voice.

"I am busy with a case; you will not be of any use and may even hinder my progress."

"Well there no need to be rude about it" Molly was well used to Sherlock's tantrums so she tried not to get upset by his tone as she used to. It was at this point that she noticed his finger. "Sherlock what is wrong with your finger?"

"Nothing, what would make you say that?" He said in a more defensive tone.

"You are clutching it and I heard you swearing before you have obviously hurt it, come on let's get it sorted out." Then as she grabbed his hand she saw that it was a burn. "Let me guess playing with your Bunsen burner again?" She began to drag Sherlock into the flat, when he stilled and then turned to her.

"Umm no its fine" then seeing that she carried on towards the flat, "don't go in there Molly." but only half-heartedly as he saw her ignoring his pleas.

"Sherlock you need burn cream on that finger, why don't you want me in here anyways?" As she stepped over the threshold, what lay before her made her drop his hand and all thoughts of his burn left her mind. "Ohh" was all that she could say.

221B was covered in an array of candles each placed to light up parts of the flat. The candles were giving of a glow but also left an apple scent wafting through the air. There was a bouquet of her favourite flowers on the mantel piece. The fire was also lit and with that and the candles the whole room gave off a toasty warm feel that invited you in. As she walked further into the flat she could see the kitchen, where all traces of his on-going experiments had been cleaned away. Instead of the test tubes microscope and Bunsen burner the table was laid with plate's cutlery and a candle, small and romantic.

Molly once again spun and stared at Sherlock, noticing his face full of tension. Her face was full of bewilderment and wonder. She tried to speak but was lost for words and could only ask one.


"Well I know that you have been having a tough time of it lately. You have been busy at work again so I thought that it was high time I made a romantic gesture. I have been with you for a good number of months now and I have easily been able to ascertain your favourite flowers and your favourite scent. I thought you would like it." Then as if unsure he continued, "you do like it don't you?"

"Off course I do Sherlock it is beautiful." she stuttered after a moment's pause, still trying to drink it all in.

Molly could see the tension visibly drop from his shoulders as he got her approval. She remembered her purpose for going into the flat and went straight into the kitchen admiring the scene all around her. She couldn't help but feeling like a giddy school child 'he has done this for me, no one else me' she thought. When she retrieved the first aid box from under the kitchen sink she saw what looked like a meal in progress.

"Sherlock are you trying to cook?" Molly spoke whilst applying burn cream and then a plaster.

"Yes I thought you would prefer the homemade touch."

"You do realise that the mince is burning right?"

"What!" Bursted Sherlock as he ran over to check the stove.

"Don't worry go and sit I will finish this."

"No molly not tonight. Tonight you are the one to sit down, now let me take you coat and bag." At that moment Molly realised that she was still in her coat and work clothes. As she handed him her coat she felt the overwhelming urge to have a shower.

"Well I'm going to go for a shower, I will be back soon." With that she gave him a light peck on the cheek and headed down towards their bedroom.

As Sherlock saw her disappear down the hallway he quickly threw her coat and bag onto the hook. Then grabbed his phone ready to initiate plan B.

I will need the extra after all; I will come and collect it now. – SH

After sending the text and clearing away the burnt concoction at the bottom of the pan he listened for the shower. Upon hearing it, giving him the certainty that Molly was in the shower, he fled downstairs to 221A.

"Thanks Mrs Hudson you're a life saver" Sherlock said whilst holding the two plates of spagbowl.

"Don't worry dear, try not to be so nervous." The old woman replied.

"Well I now know who to come to for first rate emergency food."

"Not your house keeper, next time you're on your own."

Sherlock couldn't help but laugh at the words that he had heard her say so often. As he made his way back upstairs he felt excitement blossoming up through him.

Mrs Hudson couldn't help but notice the change in him. Not just since his faked suicide but since he has been with Molly. She had always approved of Molly even though her jokes were a bit grim. Sherlock now joked more himself and was more open to people also his manners had vastly improved. He had always been polite to her but now he was polite to the others. She smiled as she shut the door.

When Molly appeared back in the living room only 10 minutes later she had dried her hair and even put a dress on. Sherlock recognised it to be that same dress that she had worn on their first proper date many months ago. The purple that matched his shirt so well.

Molly took note of the two plates of spagbowl that were in the oven as she came over to Sherlock.

"How was your shower?" Asked Sherlock whilst handing Molly a glass of wine.

"Lovely, thank you." She said, accepting the glass.

"You look gorgeous by the way."

"And you don't look bad yourself. I thought that I better get dressed up a bit after you have gone to all this trouble."

"You would look good in rags, since you insist on wearing them to work you would have been fine." Joked Sherlock, causing Molly to frown with mock disgust. "Now shall we sit" he said whilst gesturing towards the two chairs.

As Molly sat down Sherlock retrieved the two plates from the oven and placed them on the placemats.

"Careful Molly they are hot."

"Hmmm" Molly murmured. "So you got control of the cooker then?"

"Yes, basic skills really. It was very simple." He said whilst sitting down opposite her.

"So from now on you will be doing the cooking then?"

"Well no, I have better things to do. Anyways I wouldent want to take that privilege from you."

"Yes I'm sure. But it is delicious."

"Thank you Molly." She could hear the pride in his voice.

"So did you thank Mrs Hudson or should I?"

"How did you know?" Sherlock said, genuinely surprised.

"Well before I left for the shower the mince was destroyed. I was only gone for fifteen minutes so that is just about enough time to clear the old mince away and make more, at a push. But it wouldn't be as tender and you would be just dishing it out of the pan not from the plates that you have had waiting in the oven to keep warm. Finally, I know for certain that you are a terrible cook and wouldn't be able to make something this good. So it was undoubtedly the work of Mrs Hudson."

Sherlock sat there with an open mouth then his eyes flashed with desire.

"Have I ever told you that you sound hot when you do that?" Sherlock said this causing Molly to swell with pride and happiness.

As they ate their meal they carried on the small talk. Molly noticed that Sherlock was being extra attentive to her, listening to what she said and actually showing an interest.

After their meal they both moved to the living room and sat on the chairs. It was at this point that Sherlock got off his chair and knelt down next to Molly. She gasped in surprise when she saw Sherlock pick a velvet ring box off the mantel piece.

"Molly you are smart, you are kind, gentle and beautiful. I don't know what I have done to get you to love me. I am not an easy man to live with, I do not deserve you. I ignored you for years yet you stood by me. When I was at my darkest you brought me into the light, you saved me Molly Hooper." At this point he could see Molly beginning to cry. But he took this as a good sign since she was also smiling. "You told me a long time ago that I 'always say such horrible things' and that I had hurt you 'once too often'. Well since the day that you stood up to me in the morgue I hope that I have done enough to win back your affection to make up for all of the stuff that I have done."

Sherlock opened the box and showed the ring to Molly. Who at this point had tears streaming down her face, but she also had the biggest smile on.

"You have saved me Molly and I don't know what I would do without you. Please will you do the great honour of marrying me?"

Molly cupped her mouth with both hands in shock.

"I think this is where you give me an answer. If it is the ring then I can get it changed. You will have to come with me because ring shopping is immensely tedious and I don't think I can go through it again."

It was at this Molly laughed again.

"Of course I will. I love you. Yes. I will marry you." said Molly managing to sputter out the answer.

Sherlock bent forward and gave Molly a gentle kiss on her tear stained lips. Then he plucked the ring from the box and slid it onto her finger. Where fortunately it fit, but when he thought about it, deducing her ring size was the easiest part of picking the ring.

"The ring is gorgeous by the way." She smiled and subsequently so did Sherlock.

"Yes well it is a sapphire stone. Which is a natural found gem and is strong so it should stand up to the wear and tear of everyday life? Also I choose the colour blue because it is a good colour and suits you plus it will go with most of the things you wear. The band is white gold as I know that you like it and it goes well with your skin tone."

"Have I ever told you that you sound hot when you do that?" She said mimicking Sherlock's voice from before.

"Well I do believe you have, actually."

As Molly stared at her ring she had a thought.

"Sherlock are you sure about this. I mean we haven't even been together for a year."

"Getting cold feet already?" He said trying to disguise his worry. "But you forget Molly I have known you years."

"Well I guess so. But my feet are still toasty thanks." Then another thought struck her. "Sherlock you always said that we weren't a conventional couple and that we don't do things like other couples. Plus you despise weddings as I quote, 'what's the point of a useless piece of paper it means nothing'. So what made you change your mind?"

"Ohh just having a chat with an old friend. It made me realise exactly what I want in life." Then he came right up to Molly's ear as he said the next word in a deep tone that was barely audible, yet tickled her ear. "You, Molly Hooper."

"In that case" Molly spoke quietly then turned into Sherlock pulling him into a kiss that then deepened with every moment.

As they broke for air Sherlock spoke softly.

"I had planned playing you a piece on the violin. I wrote it specifically for you. But that can wait until tomorrow."

And with that final comment Sherlock picked Molly up and carried her through to the bedroom.

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