Assassin's Creed V: Lullaby

The First Kill


That is all I hear

when I first enter the

Dining Hall.

That soft alluring symphony

which beckons those with

Innocent Minds,

Always drawing you


with each carefully

Played Note.

Edo, Japan

December 19th, 1601

Tobu turned his head to the side in greeting as he took his place at the long table. He folded his legs underneath him, getting comfortable, as his dark brown orbs locked on with his father's.

"Father, mother," He smiled, reaching into his sleeve to pull out a white feather; its tips dyed a dark red. He carefully placed it in front of him, and bowed his head, black tussled strands falling into his eyes. "I have done as you asked of me, and took my first kill." Tobu spoke clear, now holding his head up in pride.

"Excellent, Tobu. Now you are truly one of us." Tobu's father, Mikoto, spoke strictly, giving his son a firm nod.

Tobu let a soft smile grace his face, and he slowly turned to his mother, as if asking for approval. Miyo gave him a smile, and Tobu noticed that she was rubbing her stomach, in a loving matter.

"How is the baby, mother?" Tobu asked, changing the subject away before it got too out of hand.

"Growing fast," Miyo replied tiredly, pausing to rub her sore belly. "I presume it shall be upon us in a few months." She mused, more to herself as she looked down at her swelled stomach.

"Do you have any idea as to what the name shall be?" Tobu paused, grinning.

"I'm not sure yet. Why? Have some suggestions?" His mother chuckled, raising her brow in questioning.

"Yes! Uh- erm, maybe?" Tobu grinned sheepishly, reaching his hand back to rub his neck.

"Okay, let's hear them, then." She nodded.

"Well, I was thinking, for a girl; Hikō. I don't know of any boy's names. I really like Hikō, though."

"Hikō... Yes, it is very nice. It goes with your name, yes?" Miyo shared a look with Mikoto.

"Yes." Tobu replied, a smile clear on his face "It would mean a lot to me if you would consider my naming choice, if it is a girl. But you don't have to, because the child is obviously yours, mother. It is truly yours and father's decision." He bowed his head respectively. "I would love it and take care and protect him or her no matter what!" He swore, putting his hand to his heart in a silent vow.

"Thank you, Tobu. I know that you will be a wonderful big brother." Miyo leaned towards her son, grasping his hand to give it a gentle squeeze.

"I will teach it the way of the Assassins! I shall teach her everything I was taught, so you needn't worry mother. My little brother or sister will be the best in the brotherhood!"

Present Day

Desmond's eyes snapped open, his breath hitching for a moment as he struggled to form words his words.

"Di- who-... What the fuck!?" Desmond searched the room before his eyes landed on Rebecca.

Suddenly, the memories from before flooded into his head, and he glowered at her. "What the fuck was that about? All I remember is you hitting me over the fucking head-"

"Actually! That wasn't me..." The brown haired woman interrupted, raising her hands in an innocent gesture.

"Then, who-"

"It was Shaun. And also kinda the Apple's fault." Rebecca laughed awkwardly, shifting her weight from one foot too the other.

"Explain. Now." Desmond demanded sourly, crossing his arms and tapping his foot on the ground impatiently.

"Uhm, well, the Apple has been acting very weird, ever since we found that other piece of Eden. It seems; the closer we get to it, the more the Apple reacts."

"So, let me get this straight; The Apple and the other piece are messing with my head?"

"Not just your head, Desmond. It's messing with all of our heads; we just have better control over it."

"That still doesn't explain why Shaun clogged me over the fucking head! Or why I woke up in someone else's memory!" Desmond whispered, quite furiously.

"Ancestor. Your ancestor, Takeshi Tobu." Rebecca added, almost ruefully at the mention of his Ancestor's name.

"I'm part Korean all of a sudden?" He practically exploded, his face of anger melting into one of confusion.

"That's rude, Desmond," Rebecca snorted, hands on her hips. "And Takeshi-san is-... was, Japanese. Not Korean." Desmond stared at her, almost blankly, as he slowly consumed the information.

"Was he a Samurai Assassin?" He asked suddenly. Rebecca rolled her eyes, choosing not to answer his question.

"Also," She spoke, making Desmond's shoulders slump. "Shaun "clogged" you over the head because the Apple and the other piece were affecting you too badly, so he had to knock you out."

"That could easily just be called crazy - or, insanity, Rebecca." Shaun spoke, making the brunettes turn his way.

"Smartass." Desmond replied in an annoyed huff, detecting the insult towards him. "Not crazy." He muttered under his breath, making Rebecca smile apologetically at him, knowing Shaun wasn't about to do anything to apologize. Except in a sarcastic way. And, Rebecca, for one, did not want another married couple's bicker-fight to break out between the two.

"Please, Desmond," She started, ushering him towards the upgraded Animus. "We need to search through these memories, in order to find the next piece of Eden."

"Where's my dad?" Desmond sat down on the Animus, looking in between Rebecca and Shaun, then around their new 'base of operations', searching for any sign of his dad.

"He said he was scouting." Shaun replied, a clip board in his hands. Desmond blinked, and frowned.

"Scouting? Since when?" He growled out.

Shaun adjusted his glasses, giving Desmond a look, "Since now."

"Desmond, if you'll lie down, we can begin..." Rebecca said, taking her seat as she began typing things on her computer. Shaun also sat down in a chair a little further away, eyes flitting over the clipboard still, before focusing on the computer screen beside him.

Desmond gave a lengthy sigh, and slowly lay down, getting comfortable. Soon, the Animus pulled him into his Ancestors memory, and he could feel himself slipping away.

I just wanted to give it a try! Sorry if anyone hates it. Also, it was originally going to be AC4, but then, there already is an AC4: Black Flag. Which I really want to play oh-so-badly. In the end, I changed it to AC5.

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