Assassin's Creed V: Lullaby

The Fourth Lesson

Springwater, New York

December 4th, 2011

The moment Desmond saw his father and Shaun walk back in, he charged over, glare and frown present on his face. "You lied!" Desmond exploded, pushing his dad lightly.

William had simply stared at him, before closing his eyes, irritated. "Desmond, I only needed Shaun's help with setting up the perimeter."

"Which I guess takes a day?"

"We ran into a little trouble. But it was nothing we couldn't handle." William insisted, stepping past his son. "Rebecca, how is the machine faring?" He asked, peaking over the woman's shoulder to see the screen more clearly.

"Uh, good, sir." She replied, blinking. "I've had to recalibrate it a few times, and smack it around with a wrench, because Desmond keeps getting 'stuck' in Takeshi Tobu's memories. Every time he goes in, it takes him longer to get out, so I just figured I'd stop making him go in there, although he keeps insisting..." Rebecca smiled in apology to Desmond, who only huffed.

"I'm just saying it's strange." Desmond mumbled.

"What's strange?" William asked. Desmond didn't reply, and appeared to go into a deep thought.

"He's been like this ever since he first went in, well, since we set up here for the time being..." Rebecca murmured, looking from Desmond, to Shaun, then finally to William.

"Desmond, you make a wonderful space cadet." Shaun stated, expecting a reaction from the man. When he got none, he arched his eyebrow. "Interesting." He said.

Rebecca nodded, "I mean, you have to really get in his face to snap him out of it. If you just leave him, he'll probably stay like that for about ten minutes or even more." She shrugged, toying with the wrench that lay beside her computer.

"Desmond!" William snapped. Desmond shook his head, and blinked.


"I asked you what was strange." His father said, motioning for Desmond to continue.

"Oh, it's nothing, really. Anyways, let's get learning." He said awkwardly, sitting back at the animus. Rebecca and Shaun shared a look, both shrugging helplessly.

"Usually you are against this." William said, walking up to Desmond. "Rebecca said that she still needs to work out some more kinks before you go back."

Desmond sighed, and nodded. "I'm going to... explore." He muttered, eyeing the run-down apartment. He stood, and walked away. "Call me when you're done." He said, before disappearing from the room.

The apartment was large, and had many holes, in the walls, ceiling, floors, and doors. Desmond jumped onto a support beam, seeing that a room at the end of the blown away hall looked different, in a way. So, curious as he was, he jumped from the metal beam, and then jumped and swung from a metal pipe that twisted horizontally, and jumped onto another beam, and then grabbed onto the floor from there. He pulled himself up safely, and stepped into the room.

It had a faint glow, and Desmond tilted his head. He walked further inside the room, and felt an overwhelming force practically push him off his feet. His head smacked onto the floor with a dull thud, and his vision turned dark.

Edo, Japan

June 23rd, 1609

"Again!" Tobu yelled, sounding quite strict. Hikō didn't complain, and only went through the drill once more. "Again!" He repeated himself. Hikō nodded, biting her lip as she yet again did the same drill over and over.

Tobu smiled lightly, and after a couple more minutes, he told her to stop. His now seven year old sister was panting heavily, sweat dripping from her forehead. "Here." He said, holding a cup of water out to her.

Hikō grinned, and took the offered cup. She took a sip, but then spat it out a moment later. "It's so warm!" She complained, groaning. Even though the water had turned warm, she still drank it.

"That's because you left it there since morning." Tobu scoffed, sitting on the ground. "Where is mother?" He asked, knowing Hikō probably didn't want to talk any more about training.

"She went down into town. Something about gossiping with the neighbours." Hikō giggled. "Although, I don't really understand it sometimes."

Tobu cocked his brow, "You've been listening in on them?"

"N- No!" Hikō immediately replied, flushing from being caught. "You're the one who taught me how to, anyways!" She huffed out, crossing her arms rather childishly.

Tobu laughed, scratching his cheek from embarrassment. "I suppose I did." He muttered, coughing. "Well, anyways, we're done for today."

"But, when can I get to practice with weapons?" She demanded with a glare on her face. "You were my age when you first learned how to use shuriken's! Dad told me." Hikō stuck her tongue out, Tobu nudging her head gently in amusement.

"True. Don't worry, you'll learn soon enough. As soon as father returns." Tobu noticed Hikō's displeased look, a small pout on her face.

"When is dad coming back?" She asked, almost hesitantly.

Tobu hummed in response, looking up in thought. "I sure he'll be back in a couple more months."

Hikō paused, doing the little addition in her head, before grinning. "So, he'll be back around my birthday?" She bounced on her feet, excited.

"Yup. And guess what I'm getting you for your birthday?"


"You have to guess." Tobu winked, clearly amused at his sister's expression of curiosity and excitement.

"Mm... Uhm! Uhh... A katana?"


"Aww." She whined, falling onto her back in dejection. Hikō rolled off, landing on her feet. "Can you at least teach me how to climb on buildings, like you do?"

"I suppose I can do that. It's about time you learned, anyway. Just in case anything happens..."
Hikō fell silent, blinking, suddenly unsure. "Okay..." She smiled.

September 24th, 1609

"Tobu! It's my birthday!" Tobu woke up to see his sister looming over him. He blinked and yawned, sitting up slowly.
"What time is it?" He asked quietly, glancing out the uncovered window to see the sun barely rising.

"I think... Well, I don't know." Hikō admitted, grin still on her face. Tobu grinned back, and looked around his room briefly. "So, I guess you're here for your present?" He didn't even have to look to see her nod hurriedly, as he lazily got up.

"Okay, here you go," He said, after grabbing the neatly wrapped box from his closet. "Happy birthday, Hikō."

Hikō squealed happily, and quickly unwrapped it. She lifted the top of the box off, and laughed, pulling a fan out. It wasn't an ordinary fan, but made of iron. It had images carved into it, of a butterfly surrounded by many flowers.

Hikō smiled in awe, tracing the edge of the unfolded fan with her finger, earning herself a small cut.
"It's sharp." Warned Tobu.

"Too late for the warning." Hikō stuck her tongue out, wiping the blood off on her kimono, making Tobu shake his head.

"You should get mom to clean that." Tobu said, ruffling Hikō's hair. Hikō rolled her eyes, pushing Tobu's hand away.

"I'm eight now, I know how to fix a little cut. Besides, it already stopped bleeding, see?" Hikō held her finger up, showing that the small cut indeed had already stopped bleeding. Tobu only answered with another ruffle as he picked up the box. "You forgot something." He said, holding the box out to Hikō.

Hikō blinked, and took the box. A small round shaped object lay at the very bottom, wrapped in thin paper. She picked it up, and put the box back down.

Slowly, Hikō unwrapped it, and tossed the wrapping paper to the side carelessly, and stared at the small necklace. It had a silver chair, and hanging from the chain was a butterfly.

"Whoa, thanks!" Hikō exclaimed, unhooking the necklace so she could put it on. "I love it." She grinned, beaming up at her brother. Tobu nodded, a smile still painted on his face. "That's good," He murmured. He watched Hikō swing her fan around, a wide grin playing on her face.

"That's good." He repeated.

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