*This is going to be a normal, no OC story that will be like an episode, but multi-chaptered. Enjoy

It was a bright day in Ponyville. As usual, the day had no flaws, the sky was magnificent. The bright blue sky shone with the light of the sun. Not a cloud was in sight, and flowers bloomed in response to the full sunlight. Meanwhile Fluttershy was frolicking in the flower beds, examining each flower as they bloomed. The smile on her face was wide. She even blushed heavily. A single drop of sweat dripped from her forehead and she wiped it off.

"Wow, it's hot," Fluttershy said with a sigh. "I should get going. I feel as though my energy is being drained from me, like Chrysalis drained Shining Armor," Fluttershy gasped in horror and looked around. She giggled nervously and put her attention back on the path home. "Impossible. Chrysalis was defeated and sent a long ways back to where she came. I guess the heat's just getting to me," She giggled again.

On the way home, Fluttershy found she caught her wing between branches, and started to tug on it.

"Darn thing…come out," Fluttershy said softly. When she tugged hard enough, she rolled into the bushes and hit a leg. "Oh, I'm so sorry, I-"

"Help…me," The black and blue changing queen stood above her, and looked at Fluttershy with almost lifeless eyes. Fluttershy quickly got up, and whimpered nervously. "Fluttershy, please…" The tired, old-looking queen looked drained. It was as if her own powers and life had been drained from her. But how? Nopony had the power to drain magic and love except Chrysalis and changelings. She was the leader of the only kind who could.

"W-what do you want with me?" Fluttershy asked nervously as she backed into a tree. She looked quickly back and whimpered again. Chrysalis stopped her movement, and fell one knee to the muddy dirt. Magic aura surrounded the queen, and quickly faded with a flash.

"My own army…my own kind. They have betrayed me. My husband…I thought he could be an easy target for love, but he got to me before…I…got to him," Chrysalis coughed harshly and continued her story. "I heard you made Discord…believe in the power of friendship," She coughed again. "Teach me that…so that I may rule my kingdom once again,"

"W-why should I trust you?"

"We are all ponies, just in different forms. Please Fluttershy, element of Kindness…help me…" Chrysalis fell to two of her knees, and continued coughing. Fluttershy gingerly thought about the situation and looked with woe upon Queen Chrysalis. If she harbored the Queen of changelings on her own without Celestia's permission, she would be in a lot of trouble. But she couldn't just leave Chrysalis alone…could she? Fluttershy sighed, and gave her hoof to Chrysalis, who gave a shaky smile.

"Thank you…Fluttershy," When Chrysalis motioned her hoof, Fluttershy swept her hoof away. Chrysalis looked at Fluttershy confused. "Why?"

"I…I want to know why I felt drained back there. I want to be sure it's not you,"

"Me? I really look like I can absorb energy now? I…I can't believe you,"

"I can't believe you unless I have proof,"

"Your life isn't being drained now. And that's a good thing. My husband, whom I'll talk more about later, cast a spell that lingers in the air, and contaminates the water. Every single pony that breathes in that air, or drinks that water, will not only be drained of their energy, but serve as his puppets. And it's spreading faster than I'd ever hoped for. Please, Fluttershy…help me,"

Fluttershy gave it some thought. The story was really convincing, but she was trying not to be a pushover anymore. And what Chrysalis said was logical. It made sense, so it had to be real. If it wasn't, everything would be over-exaggerated. But her eyes…that's what caught Fluttershy's attention first. Her eyes told of woe and despair. Fluttershy gulped and picked Chrysalis up. She picked up Chrysalis so that she leaned on her side, and both could walk on the other.

"Are you okay?" Fluttershy asked politely. Chrysalis giggled weakly.

"I guess you could say that. Now that I'm here, I just wanted to say I'm sorry for everything I've done. I know my intentions in the past were bad, but…I promise to stay away from your precious kingdom,"

Fluttershy noticed sarcasm in the changeling queen's voice, and immediately stopped, still in the midst of the trees. Nearby squirrels fled into nearby trees, and Fluttershy looked to Chrysalis.

"That tone…"

"I'm sorry, I've gotten used to it. I apologize,"

"Okay!" Fluttershy said with a smile. She would do the same thing she did with Discord. If Chrysalis was pretending to be in this state, or even being sorry, Fluttershy knew something was up. She wasn't a gullible fool anymore.

By the time the two got to Fluttershy's cottage, Fluttershy was sweating and panting. When she looked at Chrysalis, the world seemed to spin, and she noticed it was night out. She also noticed Chrysalis had whited out, and had gotten a lot heavier. But there was something peculiar about Chrysalis, and Fluttershy didn't notice it until she reached the red front door of her house.

Fluttershy shook her head, and her vision slowly returned to normal. When it did, she saw white spots along Chrysalis' horn.

"Y-you poor mare," Fluttershy said compassionately. "I have to get you to a bed immediately," Fluttershy opened the door and pushed Chrysalis in. Fluttershy took a deep breath in when she saw the stairs, and looked back at Chrysalis' limp, knocked out body.

"Oh, Celestia, that was hard work!" Fluttershy exclaimed when she brought Chrysalis to the top of the stairs. Her breathing had gotten a lot heavier, and she began to see two, no four, again. Fluttershy patiently waited for her vision to return and continued her hospitality for her newest guest. And as a guest, Chrysalis was brought to the guest room, which looked better than Fluttershy's own room. Thanks to Rarity, the room was made 'fabulous' to its every last detail. The pink curtains went wonderfully with the bright yellow paint and ruby-colored bed.

The curtains were made from the finest silk that let just enough sunshine in to soothe the room's mood. But at this time, there was no sun, so the decorative lamp on the side of the bed had to do. It was jeweled, like everything Rarity wanted things to be, but without a lot of jewels. It was bejeweled with just the right amount of emerald, ruby and sapphire.

Fluttershy laid Chrysalis on the bed, and her stomach grumbled. She gasped. "The animals!" She exclaimed quietly. "I forgot to feed the animals!"

Fluttershy galloped quickly to the kitchen, but there were no animals demanding their food. In fact, all of them had been fed, and some were sleeping soundly near their plates of food.

"B-but I don't understand. I never left food out. Or did I? Wait…I can't remember anything from this morning, that's strange. It must be because I'm really tired," Fluttershy yawned and smiled. She went to each small critter and pet them softly. "Good night, little friends. Mommy will be with you in the morning,"

At that, Fluttershy rubbed her wing, and groaned from the slight pain. Tugging on the wing didn't help at all. It fractured a part of her wing bone, and she sighed when she fell into her bed.

What a day. Fluttershy thought to herself.