This was written for the week 4 Endless summer challenge over on Trickyraven. A 500 word drabble... which is soooo much harder than I ever thought. But anyhooo here is my little entry.

The Chase

By LilyAurora


Cursing Bella scrambled over the uneven ground. Fingers clawing at the earth trying to haul herself upright. They were moving quickly through the forest, hair and clothes snagging on branches, skin cut from thorns.

"Not far now," Kim panted, resting for a moment.

Bella reached her first. Emily and Angela close behind.

"I'm so tired." Angela whined.

"It's not far." Kim laughed.

"You sure?" Angela asked eyes scanning the dense forest


Sudden rhythmic pounding stalled their movements. The undeniable sound of paws hitting the forest floor had the girls frantic.

"They can't be here already? We had a head start!" Angela screeched.

"They phased." Bella shouted, pushing at them.

In their hurried effort to gain ground the girls fell over one another, a tangle of limbs.

"Oh my god." Emily laughed. "This was the worst idea ever."

"Well if Kim hadn't argued with Jared, then we wouldn't be in this mess."

"They were being idiots."

"They're always idiots." Angela replied. "But did you really have to challenge them to a race?"

"We are not losing." Kim warned. "So I suggest you shift your arses."

Their howls grew louder as the girls broke through the tree line. The cliff edge not far as they raced towards their target. The pack close on their heels.

"It's a little choppy." Emily shouted out over the wind, scanning the water.

"Is it safe?" Bella asked.

Kim peered over.

"I've jumped in worse." She shrugged.

Angela looked horrified.

"It's perfectly safe Ang. Trust us, we've been doing this for a long time." Emily spoke softly.

"I've never done anything like this before... you know. Dangerous."

"You're imprinted to a shifter. I think Jake would find that insulting." Kim teased.

"Jake's a teddy bear." She smiled. "Bella has the dangerous one."

"Don't drag me into this. Paul can be a handful but underneath he's as soft as a marshmallow."

"With you maybe." Kim laughed.

The teasing was cut short as the thick forest parted easily revealing the huge forms of their wolves.

"Now?" Kim asked, watching the pack slowly creep forward.

"Not yet." Emily replied.

"We're going to lose if we don't hurry." Bella warned squirming in place as her wolf watched her closely.

"Come on Em." Kim called out.

Emily flicked her gaze towards the pack, they were gaining ground; slowly stalking them.

"On three." She whispered.

The wolves behind them growled.

"One... Two... jump!" Emily screamed. Feet moving swiftly. The edge of the cliff beneath her feet then suddenly... nothing.

They screamed in delight, soaring through the air before submerging. Kicking towards the sky they broke free, laughing as they swam towards the shore. The distant clapping lost on the wind. The girls waved, laying in the sand waiting for the boys to join them.

Their gloating would be spectacular.