Hey guys! Silent's Screams here! Hope I am not wasting your time, but I am going to give out the reason why I made this story. Well, at first, it might not sound true, but it is. All of this came from a DREAM I had. I made it out, knowing it would be a great story to share with others. By the way, the girl in this, is me. So, I might name her different; therefore, no need to worry, it isn't your problem, luckily. Anyways, I really hope you enjoy the book, or should I say, MY DREAM!

By the way, IF YOU ARE A FAMILY MEMBER, READER, OR FRIEND, please read this list I have made just for you. My acknowledgments are made by the most important people in my life. You better hope you're one of them!

-Silent's XxX


-First of all, I want to thank God, my Father, the Holy Spirit, and His Son, for giving me the ability to write what I wish. I thank you for this wonderful life I live in. I thank you for your help and Your brilliant wonders.

-I want to thank my family, for being so kind and imaginative. Thank you Mommy for your love, protectiveness, and kindness. Thank you Daddy for taking me to imaginative writings and movies. Thank you Laurynn for being so funny and a great sister.

-Thank you Amaya for writing with me and being such a great friend. You are so loyal, putting up with my weirdness and odd behavior. Thank you for putting me in the right position.

-Thank you Rebekah for your lifelong friendship and loyalty. You are so nice and mean a lot to me. Thank you for staying with me forever and understanding my thoughts and stuff.

-Thank you Arianna for being hilarious and giving me a great laugh about every time. Thanks for being there for me and talking to me when I feel bored, lonely, or just in a corner.

-Thank you Erin Hunter for creating the Warriors and giving me a sign of great knowledge. Thanks for always writing and giving me these great ideas. Thank you for the help of your writing, though, you might not know me.

-Thank you Suzanne Collins for writing the Hunger Games and giving me more great ideas.

-Thank you Mrs. Harshbarger, Mrs. Templeton, and Mrs. Beams for teaching me the proper ways of English. I am so happy I had you as teachers, since I have been given the knowledge I needed from you.

-Thank you Mrs. Hough, Mrs. May, and Mrs. Lipscomb for your math teachings.

-Thank you Abby for always being there for me; though, we do not hang out much, I think you are a great friend.

-Thank you Veronica Roth for always writing the Divergent Trilogy, making it an interesting story to keep up with.

-Thank you J.K. Rowling for writing my first favorite series before the Warriors. I really want to thank you since your movies and books were great and always amazing. I enjoyed symbolizing your story, thinking of the Bible.

-Thank you Amanda for being awesome and allowing me to go shopping.