Hello SoD fans!

Sorry I've gone quiet these past few months, & thank you to everyone who messaged me, asking if I'm okay. I've got good news & bad news. The bad news is that this chapter is nowhere near done, & that is entirely my fault due to stress, writer's block, & a general lack of motivation. The good news is that hopefully, I will have a new inspiration to drive me, in the form of a thesis I'm starting. The subject matter will be on how fanfiction reading, writing, & reviewing positively affects students' writing ability & increases confidence, & I plan to draw very heavily on my experiences in writing Savior of Demons. I'm just in the preliminary stages, so I don't know if I'll be able to use external sources from other fic writers, but if possible, I'd love to include my fellow authors in this endeavor. I'll probably put an announcement out on DeviantArt & in the SoD Special Forum if I need sources, so stay tuned for that. Saucemonkey, Elbadj, & Devilman are all academically stressed right now too, so writing SoD is slow-going given our schedules & real world responsibilities. I assure you though that I'm not going to abandon this story, & I only want to post the best-quality chapters. If that means this one is late, so be it. I know you all have patience & faith in me, so I'll hopefully see you at the next deadline with a chapter that'll blow you away.

- Rocket