Hello my readers! Rather than wait until the end of August, I'm providing a short courtesy update now. Due to some health issues, & a need to fully refine future story arcs, Savior of Demons is going to go on a (hopefully short) hiatus into the creative Room of Spirit & Time. Need to hash out some plot elements & story-building with my ever-patient & supportive team, & I also need to take some time to relax & take the pressure off. Due to my health I've not been in an optimal state for writing lately, & my chronic pain means that it's hard to concentrate, sit at a computer, & type for long stretches. I don't want the quality of SoD to suffer because of my health, because Savior of Demons is the only thing I've ever done in life, for myself, that I'm proud of. I'd rather not write it at all than risk jeopardizing that. I know that my readers not only expect, but deserve, my best quality of writing, & I know that you'll be here waiting when I'm feeling better & I have a brand-new chapter. Until then, take care, & remember not to post replies as "reviews" here - you won't be able to edit it for when I post the actual chapter! You can PM me or send me a Note on DeviantArt if you want, but I just want to reiterate that I'm not quitting, I'm not going anywhere, & I am always grateful for the support of my readers. See you in the future!