Hello my loyal fans & readers!

Today marks the anniversary of Savior of Demons, & I couldn't be more grateful that there are still people who read & care about this story. Though Frieza's journey isn't over yet, I have had to take an extended hiatus due to stress & health issues. I just wanted to update you all & let you know that I am still alive, even if some days my chronic pain makes me wish I weren't. Thank you for all your concern & well wishes over the months I've been absent. I still don't feel like I'm ready to return & deliver the same quality of writing you deserve, so I will implore you to continue to be patient. I have many great ideas for future adventures mapped out & plotted, so SoD is far from done. It's just that in writing it, going from rough concept to polished finished product, I've been feeling a bit burnt out. Until I can feel refreshed & excited about writing for DBZ again, I don't want to force myself.

In the interim I've become enamored with the Dark Crystal fandom, so to keep my writing skills sharp, I'm doing some drabbles & roleplaying for that. Also some art, if you've been following my DeviantArt. I'll post my first fanfiction for that later, because at the moment I'm suffering a debilitating headache from my muscle spasms.

In closing, I feel like I need some people who are passionate about Savior of Demons to help me rekindle my obsession. With life lately my editors haven't had the time or energy to motivate me, & as an author, that's what I enjoy the most— being able to get excited, brainstorm, bounce ideas off of a team, & weave a truly masterful story, one I could never produce on my own. If you're interested, please PM me. When I get back to writing SoD again, I want to bolster my creative team, & where better to find fresh talent for potential collaborators than my beloved readership?