Just another quick one from Tyler and there will be more from the others I promise


Someone had attempted to stab his heart through the gap in his armour at the armpit but the thrust must have been misplaced as it had only caused a gash in his armpit and shoulder blade. Nevertheless the screams of his pain filled Tyler's ears as he and Loras dragged him back behind the lines and propped him against a tree. Garlan Tyrell began struggling when he saw a soldier bring the hot poker that Tyler had shouted for. Garlan was strong but together Tyler and Loras succeeded in holding enough of him down to singe the wound and speed its closing up. Loras whispered to his brother to be strong all the while. Loras began unravelling some cloth to use as a bandage but Tyler grabbed his scruff and dragged him off of his brother.

"The battle is still undecided. The men will fight better if they can see you in the thick of it! GO!" Tyler yelled at the angry looking boy. Loras was covered in blood and it made him seem much more like the warrior of his reputation than he had back at the capital. Tyler had fought beside him against Tywin in four different battles already and each one became harder and harder. When they arrived in the riverlands Tywin had already had plenty of time to place his forces in strategically placed positions and Renly's host was often fighting its way out of an ambush. In three of those four battles Tyler had lead charges that made the difference and Ser Loras had done the other now Loras would have another to add to his belt as there was no way they could overcome the enemy that had surrounded them on almost all sides.

Tyler washed away the dried blood from Garlan's wound and instantly dried it with the cloth that Loras had. Tyler ripped the bottom of his cloak and pinched Garlan's gash together before securing the ripped cloth and tightening it over the wound. Garlan grunted and cursed all the while and Tyler merely chuckled as he spat curses at him. These knights of the reach were not as hearty as they would have the rest of the realm believe and now Tyler had seen it firsthand. He in part regretted coming here but for all the Tyrell's uselessness when it came to strategy and their pigheadedness when it came to taking advice they were not the Starks and Tyler felt as though he needed a break from his masters. All in all he missed Jon though, Jon was the reason he became involved with the Starks in the first place and now it felt as though he had seen all of them more than he had seen him. They had caught up when Tyler had left Tyrion the first time back at the other camp and Jon had talked of all the things he had been doing, he seemed like a man living in a dream, he and Ghost had earned a big reputation in the camp fighting alongside Robb and Grey Wind. The Wolf Brothers were becoming a famous fighting duo told of throughout the realm and it made Tyler chuckle every time he thought of it. He often wondered how Lady Catelyn felt sitting in Riverrun hearing of her son bonding on the battlefield with his bastard brother.

Tyler suddenly heard war horns that did not sound all that close, he scanned the battle in front of him and began limping towards the men fighting but saw no retreat or no new development in either side's strategies. He saw some of the men look up when the horn blasted again and Tyler looked to his left to see Ghost bundling out of the tree line next to them and absolutely pummelling into a Lannister on his horse tackling him to the ground and tearing out his throat for giving a triumphant howl that chilled the blood of near everyone present. Next came the riders with Jon Snow at the head, men came streaming out in packs and they plummeted into the side of the Lannisters lines and Tyler saw Tywin signal retreat from behind his army and the westerlands men ran away. Loras Tyrell took a large portion of men and stole riderless horses and gave pursuit to the fleeing men.

"JON!" Tyler called.

Ghost found him first, he had been dispatching wounded Lannisters when Tyler shouted and recognising his voice the large direwolf bounded into sprint and tackled Tyler to the floor, Ghost rubbed his head into Tyler's neck and tried licking his face. Tyler pushed himself away to avoid the half blood half slobber present that Ghost was trying to give him. Jon was half sprinting to where he stood and the two boys hugged tightly. All the men who had sat down to rest cheered when they saw it and Tyler held Jon's hand up high for everyone to see.

"Robb sent his best man to save us!" Tyler screamed. "JON SNOW!"

"JON SNOW! JON SNOW! JON SNOW!" The men all chanted rhythmically.

Jon grinned widely and waved to the men. Ghost sat at his feet and howled loudly with the men. As it died down Jon grabbed Tyler's shoulder. "Let's talk."

"Too good for the men now are you?" Tyler teased. "Come help clear the dead and when the men are released. Then we can talk till your ears fall off."

Jon chuckled and they walked towards the battleground.

"How long is the march to the next village?" Jon asked as they sat down in his tent back at the camp a few hours later, dusk had already begun to settle and Tyler had been provided with food and drink. Jon decided he would share his quarters and leave his command tent for the men who helped the most during the clean up of the battleground. They had both just washed and finished with the rest of the chores for the day. As they sat they breathed out to express their exhausted state.

"Should only be a quarter of a day really. Renly will find a way to make it longer however. He always does." Tyler said sipping the wine in front of him.

"Yes we have already heard of Renly and his time wasting back at Robb's camp. You should hear some of the jokes they tell Tyler, absolutely hilarious." Jon said with a chuckle. "They talk about you there too; they say Renly and Mace would be long dead already if it weren't for you and Loras."

"I hate to blow my own trumpet, but I am afraid they are right. Either me or Loras has had to fight like a madman each battle to inspire the troops to clear enough space for us to flee." Tyler said tiredly. "You'd think they would do it naturally if they knew they'd die if they didn't. I am not embarrassed to tell you Jon that you showed up at the right moment. I had almost had my fill of this damned army."

"Why is that?" Jon asked.

"Renly brought me as an advisor for battle strategy and as a hero of the war who would inspire his men." Tyler said amused. "But because I only brought a handful of sellswords with me and the Tyrell's have soldiers galore I am overruled almost every time in the war council. I have even stopped bothering to go now. The Tyrell's were not happy that I was making better decisions than them so they began some petty game to try and win Renly's favour. I do not play games in the midst of a war unless it is at night with a mug of ale in my hand."

Jon chuckled. "A wise choice, on that subject Tyrion sends his regards, asks if you think the name Snowcock would be suitable for your lands." He said laughing, Tyler burst out laughing also.

"He is right though, the shape of the land that Robb gave me looks strangely like a penis with balls. Did you see it?" Tyler asked between chuckles.

"No, but I'll take your word for it thank you very much." Jon said. "Oh shit I almost forgot! You can come in!" He called outside.

Tyler's tent flap opened and he saw a wide-shouldered, dark-haired boy roughly of an age with him and with a strong and silent look to him. His eyes were fixed to the floor and his strong arms were behind his back politely. It was clear that the boy was low-born. Then something hit him.

"Who are you?" He asked sternly.

"Gendry m'lord, Gendry Waters, I was a smith's apprentice in the city..." He began choking on his words.

"Father says that this is your new squire." Jon said leaning back smiling.

"Explain to me why he is the spitting image of a slightly younger Renly." Tyler said, his temper rising.

"Calm yourself brother, nothing malicious here I swear it. Tell Tyler what my father told you Gendry." Jon said casually.

"Lord Regent Eddard Stark told me that I was the bastard son of King Robert Baratheon the first of his name. He asked if I wanted to be a king or a knight or dead and said there were no other options so I said knight." Gendry said quietly and with an embarrassed look on his face.

"Why dead?" Tyler asked confused.

"Lord Stannis. Or King Stannis soon, I believe the trial was yesterday no doubt word will reach us of it soon." Jon said, almost excitedly.

"Good words I hope." Tyler said before returning his attention to Gendry Waters. "You want to be my squire?"

"I've heard about you m'lord. It will be interesting as long as I can still smith later on in life." Gendry said determinedly.

"Not an issue." Tyler said with a broad smile. "Welcome to my service, now pour yourself a drink." Gendry sat down next to Jon and poured a full mug of wine. "Your first test is to see the limits of your drinking capabilities and see if we can't improve them. Now bottoms up."

Jon was chuckling as Gendry threw back the mug of wine and struggled to get it all down, some splashing onto the front of his tunic. He finished and gave a long burp and fought for his breath. "Not too bad." Jon commented.

Tyler chuckled. "Aye even better than when I met you."

Jon chuckled and Gendry grinned. "Hey, it's not there too look at Gendry, pour another." Jon said.

"Am I your squire too now?" Gendry joked as he filled his mug again.

Tyler laughed. "May as well be, consider it a package deal, two for the price of one."

"He isn't a knight though." Gendry pointed out, he looked at Jon quickly. "No offence."

"I think we all know here that it is rare for a bastard to be knighted by pompous high lords, unless you're a good little golden boy like Ser Snowblade here." Jon said, patting his shoulder.

Tyler pounced off his seat and wrestled with Jon, they went crashing from the couch and Tyler ended up on top of him, he threw playfully weighted punches into his ribs and arms and Jon laughed as he squirmed and struggled under him.

A man outside the tent cleared his throat. "Ser Tyler, Lord Renly commands your present in the command tent right away. Is Commander Snow in there with you also?"

Jon laughed. "Aye, and my name is Jon not commander."

"Lord Renly requests your presence also Jon Snow." The squire said dutifully.

Tyler stood. "Notice how he demands me presence and requests yours?"

Jon chuckled. "He likes me better, just please remain calm while we are in there."

"I can do that." Tyler said grudgingly.

The command tent was filled with gifts and luxuries, it looked more like a small ball room for a masquerade or some other type of celebration. Renly stood by his chair at the head of a table and everyone around it clamoured to be heard by him and Renly stood frustrated and on edge. Tyler could see it in his clenched fists and his angry eyes.

"Excuse me." Tyler said loudly, but no one heard him over the rabble.

He saw that Gendry had a hammer at his belt and he chuckled to Jon. He indicated to Gendry and whispered in his ear quickly. Gendry pulled the hammer out raised it high and smashed it against the top of the solid wooden table. Silence followed instantly and Tyler smiled.

"Thank you, I was finding it slightly hard to hear." Tyler sat down at the end seat of the table and Jon and Gendry stood either side of him.

"Is there a reason for your interruption?" Garlan asked annoyed.

"Aye, I wanted to let Renly know I was here as he sent for me and Jon and I thought it better that we each speak to the poor man one at a time, unless you prefer getting absolutely nothing done whatsoever in which case please all of you speak in unison again it is most entertaining." He said bitterly.

"Thank you for coming Ser Tyler." Renly began slowly. "I know the previous weeks have been difficult for you in terms of war councils but this does not concern the war. I know that you think you could be doing better with this army but in me and Lord Tyrell's absence I am going to appoint his son Garlan to command the army until I return."

"You are leaving?" Tyler asked suddenly.

"I would've thought everyone in camp knew by now." Renly said chuckling. "Stannis has been destroyed in single combat by the Kingslayer. Jaime Lannister has been declared innocent by the gods. The High Septon discovered poison on Stannis' blade, he tried to win through treachery and deceit. The realm has made an enemy out of him and has begun talking about their new King." He said, his eyes wide with astonishment.

"I see." Jon said simply, thinking deeply to himself.

"I wish you safe travel my lord." Tyler said, rising instantly and turning to leave.

"You will not protest?" Renly called out after him.

"If Garlan does not ride us to our death I will not protest." Tyler said casually before leaving the command tent.

As he strode out into the afternoon sun he was caked by warm light and his blood felt like it was being recharged. Jon and Gendry hurried out to follow him and Tyler chuckled when he saw them.

"See, a complete waste of time even going." He complained. "This isn't an army it's pack of idiots whose bark is too big for their bite. Come on, let's go get drunk."

Tyler lead the two boys back to the tent and they managed to relax once again. Gendry poured all three of them wine and sat down to play with Ghost. Jon took out his sword and began running a whetstone down the edge gently and smoothly. Tyler sat by a chair by the fire and stoked it up playing with the fire poker. Garlan being raised to command had put him on edge and the other two could obviously see it. It was not as if Tyler wanted the command himself it was just that Garlan had proven to be headstrong and ignorant to dangers, he was not brave; merely stupid. He, like everyone else in this army seemed to do, underestimated Tywin Lannister and if they did not begin to see it they would become too weak and vulnerable to defeat him. Tyler already feared that their numbers had dwindled too low.

"Garlan will ruin us." Tyler said suddenly, and quietly.

"What makes you say that?" Jon asked curiously, Gendry looked up at him with an interested look on his face.

"Garlan will no doubt come up with some foolhardy strategy to tempt Tywin to our flank by placing me there, he has suggested it already. He cares not about the fact that we also have foes behind us and I have been with the rearguard since the beginning, the other men will not know what it is like, Bronn and the sellswords do." Tyler said anxiously.

"What would you propose?" Jon asked seriously.

"That we do what he says, you will be with me. He will want the two of us, he knows that Robb will stop at nothing to rescue us, it will be his hope. Give Loras the north men and let him cover the rear guard." Tyler added instantly. "We will tell Garlan about this plan like I came up with it from his genius idea, we will appeal to his ego and he will no doubt be amiable and take all the credit. We will be on the left flank with Reach men and he will circle around to close on them when they attack us. When we have a large bunch trapped I will position Bronn and the sellswords where they can come from behind and swarm them."

Gendry chuckled, Jon looked at him and grinned back at Tyler. "I think I agree with Gendry."

"It is settled then?" Tyler asked and they both nodded. "You ready for a fight Gendry?"

"I've had a bit of practise with a sword here and there. If a man tries to kill me I'm going to do all in my power to stop him don't worry." He said gruffly, crouching by the fire.

"Good man." Tyler said, grasping his shoulder. "Best get my armour cleaned eh? One of the best jobs of being a squire." Tyler joked.

Jon leaned back in his chair and glared at him "Speaking of which, how did you get that armour?"

"Ned hired Tobho Mott to make it for me when he decided to knight me. Sansa and Ned came up with the sigil, I didn't complain." Tyler said shrugging.

"I worked for Tobho Mott." Gendry said suddenly.

"Did you help make this?" Tyler said as Gendry ran his hand over the armour and inspected the markings.

"No. But I seen him making it himself. He worked like a beaver on this." Gendry looked at Jon. "Mott respected your father, as does the rest of the city, and as do I."

"Thank you Gendry." Jon said gratefully.

Jon suddenly seemed confused. "Did you say Sansa made the sigil?"

"Her and Ned designed it and she made the first one, the one on my cloak." Tyler explained.

"Did she ask to do this?" Jon said with a smile on his face.

"Aye, and Septa Mordane said that she was gifted so I was honoured to let her do that." Tyler said vaguely. Please gods don't let me give it away.

He gave Tyler a sly grin. "When I was working for Varys in the capital, before you showed up this is, she would always ask me about you and talk about you. In all the years I have grown up with her she's hardly bothered to say four words to me. And then all of a sudden you come along and she's a chatterbox. Sansa comes home one day in tears, the next day we learn that you've beat Joffrey's pretty face to broken pulp. After that she's as cheerful as a rainbow father said in his messages. Now she feels the need to offer her services in making the sigil that will be used by your house from this time until the end of time." Jon chuckled loudly, He started pointing imaginary dots in the air. "See those dots?" He moved his finger around in the air. "This is them all connecting in my head."

Gendry laughed aloud and Tyler's face fell into his hands.