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Raven just stood there in the Common Room dumbfounded. 'What just happened?' she kept repeating in her mind. She could think of no logical answer as she slowly sat down on the couch. One word, more like name, came into her mind, 'Rosie.' Raven already didn't like her and she barely knew her.

'Maybe it's cause she's out there trying to steal your man while your just sitting here not doing anything about it!' Love shouted at her from inside her mind.

'Ain't nobody gonna steal my man!' Rage shouted...wait Rage? Oh yeah fangirl thing Raven reminded herself.

But they were right, how long has he even know this girl? Like a couple hours and he was already taking her on a date; for all he knows she could be a villain or something! Raven got up and walk to the door if anyone was going to find out what was going on it was going to be her.


Raven flew in to the sky over the bay. She kept an eye out for anything that was green and moving. Finally she saw them walking towards the park.

'Figured he'd take her there,' Raven thought to herself as she landed near the park.

She started walking behind them when a thought suddenly occurred to her. What if they see her? What was she going to say, 'Hi I know we just met and I'm following you on your date but I don't trust you, but back away from the boy and everything will be okay'? I can't do that! She'd think I'm crazy and Beast Boy would hate me for ruining his date.

'Nope, can't think of that,' Raven thought, 'I have to stop this...this...madness!'

Raven kept on following them until they stopped to get ice cream. Beast Boy brought a shake and they sat on a bench and shared it; all while Raven was hiding behind a tree trying not to throw up. 'That's disgusting,' Raven thought as she watched them, even though she was secretly wishing that it was her there instead of Rosie.

Then Rosie and Beast Boy sated talking, but Raven couldn't hear what they said. Raven started inching closer to them by moving to another tree. She suddenly realized that she couldn't hear their voices anymore and looked past the tree at them. Her eyes widened when she saw Beast Boy and Rosie kissing.

Beast Boy and Rosie...kissing.

And it wasn't some innocent peck on the lips, it was a full-out make out session. Raven's eyes nearly popped out of her head, "Oh...my...God..."

All of the sudden the ice cream cart exploded making ice cream rain everywhere, especially on a certain two people who were just engaged in very...ahem...sloppy lip contact.

"Ahh! What the hell?!" Beast Boy screamed as he felt the cold sweet substance hit his head. He looked around and saw almost everything covered in ice cream. He saw the overturned ice cream cart and the lid somewhere in the distance. He also saw a certain person clad in a blue cloak trying to leave the scene. He looked back at Rosie, 'I'll be right back,' he said. 'Okay,' she said trying to get vanilla ice cream out of her hair.

Beast Boy ran up to the girl and turned her around. "Raven, what are you doing here? And why did the ice cream cart explode? And why do you look completely pissed off?" He asked trying to get as much information as possible. Suddenly something clicked in his head. "Raven, were you spying on me and Rosie?" Raven's eyes tried to look anywhere but at him. "Raven, answer me," he pressed. Raven sighed, "Yes, I was spying on your date with Rosie," she answered quietly.

"Why?" Beast Boy asked softly.
"It's nothing, forget it," Raven said trying to get out of Beast Boy's grasp.
A sly grin came across his face, "Are you jealous?"
"Jealous of what?"
"Me and Rosie."
Raven scoffed, "Yeah right, jealous of you and Rosie, funny."

"Why's that funny?" Beast Boy asked. "Because why would I be jealous of her? Cause she has you as a boyfriend? I don't think so."
"And whats wrong with having me as a boyfriend?" he asked. Raven glared at him,"Okay well,for one your stupid jokes. Your sickening always happy attitude. You're always annoying me when I'm trying to read or do something. And the list goes on," she finished. Raven soon regretted everything she just said when she looked at his face. His ears drooped and his shoulders slouched a bit. She really didn't mean anything she said but she was just so mad at him it just slipped.

She sighed, "Look Beast Boy I didn-"
"Save it, I know what you meant," he interrupted, "just go."
Raven felt bad but she did as he said and left.


"Ugh! Why do I have to mess everything up?!" Raven screamed in her mind, "The one boy who could have actually liked me, now probably hates me!"
"Friend Raven, why are you breaking things with your powers," Starfire asked. Raven turned around and looked around at the room; lamps were on the ground, broken, books thrown across the room, and the couch was literally in two. "I'm sorry Starfire it's just that something happened that upset me," Raven said as she started picking things up. "What has made you so upset, friend?" Starfire asked.

Raven looked at Starfire. She was one of her best friends; she could tell her anything, right? "Okay Starfire I'll tell you, but have to promise that you won't tell anyone, got it?" Raven said narrowing her eyes, "Not even Robin," she added. "Yes, friend I promise, now please tell me what has made you so upset."

Raven took a deep breath and told her everything about her liking Beast Boy, realizing it, asking her emotions (she left out the part about Rage fangirling), and spying on his date with Rosie. "And then he told me to leave and now we're here," Raven said finishing her explanation. They sat there for a moment in silence as Starfire absorbed all this new information. "OH, FRIEND THIS IS GLORIOUS! NOW WE CANT DO THE DOUBLE DATING, AND YOU CAN DO THE GOING OF OUT!" Starfire exclaimed, flying around the room. Raven's eyes widened, "What? No did you not just hear that he possibly hates me now?"

Starfire landed in front of Raven, "Oh right, what shall we do?"
"Well I was thinking about that, and I want you to give me a makeover."
"A makeover? But why?" Starfire asked.
"Because I want Beast Boy to see what he's missing while he's out with Rosie," Raven said with a smirk, "but don't go overboard okay?"
"Oh yes, Friend Raven, I already know what I want to do," Satrfire exclaimed as she grabbed Raven and pulled her into her own room.

'Oh boy,' Raven thought as Starfire started pulling out her various make up tools.

An Hour Later...

"Okay, your makeover is complete," Starfire said with a smile, "would you like to see yourself?"
Raven nodded and went to the mirror.