Hey guys! Super excited with this story. Going to be my first TMNT fanfics on this site! Now, I have been writing fanfics for a little while, but this is the first story that I've ever actually considered posting.

This story is based off the new 2012-13 Nickelodeon version of TMNT. Which involves that Splinter used to be human, but was changed into a rat due to mutation, along with the four baby turtles that he had just got from a pet store.

This story is a dream I had a few weeks ago, and I thought I would try to make it into a fanfic :D


I've seen weird things.

Things I wish sometimes that I had never seen before. Countless moments in my life I wish I could just erase my existence, or go back and change my choices.

On this faithful day however, my life changed, forever.

Was everything that came out of it bad? No.

I gained something very precious this day. Something that I would never in a million years regret, even if my world was turn upside down because of it.

The day had started out as any normal one. A struggle to survive.

I'm not a fan of stealing, but with the way I lived, it was the only option. I was a street rat. I had been since I was 13 and lost both of my parents.

I admit that living in the streets of New York wasn't that bad. Plenty of food and other things got thrown away everyday, without a care in the world. It was the gangs and other crooks you had to look out for.

The oh so wise, 18 year old, young adult, I was though, made me prepared for what they had in store. It wasn't all that hard to avoid them anyhow.

You just had to stay close to the shadows, not get involved in their business and act calm if you so happened to pass them It was a piece of cake.

Yeah, for a street rat, I was doing pretty okay. At the moment, I even had what you could call a 'home'. It was abandoned, no one ever went there, and it was quite.

Sometimes a little too quite.

I admit to feeling lonely sometimes with the life I live. Having not a friend in the world and no family since I was 13, who wouldn't be lonely?

Little did I know at the time, that all of that was going to change.

All because of a man named Hamato Yoshi, and four little turtles.


Now I'm not proud of how it happened. I just stood there and watched, too baffled to lift a finger.

Hey, don't look at me like that. What would you do if you suddenly saw weird un-human like men with glowing eyes attacking another man holding four little turtles?

Oh wait a minute; I'm getting ahead of myself!

Hello there, my name is Arinna. I don't' really have a last name. Or, it's more like; I don't like my last name. So I don't use it.

I live in lovely New York City, mainly sleeping in trash bins, under bridges. The usual stuff homeless people do.

I was making my normal route I do to try and score some breakfast. You see, Mr. Jonet, the owner of Jonet Pizza by that old pet store always throws out his old Pizza from the night before. We've made this sort of deal though.

He keeps the pizza as fresh as he can for me, as long as I promise to be on the look out for any of the purple dragons in the area. It turns out Mr. Jonet had this old fight once with some of the members, and they swore to destroy his store for revenge.

I'm pretty good at going un-noticed, so when I see them coming, I give Mr. Jonet a warning and he handles the rest. Some nights are different then others. I heard once that he actually just pulled his gun out on one the Purple Dragons and scared them off. Not sure if it is true since he usually just calls the police if they get close.

Once he does, they go running.

Since that has started, the Police make a regular stop at his store to check things out, and score a few pieces of pizza from time to time.

I didn't really have anything planned that day, as usual, so I took my box of pizza, stuffed it in my bag, and walked around. Exploring is what you could call it I guess. Sometimes I feel that I could walk over all of New York and still find something new around the next corner.

It was just that big of a place! It had a lot of nice views too. As well as some odd ones.

Like a human man changing into a rat. That was definitely a new for me.

Oh sorry, you're probably confused about what I mean. You see, after I picked up my pizza and started walking around, I saw this man with a container walk out of the pet store by Mr. Jonet's Pizza place.

I wasn't really thinking much of it, other than how cute those four baby turtles were. I was just going to pass the man and keep going, when I saw this tall guy in a black suit bump into him.

The man with the turtles paused and watched the man, who hadn't even said excuse me (normal New York custom, just so you are aware).

I don't know what was going threw the turtles guys mind because he stopped walking, and started to follow the suit guy. Why would he do that? I don't know. Perhaps he wanted an apology of some sort.

I felt that wasn't the case though.

Now, through all my times I spent on the streets, I've learned two things.

Number one, nothing about this city is very fair. You have to make due with what you get.

And number two, you must learn to let things go and not get involved, unless you want yourself to wind up in the nearest hospital… or worst.

I had learned that lesson the hard way. Sure, I didn't always follow my two lessons and got involved in things I shouldn't, but there were sometimes even I knew when I should just back off. Like following a large man in a suit because he bumped into you.

That was something I could easily let go. This turtle man apparently could not.

Although I was walking in the same direction as the Turtle man/suit man, I felt hesitant. Perhaps I should turn around and try the other way?

The feeling in my heart though, told me to keep moving forward, follow both of the men, and see what would happen.

And when your heart tells you to do something, you should listen to it. So follow them I did.

I followed them for at least ten minutes, trying to make it seem as if I was just looking at the stores. Sticking right on their tail would do no good, so I trailed behind, barely keeping them in my view.

We turned down a few alleys, till we were no longer in the sight of the streets. In one of the alleys, the man in the black suit stopped, meeting up with a man who, I swear, looked his identical twin! All the way down to the black suit.

Anyway, the turtle man stopped right before entering the alleyway, barely looking around the corner to see what was happening within.

I stopped, only a bit away from them as well, hiding behind a trash bin. I wonder if it looked odd to some people who might see me.

I couldn't see much of what the well-dressed men were doing, but I gasped when the man with the turtles took a small step forward, accidentally stepping on a rat's tail.

The rat squeaked loudly, causing the man to lift his foot in surprise. In a panic the rat jumped forward, jumping onto the Turtles Man's foot before fleeing.

That wasn't the worse of turtle man's problems. It seemed the man Turtle Man had been following had heard him.

Turtle Man blinked in shock as the two suited men turned to him, their eyes glowing.

"This place is not a place where you are allowed to be in this place." The Turtle Man gasped as the two suited guys approached him. Looking over his shoulder for a way to escape, two more appeared, looming over him, blocking his only escape route.

I wasn't even sure where they had come from, but they were there. And did I mention they were talking really weird?

"We have been seen in this place by you. So this is not a place that shall be left by you."

The Turtle Man, looking panicked at first, closed his eyes as the four well dressed, almost stone like, men approached him.

Something inside him must have snapped for when one got close enough, Turtle Man lashed out, kicking him across the alley to smack against the wall.

A fight had broken out! I had to do something!

Just as the thoughts ran threw my mind, the man with the turtles reacted quickly.

He must have been some ninja master or something because the moves and fight stances he made were so quick, and so cool; it could be the only explanation. With only one hand, the other currently occupied by holding the container of turtles, the Ninja Turtle Man (Yes I keep changing his name, for I do not know is true name at this point) beat the four men easily.

Whirling around, the Ninja Turtle Man punched another of the suited men in the face, knocking the glowing green vile from it's grip. It flew into the air, crashing down and spraying its contents everywhere.

It had only barely touched the Ninja Turtle Man's skin before he began to scream. Whether from pain or shock, I wasn't sure.

Dropping the container he was holding, it fell to the ground, crashing into millions of pieces, the turtles flying about.

The Ninja Turtle Man gripped his head as his body twisted and turned in awful angles, his skin and face changing. I felt myself gasp at the sight.

He changed. Right before my eyes, this man had changed from a human, into a large rat.

His cloths ripped at the transformation, his mouth releasing a horrid bellow.

I didn't know what to think. How to react! Should I scream? Run for help?


If anyone needed that right now… it was the man- or, rat, right in front of me.

Now, if you thought that was bad, it got worst. The little turtles that the Ninja Turtle Man dropped, they too had touched that weird ooze. It seconds of touching their bodies, they began to morph, just as the Ninja Turtle Man had!

This transformation was different. Instead of changing into something else, the turtles began to grow. Those tiny little turtles, not more then a few inches long/tall, had grown into the size of infants!

This day just couldn't get weirder! Though as soon as I thought that, I knew it was just the beginning.

It also didn't help that I subconsciously took a step back, hitting the heel of my foot against a can.

Hearing the sound, the Ninja Turtle Rat Man (yes, another change of name) turned to me, his eyes wide with confusion… and fear. We stared at each other, neither of us sure how to react, or what to say.

Breaking eye contact, I looked to the ground, careful to avoid the strange ooze at all cost. I could only assume it was the ooze that had caused the man's transformation.

Below me, the small turtles that the man had been carrying had begun to stir.

What in the world was happening?!

"What… has happened to me?" I jumped when Ninja Turtle Rat Man spoke.

Looking up at him, and blinked rapidly, my words caught in my throat.

How do you tell a guy that he turned into a Rat man in a calm and collected manner?

I never got a change ever try to answer him when the four suited men rose to their feet surrounding both of us.

So much for not getting involved, Arinna.

"This place is not a place where you are allowed to be in this place. You have now become what you were not allowed to become for you were in this place, which is the place you are not allowed to be."

"Uh… what?" I frowned, looking at the four men wearily. Were these guys quadruplets or something, they all looked exactly the same!

As one began to reach for me, I ducked down, barely avoiding his grasps as the other three rushed for Ninja Turtle Rat Man.

The Rat man growled, knocking all of them down with a swing of his long tail.

Well, he can adapt fast.

"Whoa." I gasped as the sight. That was cool.

"Do not resist Kraang. Kraang who is me, must not be resisted by you, for I am Kraang." The man made another grab for me.

Ducking to the left, I blinked in confusion. "What? You're not making any sense weird… uh, Kraang Guy!" I exclaimed.

Jumping forward, the man, Kraang or whatever, grabbed my arm, yanking me back.

I winced at the tight, almost bone breaking grip. "Let me go!" I demanded, kicking at him. I yelped in pain when it felt my foot came in contact with not human flesh, but hard metal. Hoping on one foot, I looked at the Kraang guy in shock. "What… What are you?" I stammered.

Should I scream for help? What would that help with? Sure it might scare the guys off or something, but what about Ninja Turtle Rat Man? Or uh… maybe I should just call him Rat man?

If the police saw him, he could be taken away and experimented on!

Narrowing my eyes I reached forward, grabbing the man's arm with my own free one.

"Let. Go. Of. ME!" I screamed flipping him over my shoulder. When the Kraang guy hit the ground, his grip loosened enough for my to slip free.

Stepping back, I watched the man lift himself off the ground. As I backed up, I didn't realize that I had backed up right into the Rat man. Looking over his shoulder at me, we blinked at each other.


Well, that was lame Arinna. Surrounded by four oddly strong, yet well-dressed men, with your only alley being a rat, and the best thing you say, is 'Hi'?

"…Greetings." The rat man nodded back, turning back to the fight at hand.

We were prepared to fight our way out of this. I didn't know much of fighting besides the defensive basics, but I could at least back Rat Man up.

We were lucky that the fight didn't continue far after that.

The battle had stopped when behind me; sirens could be heard from the streets. I wasn't sure if the sirens were heading towards us or not, but it seemed enough to make our enemies pause.

The four quadruplets look at each other, one speaking up, "The Kraang, which is we can not be seen by them, which are approaching, who will see Kraang, who is here."

I could just feel the English language crashing down before me.

Without another word, the four identical looking men rushed out of the alley, leaving me alone with the Rat man.

Looking over my shoulder to him, he blinked.

"Uh…" I trailed off, not sure what to say. "Are you… alright?" I asked slowly, moving away from him.

Hesitant, he nodded. "Yes. I am unharmed. Are you as well Ms.?"

"…Yeah." I rubbed my upper arm that was soar. That guy sure did have a grip.

"We heard some crashing down that way Sir!" I could hear a women yell from towards the streets. Someone must have called the police hearing all the yelling and crashing from the little fight just now. Looking back towards the street I gasped when I turned around to see the Rat man backing up.

"Wait-" I wanted to call out but, he turned away. In a moment of hesitation, he looked to a few small turtles that had been caught in the ooze.

They had changed with him, and he must have felt responsible or something, fore in a quick rush he scooped them up into his arms.

I didn't understand it at the time what this man was running from. He did no wrong.

Thinking back to it though, it was for the best that he ran and dove for the nearest entrance, a manhole, into the sewers.

If the police, or anyone had seen him, and not know the reason why he was like this, it would cause a panic.

So the rat man disappeared, leaving me in the silence of the after battle. I heard once that it was before and after the battle that everything was still.

And it was a little too still for my liking. Fore just as swiftly as the whole situation had occurred, the Rat Man disappeared into the sewers with the small turtles. It had only been 5 minutes, yet all of this was happening.

"I should just mind my own business. Just go on with my own life and forget any of this ever happened. I am probably crazy anyway and imagined the whole thing." I thought grimly, hoping that the ooze in front of me would just disappear like the rat did.

But just when I turned to leave the alleyway before anyone could see me, something soft, like a… whimper, caught my attention.

Looking back, my eyes caught sight of a small trail of ooze that lead a little away from the original spill.

My breath caught in my throat at the sight of a small, baby turtle, squirming wildly around the trashcans.

Stuck on it's back and unable to get up, the baby had no other choice but to cry out softly, and hope someone would come to rescue it.

The once man, now rat, had forgotten one!

In it's panic and rush, I didn't blame that poor guy, but… NOW WHAT DO I DO?!

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