My first ever humorous fic. It was for a challenge, which is why the word marry is repeated so much. That was one of the requirements. I also don't own Andromeda, although I wish I did.

Dylan entered Command Deck. Harper was doing repairs. Tyr and Rommie were coordinating a weapons check and Beka was just doing her regular shift. Dylan walked straight over to her and presented her with a single pink rose. "For you, my love."

Harper burst out laughing. "Oh, is Dylan getting all soft and sentimental-Uhh." Rommie had slapped a hand over his mouth.

Beka glared at Harper. "It's a sweet gesture, Seamus. That's how men are supposed to treat their women. But you don't understand that. Which is why you don't get any women."

"Hey! That's a low blow."

"Well, it's true. As for you-." She turned to Dylan and gave him a big kiss. "That was a really nice gesture." She sniffed the rose. "I'll keep it forever. Or at least until it dies."

"Well you could keep it after it dies", Dylan pointed out. "Just press it between the pages of a book."

"I don't have any books. Just flexis and holo-novels."

"Tyr has books." They both turned to stare at Tyr.

"Oh, no, you don't. You are not using my precious Nietzsche for your sentimental human foolishness."

Dylan shrugged. "It's not important, anyway. I have something to ask Beka."

"So ask me."

"All right." Dylan pulled a box from his pocket. Inside was a ring. "Rebekah Valentine, will you marry me?"

"Marry you?"

"Yes, marry me. You do know what the word marry means, don't you?"

"Yes I know what the word marry means. Dylan, I'm not stupid. I'm just in shock. I love you and I know you love me but..."

"But what?"

"I don't think I'm marriage material. All my past relationships have blown up in my face."

"They weren't the right men for you", he pointed out. "I 'm not like them. I would never intentionally hurt you."

"Sure. I know that. I think. But Dylan, I don't think I'm the right one for you. As a girlfriend, sure. Fine. Great. But as a wife. You know my background and track record. I'm not the kind of wife you'd want."

"Then why am I asking? Beka, look at me. You are the kind of wife I want. I love you. I want to marry you. No one else. Please say yes. I know we could have a great life together."

She had tears in her eyes. "All right. I accept." He slipped the ring on her finger and they embraced. At that moment, Harper fainted.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx

"Wake up, Seamus. What do you mean by fainting at Dylan's marriage proposal?" Beka demanded. "You don't think I'm worth marrying."

"No. It's not that. I was shocked you accepted, that's all. I didn't think marriage was your thing."

Beka looked at Dylan. "Well it wasn't but now it is. I just had to find the right man. Or he had to find me." She and Dylan beamed at each other.

"O.K. That's it. They're just sick."

"Lovesick, Harper."

He turned to Rommie. "Obviously, I missed something."

"You missed a lot, Harper."

Dylan included them all in his next announcement. "Beka and I are going off to celebrate. See you all later." He led Beka away.

Rommie started crying. "There goes my last hope."

Tyr got up in disgust. "I think it's time for me to leave." He stalked out.

Harper took Rommie's hand. "Don't worry, Rom-Doll. You still have me." Rommie cried even harder.

The End