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DDK here now I'm so glad on the reviews I got and some of you have given out good suggestions that I would have to think about, I might think about making one that involves Arkham City but I would also include a surprise appearance of a DC character in the future, won't tell who it would ruined the surprise but will be Deadpools greatest challenge yet.

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"Deadpools inner thoughts" the idiot side

"Deadpools inner thoughts" the smart side

"Mutated/Demonic like talk"

Chapter 3: Tick Tock Doc

Deadpool has been wandering down the sewer tunnel for about five minutes and a few turns here and there and was walking on a path of floating wooden boards on top the waters until," crap I think were now lost, I knew I should of turn left back at that last tunnel we went through" he said out loud.

"Who are you talking to again?"

"Besides you two schmucks the readers, after all they gotta follow around to see how awesome I am after all" Deadpool explained to his inner voices in his head.

"Do you think the readers like us?"

"Well they wouldn't be reading this story if they did"

"Yeah and even if there are those that don't like us their still reading this, so leave this story now dislikeable readers this story is for Deadpool fans only" Wade said as he made a shooing motion with his hands towards the reader.

"What about that other guy?"

"What you mean what's his name in the funny bat pajamas? Meh I don't see him around so sucks for him, and even if he were here I would kick his ass anyways" Wade said as he examines his closed fist and rubbed it against his chest.

"Yeah we would kick his ass if he were here"

"No I'm not talking about him I meant the other guy that's standing right behind us"

"Huh?" Wade asked as he looked behind him to see a scaly skin abs then looked up to see a large scale skin figure over towering him with massive jaws with sharp teeth poking out from its mouth and yellow slit eyes that were glaring down at Wade as he made note that the large figure was wearing what look like torn prison pants, chain cuffs around its wrist and legs, and a electrical collar wrapped up around its neck as Wade was froze up at the sight of the large creature before him.

Waylon Jones aka Killer Croc has been staring down at Deadpool for a few minutes till he took in a deep breath through his nose before speaking, "Who dares enter my lair?" Croc spoke in a angry tone as he watch as Deadpool gasp then jump back and pointed at him with his finger.

"Holy shit you're The Lizards long lost little brother!" Wade shouted out as Croc now gave out a confused expression on his face as best he could as he never heard of this "Lizard" person that Wade said before shaking his head and went back to anger again.

"Are you an idiot or something? I'm Killer Croc! And I demanded you to tell me what are you doing in my lair!" Croc shouted in Wade's face when he lean down as Deadpool could only hold his masked nose with his hand while waving the other hand in the air at the smell of Croc's mouth breath.

"Phew! What the hell have you been eaten man? Here let me help you out" Deadpool said as he reached into one of his hidden pockets on his suit to pull out a spray bottle before using it to spray inside of Croc's mouth as Croc would suddenly stand back up and would hold his neck with his hands as he starts coughing up violently.

"*Cough cough* what the hell was that stuff you just spray into my mouth?!" Croc asked while still holding his neck as he felt his eyes were starting to water abit.

"Oh that was just pepper spray, I ran out of peppermint kind a while back so I had to replace it with this" Wade answered as he placed the spray back before looking up to see Croc's pissed off expression on his face,"….you seem really pissed off Croc-ky" he said to the mutated man.

"I'll kill you and rip your flesh an bones apart!" Croc yelled as he lunged at Deadpool till suddenly the red suited merc disappeared and made Croc crashed into the wooden platform and into the waters as Wade re-appeared safely onto another platform.

"Hahaha it sounded like he said balls with that voice"

"Don't get too cocky…"

"Hahaha! You said cocky"

"Focus! We can't stay here on these platforms we need to get moving right away and get out of this sewer"

"Ok ok your right I was getting tired of this place anyways" Wade said as he started running down the path of floating wooden platforms.

"Wait don't run or…!"

Wade came to a sudden stop when straight ahead Croc pop out from the waters and onto the platform he was now standing on and blocking Wade's path, "I don't know who you are but you'll never leave here alive" Croc told Wade as he starts jogging forward towards Deadpool.

"Oh yeah? Say that again with a mouthful of bullets ass-…what the hell?!" Deadpool shouted when he reach his hands down to his holsters where his pistols were only to find it empty as he looked up to see Croc was about to grab him when Deadpool teleported himself again causing Croc to once again fall into the waters as Wade re-appeared once more and was now checking his empty holsters," where the hell did my guns go?" he thought out loud.

"They probably slipped out when dive into the river with that car"

"And there's not enough room for us to use our Katana's in close combat"

"If that's the case then there's only one thing left to do" Wade thought to his inner voices.

"And what's that?"

"Yeah what?"

Right before Wade could answer Croc pop out from the waters behind him and lets out a beast like roar that echoed through the sewers," run away!" Wade yelled as he starts sprinting down the path with Croc hot on his tail.

"Dude will never lose him like this, he's getting closer!"

"Wait don't we still have the flash bangs?"

"Eureka that's it!" Wade thought as he stopped, grabbed one of his flashbang grenades, and turned around with his arm cocked back to throw before saying," Eat flashes you piece of shit!" Wade yelled before throwing the grenade as Croc made a dead stop when he saw the grenade flying in his path and had no time to duck out the way as the object hits him in the chest and…nothing happened as both Croc and Wade looked down to see that the flashbang still had the pin that was meant to be pulled as Croc looked up at Deadpool to give him a "what the fuck" look while Wade turn to the Author.

"Hey Author you were suppose to make me pull the pin first before throwing it jackass!" Deadpool yelled before Croc's roaring broke his attention and switch to a panic like state as Wade looked around until he saw a open sewer pipe on the wall, "I don't know what the Author is planning but it's gotta be better than being lunch for lizard boy" he thought before diving into the pipe and barely missing one of Croc's claw hands from grabbing him as Wade began crawling up through the pipe, "Grr you can't escape me forever, I got your scent and I will hunt you down you hear me?!" Wade heard Croc's voice but choose to continue going up on the pipe.

Arkham Mansion

Deadpool continued his journey of crawling "Yuck this pipe smells, hope the exit is up ahead soon" he said to himself.

"It smells like poo"

"No doubt that we're right underneath someone's bathroom"

"If I have to crawl out of the toilet I'm gonna kill the Author for this" Wade said as he found that his pathway was leading him up and he could see some light coming from the drainage holes, "finally a way out" Wade said as he pulled out one of his katanas and used it to pushed the lid up and off to make an opening for him to crawl out of the passage he was in.

When he pop his head up and looked around he saw that he was in the men's restroom with a decease body of an Arkham guard not too far away from him as he started climbing out Deadpool would walked out the restroom and into the big hallway with the TV monitor screens showed Jokers face on it.

"Ah there you are I've been wondering where you run off to, I didn't think that it would be this hard to find someone wearing red and black tights, why I feel like a terrible host between getting rid of Batman and finding formula I have forgotten all about you" Joker said in a fake sad tone before he starts laughing up again.

"Listen chuckles I've just about had it with you, so why don't you come on out here face to face so that I can slice off that grinning face of yours" Wade said while he pulled one of his katanas out and wave it around at the screen to prove his point.

"Oh someone seems abit cranky, is it because that he was not invited to the party? Tell you what I'll add your name to the guest list mister…"Joker paused hinting of wanting to know Wade's name.

"Deadpool" Wade simply answered him before putting his katana away by sheathing it to his back.

"Deadpool huh? Well then I'll be sure to have Harley add your name to the guest list right after your examine with Dr. Crane, in the meantime stay where you are so I can keep an eye on you!" Joker said in a demanding tone before the screen cuts off.

"Like hell that I'm just gonna stick around here" Wade said as he was just turning around till someone stabbed him in the chest with four needles as Wade pushed the figure off and held his head as he suddenly felt dizzy, "ugh why does my head hurt?" Deadpool thought as his vision was blurry till he heard a wicked demonic laugh echoing through the hall that caused Wade to grab his ears in pain till the laughter stopped as the same person who laughed spoke.

"Ah just in time for your appointment, shall we begin?" Wade looked up to see a giant figure of a skinny type man that wore a hood over his head while wearing what look like a gas mask with open mouth with stitches till attached to the lips along with glowing yellow eyes and on his right hand were the four needle shots attached to his fingers with yellow tubes hooked up onto the gauntlet on his wrist, "my name is Dr. Jonathan Crane, but you will come to know me as The Scarecrow now then let's begin our session shall we, what is your greatest fear?" Scarecrow asked as his eyes started glowing that blinded Deadpools vision.

When the blinding light cleared up Deadpool founding himself on a small boat ride as he looked around to see little figures of a small village as the tiny people were gathered around and started singing "It's a Small World after all" as Wade started screaming out," AHH No not that fucking song!, make it stop make it stop!" Deadpool scream out as he grab both of his katanas and jump off the boat as he starts slashing around everywhere to destroy everything around him to make the song stopped as Wade was in a rampage until he stopped his actions and was breathing hard as the image he was seeing soon change to a scene where all of Jokers thugs were now chopped up into bloody pieces within the same hall he was in after talking with Joker.

"What in the world happened there?"

"Yeah you just started screaming out and slice up everyone soon as those clown goons came in"

Wade only shook his head before sheathing his katanas back," you don't want to know trust me" he said as Joker pops back onto the screen laughing.

"Hahaha! What a performance, so brutal so bloody so much carnage! You my friend can count yourself invited to my little homecoming party as my special guest" Joker said before he vanished from the screen again as Deadpool only shook in anger.

"I really hate that guy" Wade said as he started walking off down the hall in order to leave area before someone else might come as he exited out through the door and enter what look like a main hall of the building as Deadpools anger quickly vanished when he spotted Harley Quinn walking towards a door on the other side from where he was as she was humming some song before walking through the door and closed it.

"Oh shit it's her! The hot nurse with the big breasts!"

"Are we just going to stand here all day gawking or are we going ask her out?"

"Hell yeah let's do that maybe we'll get lucky enough to bed her!"

"Now you're talking let's go get that hot ass"

Agreeing with his inner voices Wade raised his hand up in attempted to call her out before he would start running off after her," hey hot stuff wait for-"Wade didn't finished his sentence nor did he get two steps head start when a large bell suddenly fell on top of him as Batman floated down with his cape open to break his fall till his feet touch the floor and walked towards the door that Deadpool just came out from.

Walking around the corner of the hall that lead towards the Warden's Office where was held hostage Batman came to a sudden stop at the sight of a bloody massacre of Jokers thugs having missing body parts all around, "this is bad, Joker running the whole Asylum and wanting an army base off of Bane's venom was one thing now it seems there's a serial killer on the loose, I have no choice life is in danger this would have to wait" Batman thought as he ignored the bloody mess as he passed by and entered the Warden's Office.

Back in the Main Hall a black gloved hand was sticking out from under the bell as Deadpools fingers twitch and flex's a few times, "…..ow" Wade's voice came from under the bell.

Chapter end

Author's Notes

DDK here that's two chapters I made in one day, sure the encounters with the two DC villains were short but I wouldn't count them out just yet and that Disney ride I put in can really make you go insane if that song is ever stuck in your head, a warning to you all is to avoid that ride at all cost if you ever go there.

Anyways more chapters coming up soon, DDK out.