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"Deadpools inner thoughts" the idiot side

"Deadpools inner thoughts" the smart side

Epilogue: A New Home

Commissioner Gordon was outside of Arkham North talking to his daughter over the phone about how the situation at the asylum was now under control by the Gotham Police Department when they came in a half hour later after the battle on the roof top as he hung up to end the conversation when he notice Batman walking over to him," sorry about your car being ruined, I can offer you a lift home if you wanted" Gordon offered but the Dark Knight only shook his head.

"Thanks Jim but that won't be necessary, you couldn't find Deadpool anywhere?" Batman asked as the Commissioner only shook his head before speaking.

"I've sent my men to search the entire island but there was no trace of him anywhere, must of slipped away right after you dealt with Joker but I have the entire department to be on the lookout for him" James Gordon told him as Deadpool had manage to escape before the entire GPD had arrived.

"Don't worry Gordon I'll find him, from what I can tell he's just another madman and it wouldn't be long until he shows himself" Batman said as he calmly grabbed his hand that he used to spray the explosive gel on when he punched Joker as he felt a slight pain from it.

Even though Batman tried to hide it Gordon can see through that he was in rough shape after what the Dark Knight has been through," why don't you go get some rest, you've certainly earned it" he told Batman till a police radio from a car went off that caught Gordon's attention as it was broadcasting about the bank being robbed by Two-Face.

While Gordon was turned away Batman let out a small smile that no one would see," have a good night Jim" he said before using his good arm to pull out his grapple and fired a line at the Batwing that was flying over their heads and when James turned back around Batman was gone and he only caught glimpse of seeing the Batwing flying towards Gotham city.

Within a Ally somewhere in Gotham

Fifteen minutes after broadcasting

Three vehicles were parked deep within the ally, two cars and one van, as a group of thugs wearing ski-masks step out of the vehicles along with Harvey Dent aka Two-Face stepping out from the passenger side of the van.

"Alright let's not waste anymore time, get those bags inside the trunks and blow the van up" Two-Face ordered as two of the thugs went to the backdoor of the van where the money was held, however when they open the doors they froze from shock.

"Uh…boss you might wanna see this" one of the thugs called out as Harvey walked over towards them with a pissed off look on his normal undamaged side face.

"This had better be a good reason why….what?!" Harvey yelled as the back of the van was empty before he grabbed the nearest thug by the collar," where…where did all the money go?!" he yelled at the scared thug.

"I…I don't know boss, maybe it just…disappeared?" The thug suggested until he was punched in the face hard by Two-Face as he was knocked to the ground.

"That was two million dollars we've robbed, two million! It just doesn't disappeared" he would said before turning back the van as Two-Face finally notice that there was a small paper at the center as he reach forward and grabbed the small sheet as he brought it up and turned it over as it read "I.O.U" on it along with a cartoon picture of Deadpools masked face that gave out a wink at Two-Face before he crumble it into his hand in anger as he turned to his thugs," alright listen up and pass this to the boys I want eyes and ears on the streets, find me anyone that would lead to this clown that stole my money and get it back" he told them as another of his thugs spoke up.

"No problem boss but out of curiosity…what should we do when we find the guy?" he asked only to suddenly tense in fear when he saw that Harvey reach his hand into his suit thinking that he was gonna pull a gun out but was abit relief when he saw it was not as.

Harvey had pulled out his signature two headed coin out with one side that was only burned up as he looked at him men for a moment before placing his coin under his thump then flick it up to send the small coin flipping in mid air then catching it into his hand and slapped it on top of his other hand while still staring at his men. Slowly he would look down and remove his hand away to see that the coin had the burnt side facing up before looking back up," make sure that he never steals from me again..ever" Two-Face told them.

One month later

Wade was now sitting in a chair relaxing within an old rundown apartment building within Gotham as his entire home was redecorated the best it could to remind him of his old apartment back in his dimension," ah this is more like it, it may not be the same but it feels like home again" Wade said as he took the remote out and point it at the old television infront of him," click" he said as while pressing the button as the TV screen came on showing re-runs of Quincy Sharp winning the complain election as mayor.

"Hmm the smell might take a little time and that were missing a pet dog but it's pretty close enough"

"And it came at a good price too thanks to the money we borrowed, it's like home while away from home"

"Yeah and it's easy to find as well, the next of the street we live in is called Crime Ally, should be easy enough to find being that it's famous, something to do with some billionaire dude parents being killed or something'" Wade said to his inner voices.

"Though not a lot of people in this building though"

"Yeah I heard that this whole part of the city is being shut down but I already paid too much good money to let this go to waste" Wade said.

"Any idea why it's being shut down?"

"Something about construction to make the neighborhood look better, I don't know I wasn't really paying attention" Wade answered while still watching TV," besides after that crazy place last month I could use a little vacation" Wade added.

"Speaking of that we say that we were gonna kill that clown, why is that?"

"An interesting question that I've been wondering myself, why?"

"Yeah I know that I was suppose to kill that asshole but he's my meal ticket to finding Harley after she disappeared, I'm betting she'll come back working for him then we can swoop her off her feet, have her fall madly in love with us again, then kill the asshole" Wade explained his plan.

"Oh I like that one, using him as bait to find the hot big breast woman"

"Though it's likely that we would have to burst her out of prison first when we find her, and after that they would try putting us in prison as well….but with a woman like her it's worth the risk"

"Yeah right putting me in prison like that's ever gonna happen" Wade said as he raised his hand up with the remote he was holding as he change the channel on the TV. Outside of Deadpools apartment on the roof top there was a large sign that read "Coming Soon: Arkham City".


Authors Notes

Well everyone that's the end of this story and that I hope you enjoyed it, I've been playing some of the other games and coming up with idea's but I think that this one would be one of my finest work yet…well to me that is what I think but from the reviews I read I can tell you all are looking forward to a sequel of this and for those of you are wondering what's gonna happen next well you'll just have to wait and see.

Later folks, DDK out.