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"I'm tired," Glimmer whined, now walking beside me. Katniss had fallen back a while ago to talk to Gale about hunting or something. "We've been walking for hours!"

"Suck it up," I said briskly.

I may only be 12, but even Paylor, Snow, and Coin listen to me, which makes me feel like I should run for president when I get out of here.

"Maybe we should rest," Paylor said, yawning. "I'm sure some of our older... accomplices must be tired.

"Psh," I said. "Posy isn't even tired."

Behind me, Posy Hawthore trotted loyally after Gale, who was back talking to Lyme about explosives or something.

"But the rest of us are." Paylor put a hand on my shoulder. "Give it up, Shady."

"So that's not your real name?" Octavia suddenly asked.

"Uh, no. But I'm not about to tell you all my real name."

"Why not?" Flavius questioned. He was, like, so gay.

I pursed my lips. "Because half of you are dead, and all of you are out of a book."

Posy came up to me and poked me.

"What?" I hissed, turning on her.


"You poked me."

"I did?"


"You felt it?"

"Uh, obviously, if I told you."

"So you felt it."

"Yes! What of it?"

"I thought you said I was out of a book."

"You are."

"But you felt it."

"Your point?"

Peeta jumped in, having somehow escaped from his mother's grasp. "Get over it. We're here, and we need to get out. Who cares. Your from some place called 2013. We don't know what that is, but we don't treat you like you're an alien."

I was about to say, "Shut up, breadface," when I realized he was right. I looked at the little girl, who wore a triumphant grin. "Touche."

She giggled and ran off.

I spotted Hazelle and went to her. "Your daughter should be a politician when she's older. She's a really good debater."

Hazelle laughed. "Yes, she is very good."

Rory was behind us, and he sniffed. "She's also manipulative. Don't play poker with her."

I laughed and as I went back up to the front to be by Cato, I said, "Sucks."

Now, Cato wasn't my, like, love interest. He and I just got along best.

He said nothing as I arrived.

Behind me, I heard Effie yelling at Haymitch in her stupid voice. If anything, it was worse than described in the books. That woman brought out my violent side. I felt like stabbing her in the face. With, like, a branch or something.

"You have to stop drinking," she told him. "It's not good for you."

"Who says?" Haymitch slurred, and I heard him stumble.

"I said. You really-" she ended abruptly with a scream.

I turned, worried despite myself that she had hurt herself. Instead, I saw her stairing down in disgust at her fuzzy, fuschia dress that now had liquor trailing down it. Haymitch was looking at her, his mouth hanging open, a half empty bottle in his hand.

"You ruined my dress," Effie screeched.

"You ruined my whiskey." Haymitch yelled accusingly and drunkly.

"You ruined my eardrums," Clove muttered from beside Cato.

"While we're doing this, you ruined my life," I said brightly, but then I got angrier and angrier as I kept speaking. "Because now I'm stuck with a drunk hippy guy, a group of psyco killers, and now an angry runaway fashion police or something! Not to mention dead and fictious people!"

At this Cato burst out laughing.

I looked at him and hissed, "What?"


I looked at him. "Excuse me?"

"You said fictious."

"Yeah, and?"

He looked uncomfortable now, almost scared, even though he was still a good half a foot taller than me. But then again, I bet my eyes were intense. "Nothing."

I laughed suddenly, because I thought of something.

"What?" It was his turn to ask.

"Y'know how I was talking about Eminem earlier?"


"Well, there was this hilarious interview from MTV in Germany where he said something about fick, which is the German substitute for fuck, and then he said fictious... and yeah."

Cato looked at me. "Say what?"


Silence. Then, Haymitch decided to play a game. "Ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall! Ninety-nine bottles of beer! Take one down, pass it around, ninety-nine bottles of beer! Nine-"

I socked him in the stomach before he could get the next verse in. He was winded and he dropped his bottle and bended over. I got out a laugh and accepted a high five from Marvel.

"I vote that we run away while he's down!" Cashmere announced. "I can't stand the bastard."

"I don't think anyone can," I muttered. Then, louder; "I second that vote!"

From nearby Katniss said, "No. He's a pain in the ass, but he's almost family. Leave him and you'll have to go through me."

I looked at her. "Whatever, Katpiss. Let's keep going."

We walked a little more, me next to Cato, and then finally the loud yawns of people got louder and more common as the sun faded from the sky. Finally Cato said something.

"I think we should settle down for the night."

"Yeah. Whatever," I grudgingly replied.

So we did just that. We plain sat down right there and fell asleep, leaning against each other. I ended up leaning against Breadface, who has Katpiss' head in his lap. I was trying to get as far away as I could from Haymitch. Just in case he, like, sleepbarfed or something. 'Cause ya never know, y'know?

I woke up half way through the night to find some of Snow's spit-blood on my face.

ick!" I muttered, wiping it off and standing. It was probably 3 am, so I went to the truck and stood on the rear and climbed over. There Prim lay, one of my earphones still in her ear. I gently removed it and sat down a bit away, still on the flat bed. I turned it on to find Kim on. That means it was what she fell asleep to.

"Great," I said to myself, flipping through my songs until I found a certain one. "Em and I are hear for one day and we're already teaching an innocent kid things she shouldn't have learned until she was, like, thirty." Like, for example, what happens when you slit someone's throat.

The little voice in my head- I like to think of it as Eminem and Dr. Dre how they were on Guilty Conscience- said, "Who cares; better she learns it now anyway."

That must be Slim. I thought back, Why don't you ever rap instead of just think, like Em did? Make a song about convincing me to do wrong! Please. It'd make you more tolerable.

'Dre' came in now. "She's twelve, man. It's not fair."

Duh, I thought back. But then again, so am I, and I've been listening to you guys since I was a baby.

"Yeah, Dre!" Slim thought indignantly. Man, I must be going insane. Now the two voices in my head were arguing! "So's she! She grew up with us!"

I grinned and put up my middle finger, flipping off the sky. I thought, "Fuck tha police."

"Shit, man. You grew up with us? You're gonna be a fucked up adult."

I know, I thought back smuggly to 'Dre'. Isn't it great?

"Is she nuts? No! She's insane!" 'Slim' said.

I laughed. Damn right, Slim! I'm crazy!

"Shady- she's so crazy!"

Uh huh. Exactly...