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After the battle with the Aliens and getting Loki back to Asgard for his sentence the Avengers started cleaning up the city. After all that was done and they all took refuge and housing themselves within the newly built and better than ever Stark Tower. They all were called into the carrier to discuss who their new babysitter will be. They were sitting there waiting, except for Tony who was looking around and spotting new cameras and systems that he can hack into, Fury walks in.

"Good Morning." Fury grumbled out. They all just nodded solemnly in response remembering and still mourning over their last handler Phil Coulson. The brave and hard working agent that they all considered a very good friend in their own way.

"I know this may be hard for you but I have found a babysitter for you." The cyclops started, but then was interrupted by a voice out in the hall.

"Oi. Enough with the man handling. You bloody gargoyles go away. I know how to open a door thank you very much!" the British and sexy, in Clint's opinion, yelled.

Stark snickered softly as a bang was heard and then a deep laugh boomed out "Ha that will teach you, you wanker!" Natasha smiled behind her hand, Bruce sat up straighter and smiled as if he knew that voice, Clint swooned softly and tried to hide his laugh behind his hand.

Fury gave a frustrated sigh and yelled "Come on in Potter!"

When the door opened a tall man with short hair that gave him the just got out of bed look and made him look ruggedly handsome. His green eyes seemed as if he can see right through a person and into their soul. He grinned and looked around the room and stopped at Bruce.

"Hey mate. Long time no see," He called out as he went over and gave the man a brotherly hug. "How have you been?"

The doctor hugs back and sat back down saying. "I'm good and the last time I hear from you was a few weeks ago. How have you been?"

Potter was just about to open his mouth to reply when a cough interrupted him. He then turned and glared at Fury "Oi. Can't I reply to a question that will only take a second to say or do I have to wait for master's order to bark?"

Tony was flat out laughing by now along with Clint and Natasha while Steve was smirking softly along with Bruce. Fury's hands twitched as if he wanted to shoot him but couldn't.

"We have business to attend to, not catching up. Team, this is Harry Potter, your new handler. I assume Stark has already looked you up while he was laughing like an idiot," Furry said.

Stark just grinned with a mischievous gleam in his eye, "Harry James Potter, son of Lilly Potter and James Potter. Parents were murdered when you were only 1 then lived with Petunia Dursley, Lilly's younger sister, and her family. At age 11 he joined the school Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry."

"Wizardry? As in magic?" The Cap asked

"Yes Steve. Magic." Harry then flicked his wrist and the table started to float. They all except for Fury and Bruce jumped. Natasha was shocked, Steve was amazed, Tony was excited as if it was christmas, and Clint was staring at Harry in wonder and a bit of lust at the power radiating off this mysterious man.

Harry's eyes met his and he grinned at the hawk and winked making him blush softly and turn his head away. That only made the raven haired man chuckle lightly.

Harry had to admit this job might not be so bad after all.

Dragon: Hello again I put this here to say...

Harry: Oi, you're not gonna just leave it as this are you? *Wraps his arms around Clints waist then kisses him* I thought we would get a scene all to ourselves. *pouts*

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Clint:*blushes then hides his face in Harry's shoulder*

Harry: *Huffs*

Dragon: *points at a door behind them* Go ahead and shut the door, or not *grins*

Harry: Perv *he says then throws Clint over his shoulder and runs off into the room locking it behind him*

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