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"The next morning, Harry is running around the kitchen as Clint helps him. Soon everything is set and they sit down just as Steve and Natasha walk in from their new routine of running with each other.

"So how was your run?" Clint asks as he starts piling his plate and Harry's full of food while Harry pours them all drinks.
"It was ok." Natasha says with a slight shrug trying to hold back a bit of a blush.

"Just ok?" Harry inquires teasingly with the raise of a brow causing both of the runners to blush slightly. Steve opened his mouth to say something but was cut off by the grumbling of a certain scientist followed by the scolding from his boyfriend.

"Good morning. Looks like someone rolled out of the wrong side of the bed this morning." Hawkeye stated as he takes a bite of his bacon. .

"Oh shut it Legolas." Tony grumbles and sits down with Bruce beside him as Harry fills a plate for each of them and hands them a cup of coffee. "What did you put in my coffee yesterday?"

"A potion called 'Dreamless Sleep' and it does exactly what the name implies." Harry states as he sits back down and kisses his love's cheek. "I told you you were not allowed to coop yourself inside your lab important or not."

Tony just grumbles more and digs into his plate. They all eat in a peaceful silence until Steve speaks up. "So when are your friends coming over?"

"They should be here at 11, just in time for lunch." Harry says not really paying attention for his like tease of a boyfriend was nibbling at a sausage link making it look way to sinful than it should.

"Do they know how to get here?" Natasha asks looking amused and Bruce has to cough and clear his throat to get Harry's attention away from the little minx like hawk.

"I have sent them a portkey so they can pop straight into the living room." Harry says then looks at the slightly confused faces of the people around him when he said 'portkey', "All it is, is an item that can be charmed to transport someone touching it to a specific location. I charmed a pen to bring them here at 11 on the dot. So I do expect you to all be present and behaved these are my brothers and their pregnant husband so be careful and mindful."

They all nodded and went back to eating and Harry took note to talk to Clint after this for the thoughtful look on his face when Harry said the word pregnant. He knew his love wanted a child of his own, but him being gay kept him from that. Once all the food was gone harry and Clint washed dishes while the others were put to work to clean up everywhere else and make sure there was nothing that could potentially harmt eh pregnant man that was to be coming in a few hours. After that was done, everyone besides Harry and Clint where sitting around watching some random movie.

"Come my love I would like to talk to you for a bit." Harry said with a small reassuring smile as he guided his hawk down the hallway and into their 'nest' room. He sits them down in the fluffy chair with Clint in his lap.

"What is it Harry?" Hawkeye asks cutely looking up at his raven from where he laid his head against the strong chest, snuggling up into him.

"Well, I noticed how you reacted to the word pregnant and I remember your question you had about a male wizard and male muggle having a child." Harry said and runs his hand trough his love's hair. "I haven't heard of such a case but I have seen a few text on it when I realized I was gay and I knew when I wanted children. There wasn't much just a few things here and there."

"The blond blushes and mumbles, "Yeah I have always wanted a child of my own but with my 'work' and being gay I always thought I would never be able to have one of my own but when you said wizarding males can get pregnant it made me start thinking. I know it is way too soon in our relationship to be talking about a child but..." He fades off but Harry knew what he was gonna say.

"It is ok my love, we know I can carry naturally but we can talk to Draco about this more when he gets here about you maybe carrying one if you would like?"

"Well I don't know about me carrying a baby, with everything I do and y missions I just don't know. I know that I want one of my own but... Ugh I don't know how to explain it. I..." He stops and looks down at his belly trying to imagine himself big with a child. Harry just smiles and holds him closer.

"It is ok my hawk. I understand. We can and will cross this bridge when it comes time to we can make a decision then. We can still talk to Draco for he is a healer and if you don't want to carry I will be more than happy to but for know I just wanted to hear what you wanted." Harry said and tilted Clint's head up and gives him a long but sweet kiss. His blond smiles and curls up more on his lap.

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