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Once they got through their shower and another hot hand job they laid there on the couch watching the BBC TV show Sherlock (1) with Clint lounging on top of Harry with said wizard's arms around his waist loving the cuddling when Harry's phone went off.

"What?" Harry snapped slightly agitated at whoever interrupted his cuddle time.

"It is Tony, and don't you snap at me!" Natasha's voice rang out from the other end of the phone and caught Clint's attention.

"Hey Tash." Clint said then smacks his raven on the arm for snapping. "Don't worry I got him for you."

Harry glares playfully at Clint who stared right back then grins and leans forward to give him a peck on the lips.

"Hey, can we please get back to the matter at hand. I do not need to hear you two going at it and thank you Clint, at least one of you two are smart."

"Hey!" Harry exclaims with a yelp while Clint blushes slightly, but smiles looking a bit smug. "Ok, what is wrong with Tony now?"

"He has been down in his lab for forever and refuses to come out." the female assassin sighs and Clint rolls his eyes and gets up to stop the show.

"We'll be there in a minute." Harry says with a pout when his blond gets up and then hangs up.

"I'll go get some of Tony's coffee and you go get a sedative. I got an idea." Said the hawk with a smirk then laughs softly as Harry pulls him back against his chest.

"Babe, I love where you are going with this." Then he gives his archer a peck on the cheek and runs off to find a sedative while his blond goes to make coffee.

A little while later they meet back up with each other outside of the lab with Natasha and Steve wondering what they were up to.

"Ok give me the sedative." Harry hands over a small potion bottle with some dreamless sleep in it.

"What's that?" Steve asks curiously.

"It is a potion called dreamless sleep." Harry starts to explain as Clint stirs in about half of the bottle into the cup of coffee. "It will knock him out and, like the name says, lets him sleep without dreams interfering.

"Nice." Natasha says not really sure how effective it will work, Clint just rolls his eyes and heads into the lab where Tony is bitching about something and something not mixing well with something.

"Drink." Clint demands and piratically shoves the cup into idiotic genius's face.

Tony grabs it while still going on they downs in with a small thanks, but before he can get another word out, he slumps to the ground without anybody catching him.

"Well one problem solved." Harry sighs in relief then turns to the 'Cap' as Tony likes to call him and asks, "Can you carry him up to his room? He will be out for a few hours."

He nods and picks up the partial android then carries him off with Bruce, who was held captive by his boyfriend, following after. The green eyed wizard then grabs Clint and walks back to finish cuddling and watching their show. Leaving The red haired woman to smile softly after then thinking 'Maybe Harry isn't so bad after all'.

Tony: Android! Android! Well I have never been so insulted in my life. Hmph!

Bruce: But you are my sexy android.

Tony: *Preens at the compliment by is lover* You bet I am.

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