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Chapter 12: When Doves..

The cool air whipped through her hair, the glow of the symbol still beamed through the had to admit she liked the look of Talia in restraints, she was finally the weak one, the helpless one.

"Keep her close..he'll come for her." His gaze set on Barsad. Barsad nodded, lifting her up with the help of another man he made sure to keep his gun close.

"Bane..remember what we talked about..please tell me you've reconsidered." Annella whispered up at him.

"No. I cannot have you go out there, especially not now and not by yourself." He dictated, brushing a hand up her neck.

"Please..trust me. I can do this." She pleaded, her eyes locking onto his.

"My Dove, it's much to dangerous. We are at war." His voice soft as it breathed through the mask.

"A time of war calls for everyon-" Her words cut short at the sound of Talia's voice.

"Your dove..well Bane you know what they say. When a dove associates with crows, it's feathers may remain white and pure but it's heart turns black." Talia cackled, her lips twisted into a wicked grin.

But it was Bane's eyes that blackened, darting towards Talia.

"Out. Take her somewhere, her precious Bat will find her. Only to be caged and broken once more." His mask hissed, he watched as his men haled her away. His eyes fixed back to Annella once they were alone.

"If this is what you want, I will not deny you. I commend your will and commitment to me, Little Annell', you are stronger then you are perceived." Bane brushed his thumb across her cheek, wrapping an arm around her small frame he gripped her tightly.

"You will go tonight, and return to me with haste. For Gotham's time has finally come." He agreed, letting go of her.

"I will return. Bane you will not lose me." She assured him.

"The venom is quite powerful, so the doctor has told me. Engineered to slow the brain waves that signal pain has been inflicted on the body..you must be very careful, it is rather unstable, for a..normal human being it could put them under for days..quite possiably months." She thought back to their conversation as she cradled the small syringe of the powerful liquid between her fingertips, her target was merely human..a weak human in a costume. The snow fell slowly, blanketing the streets. She attempted to cover her tracks that threatened to give her away.

"There's more to you then that.." His rough voice replied. Annella kept herself in the shadows, watching the two converse.

"Sorry to keep letting you down..Come with me, save yourself. You don't owe these people anymore, you've given them everything." Catwoman urged, searching his eyes beneath the mask.

"Not everything..not yet." Batman simply answered, before walking away. Catwoman watched as he disappeared into the blackness.

Annella saw her window, using the woman's distracted state and the darkness to her advantage she snuck up beside the large motorcycle. And without a word, without a sound the woman slumped over as Annella retracted the small syringe. Using all her strength Annella hoisted Catwoman off the bike, dragging her over towards the adjacent building. She layed her down carefully in the snow, leaning her against the fire escape. It was a devious plan Bane had to give her that, no would see it coming, catching everyone by surprise and taking down Batman's only real ally. She too was clad in all leather, her way of resembling the tall Catwoman. "It's just like a really big dirt bike right?" She coached to herself, her eyes roaming over it. She shook off her hesitation and climbed onto the seat, leaning over towards the handles she jumped a little when it roared to life. Racing down the streets of Gotham, the morning light began rising through the city.

He was hoping she would be back by now, he wanted her close by his side as chaos began to erupt. His heavy boots echoed against the concrete, his hands resting against his vest. He scanned the crowded streets, the Gotham police staging a revolt.

"Open Fire." He commanded, turning back towards the hall's entrance when the sudden thundering of an aircraft hovered over the street. His eyes darted up to the black aircraft known as the Bat, fueling the police men's march. A sea of men exploded as the police charged forward into Bane's men. As Bane himself began tearing through the people, making his path towards Batman, little Annella stumbled upon a rather important piece of the people's revolt.

Clamping down on the break the bike halted, she scooted off and snuck down the back alley. She watched with curiosity as Commisioner Gordon fumbled with a little silver box, attempting to climb onto the truck. "Stop!" Her voice rang out when she finally realized their plan. Catching him off guard the Commisioner tumbled to the ground, just inches from the truck's tires as it sped by. She marched over towards his body, as it lay sprawled against the pavement. She snatched the reactor from his hands, turning it over she studied the shiny metal.

"NO!" He cried out as he watched her throw it under the truck as it rumbled by, smashing the fragile piece to bits.

"You." Her attention drawn to the familiar voice. Officer Blake.

"You! That was our last chance! Our last chance to be saved from the monster!" His voice bellowed, his anger erupting.

"The south side. There's a tunnel open, take as many children as you can. Children only. They are the last innocence left in this city." Annella advised, revealing she had opened the tunnel that had been barricaded with debris.

"How? How can you be so kind and yet you..are apart of him." Blake breathed, narrowing his eyes in confusion.

"He is my peace in this choas we call a world. Now go." She answered, before climbing back on the bike, she took one last glance back at him before she sped off. The streets overflowed with people, she desperately searched the crowd, her eyes locked on his fighting form as it moved on the platform of the stairs. She cringed as she watched Batman throw a heavy blow towards Bane's mask.

"BANE!" She screamed as she watched him fumble to adjust his mask, Batman taking advantage. Her heart pounded, Bane's fists flying through the air with fury towards his opponent. They moved back further against the opening of the building, the mass of people blocking her view, she gasped at the sudden echoe of breaking glass. She knew she couldn't stand idling by, she ramped the bike through the crowd of people, mowing them over with the heavy equipment.

He felt his body begin to burn with ache as the pain spread, he fought to fix the tubes but it was no use his body began to weaken.

"I broke you. How have you come back?" Bane sighed, his eyes clouded with pain.

"You think you're the only one who could learn the strength to escape? Now where is the trigger!" Batman roared, gripping Bane.

Bane's brows furrowed at Batman's words.

"But I never escaped.." Bane whispered.

"The child..the child of Ra's al Ghul made the climb." Batman puzzled.

"But he is not the child of Ra's al Ghul..I am." Talia hissed before slipping the knife between Batman's ribs.

Batman stumbled back, his eyes darting towards Talia's then towards the approaching mass as it crashed hard through the remaining broken glass. Batman took the oppurtuntiy, roughly pushing Talia away he cried out in pain as the knife tore through his flesh. He stood up to face what he had assumed was Catwoman, there to rescue him, making up for always letting him down.

"No.." Batman's rough voice breathed when he realized he was mistaken. The woman on the bike was not in fact his alley, but Bane's. Annella's eyes shot over toward Bane's limp body, meeting his gaze she urged him to shield himself. With one quick click sparks flew as a shot was fired, that sent Batman back in a fiery jolt. Annella's attention again turned towards Bane, jumping off the bike she sprinted over to him.

"Baby bird.." He whispered, she quickly moved to secure the tubes of his mask.

"You made it back.." His hurt tone stabbed through Annella's heart.

"I'm here.." She assured, her eyes welling as she watched a single tear roll down his cheek, she placed a small kiss on his wet skin. Helping him up she propped his massive body against the marble table, he slowly began to regain his strength

"That's the knife that cuts deepest." Talia's voice hissed as she towered over Batman's limp body, staring deep into his eyes as she pressed the trigger.

"Maybe that knife is too slow." Batman choked out, when the bomb ceased to explode.

"You really think I'd trust you. After everything, I would trust you with such a serious task as holding the trigger?" Bane's voice stronger then ever, he planted his feet against the floor, cocking his head towards Talia.

"What? Bane this wasn't part of the plan!" Talia's eyes wild, she was given a fake detonator.

"I needed someone I trusted, someone who would not wrong me." His eyes lowered to Annella.

She smirked widely as she pulled the real detonator from her jacket, where it had been safely hidden.

"Bane-" Talia demanded, marching over towards Annella. Anger clouding her eyes, she failed to see the knife that Annella had picked up, and just like Batman Talia felt the cool metal pierce her side.

"It is the quiet one..the one that ever one perceives as weak..that is the knife that does the most damage." Annella whispered against Talia's ear, imitating her words.

"You can no longer hurt him." Annella breathed, shoving the knife deeper as blood began to seep through Talia's clothes. With one hard shove Talia felt her body fall through the air, falling back onto Batman's body against the floor. Annella felt herself frozen in place, she watched the light drain from Talia's eyes.

"Bane.." She whispered, feeling his hand brush her arm. Her eyes lifted toward his, lacing her hand in his, she felt relief wash over her.

Staying close by his side as they retreated back down the large concrete steps. Exiting the city as the war raged on, slowly destroying its citizens. She boarded the small airplane, stopping to scan the city once more before their departure. She took the seat across from him, taking comfort in his warm eyes. She felt the plane take off, easing into the air.

"It is up to you my love, will you decide to save the city of Gotham and its 12 million souls or will you see through to the corruption underneath?" His voice soft, as he studied her calm expression. She lightly gripped the cool black metal, her thumbing dancing across the rim of the button as it glowed red.

"I choose a long life with you." She whispered, staring deep into those soft brown eyes that spared her that night in the sewers.

A sudden flash of a bright orange glow reflected against the metal of his mask, his eyes never flickered, continuing to stare at her kind eyes as a smile slipped onto his lips.