How Could You Betray Me?

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I shouldn't be doing this. I can't do this to my best friend. She's going to be really mad at me, we've been friends for 6 years. I can't believe I'm hooking up with her boyfriend. Imagine how she'll react when she finds out…..


Aubrey's POV

Well its lunchtime and I'm with my best friend Emilia. We are just chatting on how Angel and I have been going out for 3 years. Angel and Emilia keep on staring at each other. But you know, I don't care because, its not like they have a thing. "Um, I got to go to the bathroom." Emilia said. And Angel, is still looking at Emilia. "Um, why do you keep looking at Emilia?" I ask him. "What, no baby, I'm not looking at her, you are the only for me!" He told me. I sighed. "Look I'm going to the bathroom, I'll be right back." He says. I nodded.

Angel's POV

I push Emilia against the wall as we are making out in the hallway. She moans and squeeze her ass. "What if Aubrey saw us, I don't want to betray her." Emilia says. "Listen baby, she won't know, trust me." I say. I start kissing her neck then she pushes me away. "Stop, I got to get back to Aubrey." She says with a serious look. She walks away back to the table.

Emilia's POV

"Hey Aubrey!" I say as I sit down. "Hey can I tell you something?" She asks me. I nodded. "Lately, me and Angel, haven't been talking a lot lately." She says. "Should I say something?" She asked me. "Well, I really don't know, maybe you should talk to him, and ask him what's going on." I say. "Thanks, I got to go, I got to go do my nails." She says as she gets up. Ugh I don't know what to do, I'm hooking with Angel, and he is starting to neglect Aubrey. I don't know if I should tell her. I can't lie to her. I can't lie to my best friend, I'm going to tell her.


I'm in my room thinking while listening to music when my phone vibrates to let me know I have a text. It's Angel.

Angel: Hey babe, we still up for tonight?

Me and Angel are supposed to have sex for the first time, but I don't want to….

Emilia: I don't know

Angel: C'mon it'll be special ;)

Emilia: Fine, but if she finds out about this its you're fault

Angel: Yeah, so you want me to come over, or you coming over?

Emilia: Come to my house

Angel: Alright can't wait ;)

After that I threw my phone to the other side of the bed. Why am I doing this, he doesn't even care about Aubrey. So then Angel came and I'm wearing a lingerie. He picks me up and we are making out all the way to the bed. Next thing I knew, we are having sex.


Aubrey's POV

I've been calling Emilia and Angel all morning, and they have not been answering. So I go to Emilia's house, she gave me an extra key to her house just in case something happens. I walk in and yell Emilia's name. Next thing I know, I'm hearing moaning noises. Oh, no, it can't be. I walk in Emilia's room, and see Angel and Emilia naked, making out. I'm shocked, and I have no words coming out. My heart is breaking to see my boyfriend having sex, WITH MY BEST FRIEND! "Aubrey, can I explain?" Emilia asks. "What is it to explain, you are hooking up with my boyfriend, and you are my best friend! Who does that!?" I yell. "Mamasita wait-" I cut of Angel. "And you, I thought you loved me, I thought I was the only girl, but you've been neglecting for Emilia!" I yell at him. My face is full of tears and I'm so mad. Emilia looks like she is about to cry. "How long have y'all been at it?" I say. "2 years." Angel says. I go up to him and slap him in his face. "So, after one year, you and Emilia have been a thing." I yell. He doesn't respond. I turn to Emilia. "I can't believe my best friend is a slut, and I don't even think I can call her my best friend." I say. "Aubrey, I'm sorry, I was going to tell you, but Angel told me not to tell you, and I promise you, this is my first time having sex." She finishes. Tears run down her face. I roll my eyes. I turn around and walk out to go to my car.

As I get home, I get a knife and go to my room. I can't believe he cheated on me with my best friend. I'm just ugly, fat, and never to good for any guy. I start to scratch myself with the knife. This isn't the first time I cut myself. Then Bodie, my other best friend and Emilia's dance partner, walks in, I trust him more than anyone else, and I gave him a key to my house. He sees me like this and runs to me to give me a hug. "Aubrey what happened?" He asks. "My boyfriend cheated on me with Emilia for about 2 years, and she didn't do anything about it." I say. "She is the most prettiest girl at DCI, she's the most popular girl, she is just so perfect, no wonder Angel wanted her more than me, I'm fat, and ugly!" I say. "Are you kidding me, you are beautiful, and you are rich, she's not, and you have a great body too, she's just fit, and you have a bigger butt than her." He says. "Seriously?" I ask. "Yes, forget them, you have me, so please don't cut yourself." He says as he takes the knife from me. I go into his arms and stay in them for a long time…..

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