Summary: In a world where significant life events make their mark on one's skin, Sawada Tsunayoshi's most beautiful marks are those left there by his family. Mini drabble series.

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Staring openly at someone's marks was considered incredibly rude. Especially when that someone was your boss.

Sierra knew this.

But she found that no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't tear her eyes away from the glossy black wings folded neatly on the back of one Sawada Tsunayoshi as he slipped off the shirt he had worn to his meeting today.

Noticing her staring, the brunet turned to throw an amused smile at the young maid, and she was immediately snapped out of whatever trance she had been in. Rushing forward to take the shirt from her boss, Sierra handed him the old, baggy t-shirt and the soft, cotton pyjama bottoms he often wore around the mansion after hours, when the chance of visitors was next to zero.

"It's okay to ask, you know," said the Decimo, still amused.

Sierra's eyes flicked to his back once more, slightly nervous; she had just today been promoted to official personal assistant for her boss, and she didn't quite feel as comfortable around him yet as his other assistants seemed to be.

But she was curious, and he was still smiling kindly at her, so she decided to take the chance.

"When did you get it?" she asked.

The Decimo smiled delightedly, as if she had just given him a marvelous gift, and answered in a light tone, "I got it the day I met Reborn."

And really, that was all that needed to be said for everything to make sense.

The marks that showed up on one's skin weren't always very straightforward. When one was young, they almost always meant exactly what they portrayed, but as people got older and they learned about metaphors and about symbolism, the marks would get more and more cryptic, and more often than not, it was nearly impossible for anyone except the owner (and sometimes not even them) to understand what the marks meant at first glance.

But there really was no two ways about this certain mark.

The Decimo laughed, and there was something like fondness in his voice when he spoke.

"It was my first big mark, you know. Before then, I only had little things, like the shackles around my left ankle, or the blue swirls around my wrist. Then Reborn comes into my life, and he's all rough edges and tough love, and he's not the most gentle person around – which probably accounts for the colour of the wings – but he cares, and even though I don't trust him at first, my body knows before my mind does that he's special."

Sierra couldn't help but smile now.

"And that's how you met your guardian angel."

The Decimo looked at her, and the corners of his eyes crinkled because of the smile that spread across his face, and he chuckled.

"I wouldn't exactly call him an angel, but yeah, something like that."

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