Alice: New Victorious story. I'm in the middle of working on a BTR story so I figured…

Emily: I'll write this in the meantime. There will be 11 chapters.

Alice: It's one of those one-shot collections with one theme.

Emily: The theme, in a way, centers around Tori. So enjoy this story.

Title: 10 Things

Summary: 10 things Tori didn't know about Beck and Jade, and one thing she always knew.

Pairings: Major Bade. Major Cade friendship. Jori friendship. Mentioned one-sided Jandre and Bori.

Beck's Insecurities

Tori's first impression on Beck and Jade wasn't the best. Looking into the eyes of such a gorgeous boy on her first day, Tori immediately assumed he was single just by the way he looked at her. It was a flirty, interested type of glance that she gulfed up. Until Jade walked in. In all black and with dark makeup, her attitude terrified the girl. Tori was also shocked that Jade was this boy's, Beck's, girlfriend. Many crazy, unrealistic scenarios crossed her mind. Jade blackmailing Beck into being with her was the one that she firmly believed. When Beck leaned down to kiss her in the game, Tori's heart beat with excitement.

Maybe Beck would be with her instead. Maybe he would feel a spark and leave Jade. But nothing happened on both sides. Tori felt no spark what-so-ever. And by the way Beck glanced at Jade from the corner of his eye, Tori realized maybe their relationship wasn't everything she thought it was. Turns out, there were many things she didn't know about Beck and Jade.

Like Jade's immense jealousy. Whenever another girl looked at Beck in the wrong way, Jade would snap. While Tori agreed Beck was a little too friendly with other girls, she figured it was his personality. He was naturally laid back and polite. He had this look in his eye that could make a girl assume he was single and liked them. The same look Tori thought he'd given her. Beck's flirting was merely accidental. Oh, how wrong she was.

Tori walked in the hall of her high school with a bright grin. She received a good grade on her improv assignment and a cute boy was checking her out earlier. Now it was lunch, and she had the perfect meal packed for herself. She figured today would be perfect. Until she heard Jade yelling. Rolling her eyes, she walked over to see Jade screaming mercilessly at a couple of girls, who looked like they were in tears. Beck tugged at Jade's wrist, calming her down with soothing words. Eventually Jade glared at the girls, who scattered off. Beck kissed her cheek, telling her she had nothing to worry about. "They were flirting with you!" Jade objected.

"You're overreacting," Beck shrugged with a smile. Jade scoffed, stomping off without him. He chuckled and followed her with an innocent expression. Tori groaned. She was going to hear about his at lunch today. Her shoulders slouched while she trudged to the cafeteria outside. She blinked when she actually saw Jade eating without Beck at her side. She was glaring at Beck, who currently was eating with Andre and Robbie. Instead Cat was at her side, giggling the whole time. Andre caught her eye and he waved for her to join their table.

Without really thinking, Tori shook her head at him and walked towards Cat and Jade's table. The closer she came, the more she heard. "I just don't get why he flirts with them so much," Jade grumbled.

"I have an idea," Cat's perky voice popped up. "Why not just stop getting jealous?"

"I can't just turn off my emotions, Cat," Jade sighed. Tori frowned. Jade went to Cat with her problems? They never acted that close before. Or maybe Tori just never noticed.

"Then hide them," Cat giggled. "Don't act jealous or show any jealousy. Then maybe he'll stop flirting with other girls!"

Jade paused, as though considering this idea. Tori took this chance to sit next to Cat. "I think it's a good idea," Tori cut in.

She was met with Jade's fierce glare and Cat's surprised gasp. "Who asked you?" Jade snipped at her.

"No one," Tori put her hands up in defense. "But I think you should do that. Maybe it will help?"

Jade scanned Tori's eyes for any sign of a lie. Finding none, Jade sighed and nodded her head. Cat squealed in excitement and hugged her. Jade, in result, screamed at her. Tori laughed as Cat pouted at Jade. Without another word, Jade stood up and threw out her lunch before sitting next to Beck and kissing him. By the way Beck smiled, Tori knew he was expecting this. Turning back to Cat, she jumped when she saw the redhead smiling brightly at her. "Sorry," Cat shrugged innocently.

"For… what?" Tori tilted her head to the side.

"Jade gets mad a lot," Cat wiggled in her seat. "She really only talks to Beck. If it's something she doesn't want Beck to know, she goes to me."

"She's gone to me before," Tori argued, not knowing why she cared. "Remember that time Jade broke up with Beck? Because of Alyssa Vaughn? She went to me for help!"

Cat giggled. "I told her to. I was away that week visiting my brother. He was in the hospital for his special problems. She called me, and I said to go to you!"

Tori's mouth dropped open. So that bonding moment in which Jade went to her for help was actually Cat's influence? She pouted. Now that she thought about it, Cat wasn't there during the whole situation. Great. So that meant that Jade never considered going to her for help. Wait, why did she care? She sighed. Maybe on some levels she did care for the girl. They were kind of friends.

"Don't take it personally," Cat patted her shoulder, bouncing up happily. "She just trusts Beck and I more!"

With that, she skipped off. Tori rolled her eyes and followed her. Stealing one quick glance at the happy couple, she sighed. Would Cat's plan work? Would Beck really stop flirting with other girls if Jade just stopped being jealous? She doubted it. But maybe it would improve their relationship and cause less fights.

"Project time," Sikowitz grinned happily, slurping on his coconut milk. Tori rolled her eyes and glanced behind her. Beck and Jade were sitting together, holding hands as usual. Jade's black hair was a bit in her face which made her look angrier than usual. Tori flinched. It had been two days since the whole jealousy talk with Cat. Jade showed no signs of jealousy but her expressions showed more anger than usual. "You will all write a scene and preform it. I will be assigning groups!"

The class groaned. Whenever he assigned groups, he attempted to make the groups either fit together perfectly or just randomly put together random people. They hoped it was the first option. Sikowitz couched and read the list. "The first group is Robbie, Tori, Jade, and Cat."

Cat squealed happily. She would be working with her best friend, Jade, her crush, Robbie, and her other friend, Tori. Robbie blushed a bit as Jade rolled her eyes. Tori only mildly shrugged, happy she had a group of people she knew. Sikowitz continued. "Beck, Mindy, Sinjin, and Catherine will be the second group…"

As he continued, Tori couldn't help but flinch at Beck's group. Mindy and Catherine were both very attractive girls and have been shown to have huge crushes on Beck. When Sikowitz told them to meet in their groups, Tori gulped. She walked over to Cat, Robbie, and Jade. Even Robbie appeared nervous at Beck's grouping. Cat only giggled happily. "So," Tori began.

"We'll be meeting after school this Thursday," Jade interrupted. It was currently Tuesday. "And discussing what we will do for the project. We all have each other's numbers and emails. Maybe we can even video chat."

"Beck!" Mindy shouted very loudly. "We should write a romance scene! You can be the boy, and I'll be the girl. We can write a kiss in it too."

The whole class, except for Cat and Beck, tensed. Each waited for Jade's explosion. But it didn't happen. Instead Jade was simply jotting down some ideas for their own project. She pointed her pencil at Robbie, not caring that everyone was staring at them. "It'll be horror," she narrowed her eyes at Robbie, as though daring him to say no. "Murder investigation."

"S-sounds cool," Robbie stammered.

Tori frowned. "Why can't we do something else?"

"Cause everything else is boring," Jade said as though it was obvious. Tori sighed. Taking a chance, she turned to see Beck staring at their group with confusion flooding his eyes. Cat merely sat next to Jade, pointing out some things she was writing down and how to improve these ideas. Beck narrowed his eyes and turned to his group where Mindy and Catherine were fighting over who got to be the love interest.

"What will I be?" Sinjin asked.

"The creepy stalker," Mindy snorted, as though it were obvious. Sinjin nodded. If he was hurt, he didn't show it. She turned to Catherine, narrowing her eyes. "We will hold an audition for the love interest. Beck will get to pick."

Both sharply turned to the boy, who only shrugged. Both failed to notice how his eyes were on Jade with concern. Sinjin noticed though. "She's not jealous," Sinjin spoke out loud. Beck nodded, his eyebrows furrowing at Jade, who showed no sign of hatred towards the girls fighting over who got to kiss him. "Maybe she's not interested anymore."

Beck's head whipped to Sinjin's, eyes flaring. "What?"

"Well she's usually jealous," Sinjin shrugged, a sly smile spreading. "But this time she's not. Maybe she's finally come to her senses and picked me!"

Beck narrowed his darkening eyes. Sinjin must have noticed. He gulped and took a step back. "O-or maybe she has her temper under control now!"

"Yeah," Beck whispered. "That must be it."

Tori thought Cat's plan really would work. Beck would stop flirting around once Jade stopped exposing her jealousy. It was the opposite though. Beck started flirting more! And he wasn't being subtle about it either. His body language and words clearly screamed flirtation. Yet Jade never reacted. She just walked up to him and smiled. The girls were clearly confused and walked off reluctantly. For once, Jade didn't chase them off or scream at them. This only caused Beck to try even harder.

It was weird, Tori decided.

Mindy and Catherine stuck to him like glue for the past couple of days. Jade even told Beck she thought Mindy should play the love interest! She said that Mindy came up with the idea, so she should have the right to play the character she wanted. Beck was completely flabbergasted at that statement as well as everyone else sitting at the table. Excluding Cat.

Currently, she was sitting with Robbie, Cat, and Jade in the Blackbox Theater discussing their project. Jade seemed determined to make this a murder scene and even had Cat play the murderer which was a strange yet genius concept. After all, who would expect little, innocent Cat Valentine? Robbie was the chief of investigation with Tori as his partner. Jade was playing the accused which fitted perfectly as well. After all, who wouldn't expect dark, scary Jade West?

"So the end scene should be Cat with the fake bloody knife and a murderous smile," Jade concluded.

Tori and Robbie doubtfully glanced at each other. "Um…" Robbie bit his lip. "Will she be able to pull that off?"

This project was worth a lot of their grade. Cat pouted and stood up, putting on a menacing, and rather scary, grin as she stared at the pretend knife in her hands. Tori shivered at how creepy that looked. "Don't underestimate her," Jade glared at Robbie. Cat giggled and sat down, completely breaking character.

"Okay," Tori sighed. "But what about that part of the scene when-"

The doors to the theater burst open. Beck walked in, eyes blazing with pure fury. The twisted, rage filled expression looked so wrong on a laidback, calm guy like him. He stormed towards the group, pushing away some chairs in the process and finally stopped at Jade, growling. Jade merely raised an eyebrow. "What?" Jade frowned.

"Do you want to break up with me?" Beck blurted out, his fists clenched. There was a moment of silence before Jade burst out laughing. Receiving only a hurt puppy look from Beck, she attempted to stifle her giggles. It didn't work. Beck whispered, in almost a broken voice, "Why don't you love me anymore?"

Jade's laughter ceased instantly. "Why don't I love you anymore? Beck, why would you ask that?"

"You haven't been acting like it lately," Beck countered, raising his voice. Tori bit her lip, glancing at the terrified Robbie and amused Cat. Should they leave the couple alone?

"I haven't been acting like it?" Jade shot up from her seat, glaring at him. "Says the one flirting with any girl he can find!"

"I have to flirt with them!" Beck shouted back. "Otherwise…"

He grew silent. Jade sneered. "Otherwise what?"

Beck diverted his eyes. "Otherwise… how else am I supposed to know you love me?"

Everyone's eyes, except for Cat's, went wide with surprise. Jade's voice was softer. "What do you mean?"

"I… I mean," Beck coughed awkwardly, "when you get jealous, I definitely know you love me. You can say it all you want, but I can never know if you mean it. When you get jealous, you have this passion on you, and I know. I know for sure you love me. That's why I flirt around. Because then I know you love me."

"That's stupid," Jade glared at him.

"Is it?" Beck bit back. "I worked my butt off to get you. It took so many years for you to just look at me. So how am I supposed to know if you changed your mind? Or if you're considering changing your mind?"

Robbie and Tori frowned, both trying to make sense of what Beck was saying. Tori had seen Jade's insecure side with Beck once when they broke up. Beck always seemed so cool and confident that Tori would have never pinned him for the guy who had doubts in a relationship, who had insecurities. Beck continued. "You weren't shouting at those dumb girls anymore. You were just… calm about it. That's how I know you're not in love with me anymore."

Jade chuckled softly, walking closer to Beck. "I thought if I wasn't jealous, it'd make things easier. Believe me, I wanted to rip off Mindy's head every time she touched you. But if I stopped being jealous, maybe you'd stop flirting with other girls."

"I don't want you to stop being jealous," Beck whispered, tenderly grabbing her hand and holding it his own. "I want you to be you."

Jade smiled softly. The way they stared in each other's eyes made it so obvious they were clearly in love. But this moment had to come to an end. Much like last time, Tori had to be the one to ruin in. She coughed loudly, catching everyone's attention. "So about the project…" Tori spoke up.

"Right," Jade nodded, sitting down and beginning to talk about writing and acting out the scene. Beck pulled up a chair and sat right next to her, thigh to thigh. His hand was in hers and he looked so peaceful. Tori smiled.

In a really strange way, they were kind of perfect for each other.

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