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Beck & Jade's Love

At first glance, Beck and Jade's relationship appeared almost unhealthy. Jade had clear anger and jealousy problems, chasing away any girl that went close to him. That meant she didn't trust him. Beck, on the other hand, ordered around Jade like a dog. That meant he didn't respect her. They fought and fought and never agreed on anything it seemed. And all those fights just ended with them making out instead of actually resolving their problems. No wonder everyone thought they wouldn't last!

But, surprisingly, they did. For years too. Contrary to what the Hollywood Arts students thought, their fights were teasing at most, even with the screaming. The anger and jealousy from Jade originated from the fear of abandonment rather than the lack of trust. Beck's control over her was not to restrict her personality but rather to reassure her that she's worth loving. It made no logical sense, but it worked. Tori had yet to figure out whether the way they acted in public was truly fake or mostly fake.

"Jade?" Beck smiled at his girlfriend lovingly. They had been dating for five months, and he only fell more in love with her each day. The evening before was the first night they spent together after Jade confessed everything from her father's abuse to her first boyfriend. After they made love, as Beck held her close, he decided to do something for their fifth month anniversary. "I have something for you."

"You do?" Jade tilted her head, curious. Her brown hair shined lightly in the sun. Right now she had no colored streaks in her hair which was a rare sight. She still looked amazing though. Beck reached into his back pocket and gripped his hand around the present, shielding it from her view. With the same hand, he reached out to Jade.


Some people were just meant to be. Growing up, Tori never firmly liked anyone until Andre. Maybe she received this trait from her mother, who flirted around with other men even though she was married. It wasn't for the same reasons Beck flirted around though. She just liked the attention. It wasn't hard to miss, and Tori's dad probably knew too. They would never divorce because they did love each other. But, strangely enough, Tori believed in Beck and Jade's feelings more than her own parents'. Because they just fit like that. Whatever one lacked in, the other made up perfectly.

"Beck?" Jade asked, puzzled at the black string in her hand. She opened up her palm and stared at the ring in her hands with shock. The golden ring had a thick black thread going through it, making it a necklace. Taking it between her fingers, she tugged on the string hesitantly, wondering if it would fall apart. The ring was clearly expensive and would not be ruined easily.

"The string won't break," Beck reassured. "It's really strong. They told me it could last for years."

Jade's head whipped up from the necklace to her boyfriend, tears almost in her eyes. Besides Cat, no one had ever done anything this nice to her before. For the longest time, she actually thought it was impossible for someone to be in love with her let alone buy her something so nice. She gave him the brightest smile she could manage, her eyes watering up from how content she felt. "Thank you, Beck."

"I love you," Beck grasped her wrist lightly, pulling her towards him and connecting their lips with a kiss.

They broke up many times but always came back to each other. Tori didn't know whether the break ups were a part of their true personalities or their fake ones. She assumed that maybe the breakups were there to remind Beck that she could leave at any time and to force Jade to face the reality of what life without Beck would truly mean. But that was mere speculation. Like how she thought Jade was blackmailing Beck into dating her on the first day of school. She didn't know. Frankly there were still many things about Beck and Jade that she didn't know, but she looked forward to finding out.

Jade broke from the kiss first, smiling happily at him. "I have something for you too. I guess we think alike."

From her front pocket, Jade carefully pulled out a chained necklace rather than a stringed one. The charm was a black circle with the letter "J" on the inside. She handed it to him with complete confidence, knowing he would like it if he got her a similar gift. Beck stared at the necklace, wrapping his fingers around the cold chain. Almost instantly he was putting it around his neck and grinning at the perfect fit. "Thanks! Jade, this is great!"

Jade chuckled, putting on her own necklace. Beck smirked, reaching into his pocket and pulling out an identical necklace to the one he just gave Jade. He slipped it around his neck, and the ring rested just a bit higher than the "J". Jade stared at the matching pair in awe. "Beck…"

"It was a two for one discount," Beck joked making his girlfriend snorted in amusement.

Beck and Jade were an enigma…

They leaned towards each other, deeply kissing the other once again. Jade's arms wrapped around Beck's neck, and she tried pouring every blissful feeling into the kiss. Beck's hands were on her waist, holding her close as to make sure she was there, that the past five months weren't just a dream. The love and passion in each movement only encouraged the other to deepen the kiss. They pulled away at the same time, and Beck leaned towards her again, lips almost touching. "I love you Jade," he whispered tenderly, saying those words for the second time that day.

"I love you too, Beck."

…But in a really strange way, they were kind of perfect for each other.

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