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Ages- (I bent them a little)

Trunks- 18

Goten- 17

Marron- 17

Valese- 17

Bulla- 14

Chapter 1~ The Baby's Arrival

"Trunks! Bulla! Hurry up or you're gonna be late for school!" Bulma shouted from the kitchen. She put two stacks on pancakes on the table as her 18-year-old son ran in. Trunks threw his backpack on the floor and sat down in a chair. He began to wolf down the pancakes like there was no tomorrow. "Trunks, can you please take Bulla to school today?" Bulma asked.

Trunks swallowed his pancakes and looked at his mother. "Doesn't she ride with her friend next door?" Trunks asked. "Yes, but she isn't going to school today so I need you to take her." Bulma said. "Alright, but she better hurry up, it takes ten minutes to get to school and it's already 7:15." Trunks said looking at the wall clock. 14-year-old Bulla ran in the kitchen and headed straight for the fridge.

"Bulla, aren't you going to eat some pancakes?" Bulma asked. "No mom, I got food in my bag." Bulla said pointing to her shoulder bag. She grabbed a yogurt from the fridge and ate it. "Okay, more for your father, now you two go!" Bulma said as she waved her hand. Trunks grabbed his backpack and bolted out the door followed by his little sister. They got in Trunks' car and drove off to school. The car ride was silent, until Bulla spoke up.

"So bro, what do you have planned today?"

"Nothing much, other than having to deal with Ms. Blaire." Trunks said.

Bulla laughed, she used to have Ms. Blaire, Ms. Blaire used to be a physical education teacher, but now she's teaches parenting classes. Ms. Blaire was a tall young woman, she had short black hair and green eyes. Ms. Blaire had to be the craziest person in West City, one minute, she would be happy, the next, she would rip your head off if you gave her the chance. It's like she has different personalities, some day's she would give everybody A's and tell you to do whatevre the hell you want.

Other day's...she's the most meanest, promiscuous, person there is. Disobey her? You get hit upside the head with her textbook. Talk back? She'll try to reason with you. Give her attitude? You won't be able to have kids, let's not get into detail with that one.

All students at West City High School had to take the Parenting course in order to graduate, like Trunks, most of the students waited for their senior year to take it. Every student knew the process, you get paired up with another student of the opposite sex and the two of you have to take care of a fake baby. But now, Ms. Blaire is the new teacher, so some things might change.

Trunks parked his car in the student parking lot and Bulla shot out of the car. She ran to her first period as Trunks got out of the car. He locked it and ran off to class. As soon as Trunks walked into the classroom, the bell rang. He walked over to his seat and sat down. Trunks' seat was next to Marron, next to Marron was Goten and then it was Valese, Goten's girlfriend.

Ms. Blaire walked into the classroom with a big smile on her face, a little too big. "Good morning my pets!" She beamed.

No one responded.


Everyone in the classroom quickly said "Good Morning." Then Ms. Blaire sat down on the desk. "Guess what?!" She asked excitedly. No one guessed. Ms. Blaire rolled her green eyes. "TODAY YOU ALL GET BABIES!" She yelled.

Everyone in the class groaned. "Oh come on! Show some spirit! I know you all are going to love having a little child, watching them take their first steps, then watching them run around!" Ms. Blaire laughed. After she that, every student became confused. "Wait...What are you talking about?" Valese asked.

"Oh Valese, you're so dumb!" Ms. Blaire laughed.

"Exuse me?" Valese asked feeling offended.

Goten put an arm around Valese. "Don't worry, you know how Ms. Blaire is." Goten whispered. Valese nodded, she didn't wanna start an argument with Ms. Blaire, she liked her face the way it is.

"Okay, you all sit tight while I get the machine!" Ms. Blaire said.

"Wait...Ms. Blaire why do we need a machine?" Marron asked.

"Marron I thought you were smarter than this!" Ms. Blaire said as she walked out of the classroom. Some people in the classroom became scared.

"We're gonna die."

"She's probably going to stuff us in the machine!"

"I'm hungry."

"That was irrelevant shut up!"

And many more comments and questions were being said. "What do you think the machine is for?" Marron asked.

"I don't know...Ms. Blaire is full of surprises, I guess we have to wait and find out." Trunks said.

"She said something about the baby taking its first steps. I thought we were getting fake babies." Valese said.

"That was when Ms. Frost taught this class. Ms. Blaire is aloud to change things." Goten said. "I wonder what she's gonna do."

Ms. Blaire pulled a huge machine into the classroom. The machine had three domes that were connected. A small dome in the middle and two big domes on the sides. There was also a computer on the side of the small dome.

"Okay, first, let us name the couples!" Ms. Blaire said clapping her hands together. "I didn't take the time to assign you all one on paper because I had a sexy man at my house. So I'll just do it randomly!"

Everyone looked at each other, this woman was nuts. "First couple!" She shouted. "Jason and Miranda, next couple, Trunks and Marron!"

Trunks and Marron looked at each other with wide eyes. They didn't expect to get paired up with each other. Besides, the two of them? Together? Taking care of a child? As a couple?

"Another couple, Goten and Valese! You two are already a couple so why not? think of this as a practice for when you really do have a child. Goten, I hope to god that the kid is yours when Valese gets pregnant." Ms. Blaire said.

Valese and Goten were in shock, this teacher was looking for a good punch in the face. Ms. Blaire announced the rest of the couples and turned the machine on. "Okay, we will go alphabetically! Trunks Briefs and Marron Juu get your asses over here!"

Trunks and Marron looked at each other nervously and got up. They slowly made their way to the front of the classroom.

"Alright, Trunks, you go in the left dome, Marron you go in the right." Ms. Blaire said.

"Why?" Trunks and Marron asked.

Ms. Blaire rolled her eyes. "Well I'm not gonna let you guys have sex! Your parents would kill me and 9 months would be too long a wait! Besides, how else are you gonna have a baby?" Ms. Blaire asked. "It has to have your genes!"

"Wait, I thought we were getting fake babies." Marron said.

Ms. Blaire laughed. "Oh come on! What's the fun in that? If you wanna pass this class you gotta get the real deal. I'm also going to need a strand of hair from both of you for the DNA." Ms. Blaire said as she reached for Marron's hair. Ms. Blaire plucked a strand of blonde hair and then he reached for Trunks. She plucked two strands of lavender hair, he pushed one in her bra and winked at Trunks.

Trunks took a step away from her. Ms. Blaire was attractive, but he didn't like her like that, sadly, she liked him a lot.

"I...I think I need to sit down." Marron said as she sat on the floor. She pulled her knees to her chest as the thoughts of having a real baby running around, what would her parent's think? She wouldn't be able to go places! She would have to constantly watch the child, she didn't think Trunks would help much. Then all the late night feeding, she wouldn't get any sleep!

Trunks on the other hand was about to faint. His own child? He was only 18 he wasn't really for a real child! He was only prepped for a fake baby! One that didn't have a heartbeat, one that was a machine.

"Let's go you two we don't have all day!" Ms. Blaire said grabbing Marron's hand. Ms. Blaire dragged Marron into the right dome and closed it.

"Now you cutie pie." Ms. Blaire winked as she walked over to Trunks. She pushed Trunks into the left dome, pinching his butt before closing it.

"I feel violated." Trunks said as she closed the dome.

She walked over to the computer on the small dome and put the hairs in the scanner. "Ok, who's ready to help me pick the genes?" Ms. Blaire asked.

No one answered, they were all to scared. "Fine! I'll pick them myself!" Ms. Blaire said.

Ms. Blaire picked the genes and decided wether it should be a boy or girl, then she pressed the make button. All of a sudden, everyone heard Marron screaming.

Goten jumped up from his seat. "Why is she screaming?" He panicked.

"Oh, I forgot to tell Marron that it was gonna hurt like a bitch. All the girls in this classroom have to experience labor!" Ms. Blaire beamed.

Valese fainted while the other girls in the class panicked.




"Oh come on, Labor can't be that bad." One boy said.

All the girl expect for Valese began cursing at the poor boy. Then, a ding was heard, and everybody shut up. The two big domes opened, Trunks stumbled out feeling very dizzy while Marron fell out holding her stomach in pain.

Then the small dome opened, and a baby's wailing could be heard. "Go on you two, take a look at your baby." Ms. Blaire squealed. Trunks walked over to Marron and helped her off the floor, then they walked over to the small dome. They looked down at the baby.

It was a boy.

He had tan skin like Trunks and baby blue eyes like Marron. He had Marron's nose and mouth, he also had Trunks' lavender hair.

"He...He's so cute." Marron cooed as she reached down for the baby.

"Not to ruin the moment BUT CAN YOU GO SIT DOWN! WE HAVE THE REST OF THE CLASS TO FINISH!" Ms. Blaire yelled. Trunks and Marron shook their heads at the teacher and Marron picked up her son. The new family went back to their seats and stared at the baby.

"What are we gonna name him?" Marron asked as she crawteled the baby in her arms.

"I don't know...I still can't believe we have a baby..." Trunks said trailing off.

He never thought about him and Marron being together, but seeing Marron hold their child, he was starting to think differently.

"How...how about Tate?" Marron asked.

Trunks looked at Marron, he didn't expect her to think of a name so fast. "Tate sounds good."

"Ok! Next couple, Goten and Valese!" Ms. Blaire said.

Goten woke Valese up and showed her Trunks and Marron's baby. Goten and Valese got up without a question, Ms. Blaire plucked their hair's and they got into the domes. After witnessing Trunks and Marron's baby...they wanted one. So did the rest of the class, even the girls were willing to go through labor.

After a couple of minutes a ding was heard and little baby Rayne was made, she had black hair like Goten and light brown eyes like Valese. She looked just like her mommy. All of the couples finished the baby making and they all sat down. Ms. Blaire then handed out a stack of papers.

"Before your parents start yelling about whose baby it is, shove this letter in their face." She said then sat back down at her desk.

Trunks looked at the letter and read it.

Hello Parents!

My name is Christine Blaire, I teach the parenting class your kid takes. Your kid has a kid because it's the main project of this course. No they didn't have sex, well I think they didn't have sex. I don't know, I don't keep track of your kids sex life! I got my own to handle! The kid will grow 10 times faster than a regular baby. Now, a month before school ends, the kids will returns their toddlers back to me so the machine can...do away with them. Then they gotta write a report about parenting. They will be taking the baby to school, but don't worry I informed the other teachers about this.

So, enjoy your grandkiddie! Questions? E-mail me ;)

.gal WCHS .net

Ta-ta for now!


"Ms. Blaire, what about gym? The letter says we have to take the baby to school." Valese asked.

"If coach Tanner has a problem with it, tell him to speak with me." Ms. Blaire said as she put on some red lip stick. "WAIT! I forgot, I got some doctors to get some medication for you girls so you can breast feed your baby. Since you don't have milk in you boobs, you can start breast feeding in one hour after you take the medication. Take two pills every month! NOW GET OUT!"

The students shuttered and the girls took the pills from Ms. Blaire. They all walked out of the classroom, Goten and Valese went to Chi-Chi's house while Trunks and Marron walked out to the parking lot.

"Hold on, let me text Bulla to come home with us." Trunks said as he pulled out his phone. He sent the text and they waited for Bulla to come to the parking lot. Marron cooed at the baby and held him close. Trunks walked over to Marron and put an arm around her, he looked down at his son, his little mouth opened to yawn. Trunks had to admit, it was cute.

"So how about we tell your parents first then we can tell mine?" Marron asked.

"Alright, my mom would take it better than your parents anyway." Trunks smirked.

"Hey guys." Bulla said.

Trunks and Marron turned around and Bulla's mouth dropped. "...Wa?"

"Ms. Blaire has a special machine that makes real babies using our DNA, this little guy right here is your nephew." Trunks said.

"OH MY GOD! HE LOOKS SO CUTE!" Bulla said jumping up and down.

"We gotta by a lot of baby stuff..." Marron said.

"There goes Trunks' allowance." Bulla laughed. "What's his name?"

"Tate." Marron said.

"Aw that's cute!" Bulla said. "When we get home can I hold him?"

Trunks and Marron looked at her and nodded. Bulla was really happy about the baby. They all got in the car and headed over to Capsule Corp.

"So Marron, are you going to be staying with us? The baby is gonna need both his mommy and daddy." Bulla laughed.

"Ummmmm, I guess I could...if that's ok with you, Trunks." Marron said.

"Fine by me, but what are your parents gonna say?" Trunks asked.

"My dad is gonna throw a fit for letting Ms. Blaire make us real babies in the first place." Marron said.

"Good luck, that's all I have to say." Bulla said.

They arrived at Capsule Corp. and they took the baby inside. "MOM COME HERE!" Bulla shouted from the living room. Bulma ran into the living room. "BULLA WHAT ARE DOING HERE YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE AT- wa?" Bulma said confused.

Trunks handed his mother the letter and she read it. Bulma dropped the letter on the floor and smiled. "MY FIRST GRANDCHILD!" She shouted with excitement.

Bulma reached out to hold him but Bulla stepped in her way. "No way, I get to hold him first!" Bulla said.

"Marron sweetie, what's his name?" Bulma asked kindly, then turned to Bulla. "HE'S MY GRANDCHILD I'LL HOLD HIM WENT I WANT TO!"

Bulla rolled her eyes and stepped out-of-the-way, she knew her mother wouldn't back down without a fight. Marron gave Bulma the baby as bulma cooed him.

"His name is Tate." Marron said.

"Aw!" Bulma cooed. "VEGETA COME HERE!"

"WHAT WOMAN?!" Vegeta yelled as he walked in.

"LOOK WE'RE GRANDPARENTS!" Bulma yelled happily.

Tate started crying and Bulma looked down to him. "Oh I'm sorry sweetie, here, go back to your mommy and daddy." Bulma cooed as she gave Tate back to Marron.

"SINCE WHEN?!" Vegeta shouted.

"VEGETA STOP YELLING!" Bulla yelled.


"There they go again." Trunks said rolling his eyes. "Come on, let's go tell your parents. I don't want my son around all this."

Marron nodded and walked out of Capsule Corp. with him. "Trunks, after we tell my parents let's go to the super-center to pick up some baby stuff, like a car seat." Marron said.

"Wait here, let me go get some more money from my room." Trunks said as he walked back into the house.

Marron watched as her baby fell asleep. Trunks came back out with more money and the letter Ms. Blaire gave them. They got in the car and drove off to Krillin's rented apartment about 2 blocks away.

Marron took deep breaths as Trunks parked in the drive way. "You ok?" Trunks asked. Marron nodded. "Yeah, you go knock on the door first and tell them to be quiet since Tate is asleep." Marron said.

Trunks nodded and got out of the car. He walked up to the door and knocked on it. Krillin answered and Trunks gave him the letter. Krillin gave Trunks a confused look. "Just stay quiet ok?" Trunks asked. Krillin nodded and watched his daughter come out of the car with a baby in her hands.

Krillin fainted. "He took it a lot better than I thought he would." Marron giggled. 18 walked to the front door and eyed the baby, she wanted an explanation. Trunks grabbed the letter from the floor and gave it to her. 18 read it and nodded.

"Mom, is it ok if I could move in with Trunks, so we could take care of the baby?" Marron whispered.

18 nodded. "Just be sure to bring my grandchild over on the weekends." 18 smiled. Marron smiled and nodded. "His name is Tate." Marron whispered. 18 smiled at the sleeping baby in her daughter's arms.

"Trunks why don't you start taking Marron's stuff? Marron, come with me in the living room I wanna get a good look at my grandson." 18 whispered. Trunks nodded and walked into the apartment. "I'll explain everything to Krillin when he wakes up, don't worry. Now come in." 18 whispered as she dragged Krillin's body inside. Marron followed and closed the door behind her.

You can thank Writer'sFantasy for Trunks and Marron's son's name and looks! This was a long chapter, I hope you all enjoyed it! See you in August!