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Marron sat down with Bulla in the living room to watch Hollywood Access to see what they had to say.

"Hello ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to Hollywood Access! I'm Vanessa with the top story today. Rumors have been going around about Trunks Briefs having a son. Is it true? Lets hear what some sources have to say. To you Melissa."

The screen flipped to another reporter outside Capsule Corp's west branch.

"Thanks Vanessa, I'm Melissa outside of Capsule Corp's west branch here in West City with Isabelle Smith. Trunks Briefs' girlfriend, she visited Capsule Corp's main building today in the heart of the city to meet Trunks for a lunch date. Isabelle what did you see when you walked into the building?"

"I never liked this bitch." Bulla growled.

Isabelle looked into the camera with a smirk on her face.

"Once I stepped into the buildin, my baby Trunks was with another woman, that other woman was holdin a baby that looked a lot like Trunks. That's when I knew right then that he was a lyin, cheatin bastard! I am not his girlfriend anymore! Not today not ever again!" Isabelle said with her southern ascent.

"This...lying...bitch." Marron said through her teeth.

"Calm down, we'll get this straighten out soon." Trunks said as he walked in. He took a seat next to Marron and began to watch the news cast.

"We also got a shot of Trunks leaving Supermart in downtown with the same blonde woman. We also got pics of them leaving a restaurant almost two months ago. Trunks didn't have a shirt on and the woman was covered in food. We will have more on this story at 10 tonight! I'm Vanessa, and this is Hollywood Access."

Marron shook her head and turned the TV off. "I want Tate to be home, I'm not sure if my parents know all about the press attacks. I just want my baby home and he's gonna stay home until all of this is over." Marron said.

"I could fly over and get him, call your parents to open up the back window and ill go in from there." Trunks said.

Marron smiled to him and nodded. Trunks got up and walked out of the house as Marron dialed her parents. She told them the whole situation and sat down in the living room waiting for Trunks and Tate to come home.

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Meanwhile, at the Son house, Valese switched off the TV. "...I feel sorry for them." She admitted. "Being famous has its perks but the paparazzi and gossip shows are just ridiculous."

"Yeah, I wonder how they're taking it. Especially since Isabelle is back. Must be hell for Trunks." Goten said. "Rayne's asleep?"

"Yeah I put her to bed about a half hour ago, she was really tired. She had a fun day with her grandpa." Valese said laughing a bit.

Goten smiled, he loved the outcome of everything that had happened, Valese really stepped up. She has become a lot nicer instead of a crazy-clingy-bitch. And she and Rayne really bonded. Goten still loved Valese, he knew that but he didn't want to be with Valese on bad terms. Now all that's in the past.

"Valese." Goten called.


"I was sorta thinking...you wanna try again?"

"What do you mean?" Valese asked.

"Us, do you wanna try again? I-" Goten started out, he took a deep breath and began again. "I've really missed you."

Valese smiled and leaned over to him. She kissed him softly on the lips and looked into his onyx eyes. "I would love to try again, and I missed you too."

Goten grinned and pulled her into a deep kiss. Valese slowly closed her eyes as Goten's tongue moved into her mouth. Goten's hands wrapped around Valese's legs and pulled her onto his lap. Valese broke the kiss in surprise and looked at him.

"What are you doing?" She asked.

"Just sitting you on my lap...is that a crime?" Goten asked innocently.

"No...I just thought-"

"You have a dirty mind." Goten laughed. "But...I haven't had it in a month..."

"Neither have I." Valese purred, but then looked into his eyes. "...You're not using me for a good lay...are you?"

"Of course not! I really wanna try again...and ya know...stuff."

Valesse laughed. "You're too cute." She said then kissed him again. This time Goten broke the kiss.

"Soooo...are we gonna, ya know?" Goten asked.

Valese smirked and wrapped her arms around his neck. She kissed him deeply and straddled him. Goten took that as a yes as he lifted her up in the air, he got up from the sofa and began to walk to his room. Valese wrapped her legs around him as Goten's hands traveled down to her lower back. He began to peel her shirt upward as they reached the room. They walked in and Goten closed the door with his foot.

"Wait!" Valese said breaking the kiss. "Lock the door! I don't want your mom coming in or something."

"She and dad went out to Gohan's for dinner! They won't be home for hours, relax." Goten said cooly.

"Ok, don't forget about protection!" Valese warned.

"Trust me, I don't want another child until Rayne starts school, too much to handle!" Goten said.

Valese rolled her eyes. "Are we gonna finish what we started or discuss about our next child that won't come until our early twenty's?"

"I believe you were the one who started that conversation, but I'm willing to finish." Goten smirked.

Goten lifted Valese's shirt up and over her head, then threw it to the side. Valese began to unbutton his shirt, she slid it off his shoulders and the fabric fell to the floor. They fell onto the bed as Goten unhooked Valese's bra. Their mouths met again as their hands moved down to each others pants. Quickly they unbuttoned their pants and kicked it off. Goten slid his boxers off and practically ripped Valese's panties off.

These two are getting spicy now aren't they?

Now they're butt naked and kissing on top of Goten's bed. Goten broke the kiss and began planting hot kisses down Valese's body. He got to her boob and took it in his mouth. Valese moaned as his fingers went farther down to forbidden territory. His fingers began to massage her softness. Then Valese gasped as a finger plunged into her getting a feel of her wetness. Goten took his mouth off her breast and moved up to her.

"You're really wet down there...how bad do you want it?" Goten whispered seductively.

Valese wasn't one to beg but she wanted to please him. "...I want you." She breathed as his finger slid in and out of her, his thumb massaging her clit.

"How much?"

Valese breathed in and let out a shaky breath. "...Please-Goten."

He took his finger out and he went down on her. He spread open her legs even more and began to lick her entrance with the tip of his tip. Valese whimpered as her legs began to close, but Goten pushed them back. He stuck his tongue into her tasting her wetness as he felt her tight walls.

Valese let out a cry of pleasure as he stuck his tongue in and out of her. Valese shook her head and pushed his head back. Goten looked up at her confusingly. She laid her hands on his shoulders and pushed him back to where he was laying down. She got up to her knees and bent over facing him. She lowered her mouth onto his hard member and took it all in her mouth. Valese bobbed her head up and down and Goten closed his eyes as sensational feelings ran up and down his body.

Then he had enough, he needed her now. He pushed her back on the bed and spread open her legs. He leaned over her and kissed her as he thrusted into her soft folds. He began to shift his hips back and forth and Valese did the same. Valese buried her face in Goten's shoulder to muffle her loud moans and screams. They went at a steady space and soon they came.

Goten pulled out of her and laid next to her. Then Valese shot up with panic.

"What's wrong?" Goten asked.

"D-did you use a condom?"


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