Many things go wrong in this universe. There is high crime, scary places, and a lot of negativity. However, all of this is about to change with the presence of one being.

His name is Umbreon. He is famous worldwide for causing destruction everywhere he goes. We've tried everything we can do to stop him from destroying mankind but nothing works; he just keeps attacking.

Truth is, this Umbreon wasn't always like this. Umbreon was once a very happy Pokémon. Though one day, Umbreon was abandoned by his trainer. Left alone, Umbreon could not support itself and the wild Pokémon soon surrounded Umbreon.

The wild Pokémon, low on food, had the cannibalistic look in their eyes and they soon attacked Umbreon all at once.

Umbreon protected itself as best as it could by unleashing a devious Dark Pulse on all of the wild Pokémon at the same time.

Because of this, Umbreon managed to escape. Running without knowing where he was going, Umbreon kept on going until he couldn't stand anymore. He soon fell to the ground because of exhaustion near a tree. Just then, a lone Banette appeared and took Umbreon in for care.

This Banette, like Umbreon, was also abandoned by his trainer.

Banette told Umbreon his entire story. Apparently, Banette was abandoned because of an embarrassing loss to a Poliwrath.

"The trainer lost hopes in me and decided it was better for him to release me...I vowed that I would find him and make him pay ever since..." Banette told Umbreon.

"Harsh way to be released," Umbreon answered. "I can never imagine that happening. Poliwrath are very aggressive Pokémon, at least the ones I've seen."

"Yes they are," Banette replied. "That Poliwrath knocked me out with Waterfall...I thought he would go through me, me being a ghost Pokémon and all, but he managed to get me with a clean hit. After Ben took me to the Pokémon Center, he called me out and told me that he was leaving me here..."

Banette started to cry, but anger was the true emotion that showed.

"He told me I was weak! How can I be? After all, I've won many of his battles for him!"

Umbreon detected that Banette was growing more and more out of control and tried to calm Banette down.

"Stop Banette!"

It didn't work so Umbreon unleashed a Shadow Ball on Banette. That got Banette to calm down a lot.

"Thanks," Banette said, "I needed that...Anyways, why did your trainer abandon you?"

"Well," Umbreon started, "I was abandoned out of the blue. I didn't do anything wrong and I've always been strong. I have rarely lost battles and my trainer loved me very, very much..."

"Then why did he abandon you?"

"I don't know...he just said he was leaving me...though I did follow him before running away..." Umbreon said.

"...And?" Banette asked.

"...And," Umbreon said as he started to cry, "I saw him with another Umbreon...how could he?"

"That's harsh..." Banette told Umbreon.

Banette noticed that Umbreon was going to lose himself eventually. He offered Umbreon some comfort as Umbreon became drowned in his own tears.

"I don't get it." Umbreon told Banette. "How could he replace me?"

"I understand your pain and I would feel extremely bad." Banette said.

Just then, something inside Umbreon snapped. Umbreon had slowly stopped crying and looked at Banette. Banette understood better how Umbreon was feeling now than he did earlier; Umbreon wanted revenge.

"Your eyes show it," exclaimed Banette, "you want to get back at him for leaving you!"

"Yes I do!" Umbreon shouted.

At that moment, the two Pokémon joined forces and would soon become the world's cruelest Pokémon.