The cloud of smoke was still there from the collision between Shadow Ball and Dragon Pulse. Nobody knew if either Pokémon were still standing!

Just then, two figures appeared in the smoke, showing that both Pokémon were still standing!


For Banette!

"FOR BANETTE!" Umbreon screamed as he unleashed the strongest Shadow Ball ever!

The Dragon Pulse Dragonair sent towards Umbreon was no match for Umbreon's wicked Shadow Ball, as it was annihilated! The Shadow Ball was too quick for Dragonair to dodge as it hit him hard, causing it to faint!

Everyone was in shock! Nobody could believe what they had just seen! Banette got back up but was still struggling from the Earthquake that caused him to faint.

"...D-Dragonair," Phil stuttered, "r-return."

Umbreon then started to walk towards Phil. Everyone cleared the area because they did not want to see what would happen next.

"Had enough?" Umbreon asked.

"Y-You defeated my team..." Phil replied back.

Banette and Ben were watching close by, but neither Banette nor Ben was near each other. Just then, Banette saw Phil take out a Pokéball; He was going to try to catch Umbreon! Banette stopped that from happening by using Psychic to gain control of the Pokéball. Banette stripped the Pokéball from Phil's grasp and quickly disposed of it using Will-O-Wisp.

"Why not come along with me?" Phil asked. "Just like old times?"

"Are you serious right now?" Umbreon replied. "I will never travel with you after what you have done to me!"

Umbreon was then accompanied by Banette. Banette saw the fire in Umbreon's eyes and saw that it was prepared to attack Phil. Banette soon joined him in charging up his Hyper Beam but as more and more people ran towards the scene, the two evil Pokémon decided to flee!

Not a word was said by either Pokémon as they fled the city but Banette knew Umbreon made the right decision in staying a wild Pokémon. After today, these two Pokémon were the most wanted, mainly for their power but mostly for the destruction they have done.

"You've made the right decision Umbreon," Banette said, "you made the right decision..."'

"I know," answered Umbreon, "I know..."