Hello people of FanFiction! I have decides to write a story hope you enjoy. Remember this is my first story so it might be bad, sorry if it is. Oh and it might be really short sorry if it is.

Chapter 1

Kim's P.O.V.

Today I get to hang out with my best friend Jack Brewer. He's sweet, cocky, strong, and has a hero complex. I love his two moles on his cheek and his dark brown eyes that I always get lost in. I love his chocolate brown hair that looks softer than feathers. As you can tell I have a crush on Jack. Yes I Kimberly Ann Crawford have a crush on Jackson Richard Brewer. I would tell him how I feel but it might ruin our friendship if he says "No" and I really don't want that and plus he could have any girl in our school so why would he pick me anyway. Jack is my best friend, he's always there for me when i'm sad and I love that he is. If I ever want somebody to hang out with hes there, even if it's 2 a.m in the morning hes there.

I turn my locker combination in the dojo and put my stuff in so I can practice today. I was about to head to the locker rooms when two strong arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me to them, so I hit there strong chest.

"Hey Kimmy." I hear Jack whisper in my ear.

"Don't call me Kimmy." I say. I actually like it when Jack calls me Kimmy it's so cute, but I don't like it when other people call me Kimmy, I only like it when he does because I like him

"Come on you know you like it when I call you Kimmy." Jack says tightening the grip on my waist so it pulls me more towards his chest.

I roll my eyes. "No I don't." I say trying to get out of the grip he has on my waist. I actually don't wan to, but knowing Jack he could probably tease me about having a crush on him.

"Yes you do and when were done with practice do you want to stay the night at my house tonight, my parents are on a business trip and won't be back till Monday and i'm assuming so are yours." He said pulling me closer and tightening the grip on my waist so I can't get out unless he lets go.

"Yes they are and sure." I say.

"Do you want to stay the whole weekend." He asks

In the inside i'm screaming YES! Take that Donna and Lindsey! "Sure." I say while smiling

"Great. Now let's get ready for practice." He says while letting go om my waist. Right after he let go my waist was cold and I immediately missed the warmth of his arms around my waist.

I head in the locker room, change, and come back out ready for practice.

Practice went by fast. I beat Milton and Jerry in sparing and learned a new karate move. Soon practice was over and me and Jack walked to my house to grab my stuff. We walked upstairs and went into my room.

My room was HUGE! I had a 77 in. TV mounted on the wall facing my bed. My bed is a king sized bed with a zebra print comforter with turquoise colored sheets 1 and pillows I also had a huge fluffy turquoise cylinder pillow. The wall with my TV on it was dark red with sparkle paint mixed in it and the one with my bed was the same thing but the color was turquoise on another wall there was my turquoise guitar and a turquoise grand piano. 2 That wall was dark red zebra print. On another wall it was turquoise zebra print with my vanity that was painted dark red. My vanity had all my clothes and jewelry in it right next to my bed was a button that opened up to my huge, half of the clothes in my closet I haven't even worn. right next to my TV there is a door that lead to my bathroom. My bathroom has a jet tub, two sinks with a huge mirror that opens up. When you open it up there's turquoise and dark red towels, my make up, and also all my hair stuff. There's also a shower that has a waterfall when you turn it on. There's also a toilet that has a seat warmer.

"Hey Kim do you think we can sleep here instead?" Jack asked

"Sure! Why don't you head to your house so you can get your stuff." I said

"Ok. Don't miss me to much." He said and than gave me a wink. He left out my balcony and went into his room.

Jack lives right next to me and his window is really close to my balcony so he just goes through my window every time.

I went down stairs to get the popcorn ready and the movie ready since I wanted to watch a movie and I got the pop and went to my room. Jack came in through the balcony.

"What movie are we watching?" He asked

"Friends With Benefits." I said

"OK." He says

We were half way through when I noticed Jack staring at me. I looked at him and we started leaning in we were a centimeter part...

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1) In real life Olivia's favorite color is turquoise and same with me

2) Also in real life Olivia knows hoq to play guitar and piano

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