(My season 4 premere)


Michael is in the attic looking through the book of shadows. The pages flip on there own and Michael hears things. Michael goes over to the door and doesn't see anyone. There is the same noise on the other side of the room.

Max appears behind Michael, "Hello, Michael, long time," Max taunts as Michael turns around.

"You, I thought you…" Michael begins backing away.

"Oh, I was," Max says walking forward as Michael is walking backwards. "Now I am back, or I should say we are back,"

Ralph appears behind Michael and holds him still by grabbing his arms, "What do you want from me?" Michael asks.

Max leans against the wall and looks at Michael "You." He grabs Michael and throws him into a table making a huge noise. Max puts his foot on Michael's chest to keep him pinned down. "And since I am alive the contract is in effect again."

Michael nods, "No, I…" he starts choking as Max puts his foot on Michael's neck.

"Freeze!" Andy yells drawing his gun on the demon intruders. "Hands in the air and step away from the Michael,"

Ralph conjures an athame and is about to throw it when Max stops him. "Don't, we aren't after him." He looks towards Andy and sends a weak blast of energy his way making him hit the wall.

Prue walks in at that moment "Andy," She says.

She is about to swing her arm but Max puts his foot harder on Michael's neck "I wouldn't do that if I were you, I mean unless you want your cousin to die,"

"Prue," Michael manages to get out. He pushes the foot away and knocks Max down. "Leo," He says.

"We'll be back. Count on it," Max warns before flaming he and Ralph out.

"You okay?" Prue asks.

"Yeah, for now I guess," Michael answers. "He's after me again," Michael realizes.

"Calm down hunny its ok," Prue says.

"He'll kill me, he'll kill Zeke, Jake, Rosaline, even you guys." Michael explains. "You cant let him do this,"

Prue turns to Andy and says "What do we do?"

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Michael, Prue and Andy are still in the attic picking up the mess. "I don't understand what they want from me," Michael says

"The son of a bitch is taunting poor Michael," Andy informs Prue.

"Didn't they get vanquished though?" Prue says looking towards Michael.

"I thought so too, although there is a rumor in the underworld about a demon casting an evil spell to bring back people." Michael explains.

"So when Ralph and Max were brought back…" Andy starts.

"The contract agreement came back too," Michael finishes.

An invisible demon, Andres' brother, another spirit of rage, that Max hired holds his hand out towards Piper and she suddenly gets enraged. "You never should have signed the stupid thing anyway," Piper scolds.

"Sorry, it's not like I had a choice," Michael argues.

"Well maybe if you weren't taken by demons every other month then you wouldn't be in this position now would you?" Piper rants on.

Michael looks to the ground as if he was about to cry, "No, I wouldn't," He admits.

Andy looks up from the book of Shadows, "Piper, easy," He warns.

Michael looks up to her and says "What is your problem?"

"You are!" She yells "Thinking you're so cool that you're a demon and a witch, well, let me tell you something, you're only as powerful as any other ordinary witch in the world."

"Why are you being so mean?" Michael asks her with a complaining tone.

"Because you're always in danger, Michael, just like before," Piper says.

"Easy Piper, that's our cousin," Prue scolds her.

"No, look, I am tired of battling demons, even the ones that go after you, I mean cant the Charmed Ones get a day off around here?" She rambles "And I am tired of you making my sister worry about you when she's pregnant, I mean come on," she yells leaving the attic.

"You don't have to worry about that much longer because I am going to be living with Zeke after all of this," Michael yells.

"Mikey…" Prue tries.

"Don't half of what she said was true," He says storming off out the attic door.

Old abandoned place

Max and Ralph flame in, "We weren't after the mortal," Max says. "We are after Gonzalez, we need him to make the plan work, the only way to alter history and become rules of the underworld and the human world."

"But how…" Ralph starts to ask.

Max holds up a piece of paper "By making him cast this spell to turn ahead in time."

"How do we get him?" Ralph asks.

"Leave that to me," Max says flaming out.


Michael is looking at the book of shadows and he is looking at the page about Max and Ralph. "High level demon," he reads aloud. "Ancient prophecies tell he is un-vanquishable and can only be destroyed by his weaknesses or the chosen one…"

Mikey, we are leaving for a little bit we will be back soon, Prue informs him telepathically.

Michael reads on from the book, the phone downstairs rings and startles Michael. He flames down stairs, unaware of Max being in the house, the machine comes on, "Mikey, where are you?" Zeke's voice says.

Michael puts his hands to his face "Oh, I forgot about setting up for homecoming," He says to himself.

Zeke carries on, "Well, call back when you can, I got to go," the machine saves the message and Michael picks up the phone to call Zeke back, "Hello?" Zeke says.

"Yeah, hey man, sorry, I'll be there as soon as possible," Michael says looking for the homecoming banner to take with him. "Whoa!" Michael screams as he sees Max standing behind him, he drops the phone too.

"I'm back," Max says forming an energy ball, he throws it.

Michael jumps out of the way and the energy ball hits the basement door. He runs out to the dining room.

Max forms another energy ball, a little more powerful than the one before, and throws it. Michael flames out of the way and the energy ball hits the homecoming banner. Michael flames back in, "Do you have any idea how mad my best friend is going to be?" Michael says throwing his own energy ball at Max who flames out.

Michael goes back into the kitchen to get back to Zeke, he picks up the phone, but Max flames in and grabs him from behind, he grabs a knife from the counter and puts it up to Michael's throat.

There is a swirl of blue and white lights as Rosaline orbs in, "Mikey, we have to go help Zeke…" She pauses upon seeing Max.

Max looks at her "I don't want to hurt you, girl," He says, "Get out of here," He commands.

"It's Rosaline not girl, and you aren't my father so why don't you command someone who actually gives a damn," Rosaline retorts to him.

Max throws Michael to the floor and flames out, "Okay, attic now," Michael says as he climbs the stairs.

Rosaline sees Max flame back in with Ralph, "Mikey," She cries.

He goes back down, "No," Michael yells. Michael runs towards them and uses Phoebe's levitation power to levitate and knock them to the floor, "Rosaline, get out of here," Michael says.

"Mikey, watch out," Rosaline says as an energy ball hits him from behind and he is thrown into the table.

"Ow!" Michael says.

Max walks over to him to keep him pinned down by putting his foot on Michael's chest, "I'll kill her," Max threatens.

Max nods towards Ralph, who conjures an athame, "No…" Michael yells, as Ralph throws the athame Michael throws his hand out "To where ever Prue and Andy are," He says and Rosaline is engulfed in a bright flame and is gone.

"Ha. Ha. Ha. Now he's ours." Max says to Ralph. He leans down and whispers "We'll find her, we'll find all the people you care about, and we'll kill them,"

"Please, what do you want form me?" Michael asks him.

"You," Max says. "Your powers and…" Max says with a kind of grin "Your life," Max grabs Michael and Ralph and they flame out.

Old abandoned building

Michael, Max and Ralph flame in, "Move and your dead, understand?" Max says to Michael, who nods in fear. He turns to Ralph, "Watch him, don't screw this up," He says before flaming out.


Prue and Andy are walking around in the parking lot of P3, "I'm worried about Mikey he hasn't checked in yet," Prue says looking at Andy.

Andy looks at her and says "It's been ten minutes since he last checked in,"

"Ok, so I'm worried about him," Prue says. "There is a demon after him, I just want him to be safe," Prue explains. "And after Piper's little temper tantrum towards him this morning,"

"Mikey can handle himself," Andy says stopping his train of thought upon remembering something "Didn't you say Michael and Zeke faced this demon before?"

"Yeah, when I was under the empathic curse, Why?" Prue asks.

"Because Mikey told me something about the book of shadows opening to the demon, every time he tries to read about the current situation," Andy explains.

There is an orange glow beside Andy and Prue as Rosaline appears, "Rosaline what are you doing here sweetie?" Prue asks her as she becomes corporeal.

"Mikey, he…he…flamed me here…" She says almost in tears and out of breath.

"Where is he?" Andy asks her starting to get worried.

"At the manor, some demons attacked and he saved me," Rosaline explains.

Prue and Andy look at each other, "Okay, here's what we'll do. Andy you call Piper and Phoebe tell them to meet me at the Manor, Rosaline and I will go and help Mikey," Andy nods in agreement and Rosaline orbs out with Prue.

Andy grabs his phone and dials Piper's cell phone number, "Hey, Piper, Mikey was attacked at home and Prue wants you to meet her there,"

Oh my god, ok on our way,

"Ok," Andy says getting in the car and speeding off to the house.


Bright white and blue orbs light up the manor as Rosaline and Prue orb in and become corporeal. "Mikey," Prue calls out. No answer. "Mikey," She tries again. "Leo!" She yells.

Leo orbs in, "What's going on?" He asks. He looks around and sees a messed up house, "What happened in here?"

"That's what we want to know," Prue says.

The front door opens and Piper and Phoebe walk in, "Prue, what's going on Andy said Mikey was attacked," Piper rants on.

"Worse, Mikey is missing," Prue says. Prue suddenly realizes something, "Oh, god, go get Zeke hurry," she demands and he orbs out. She turns to Rosaline and says "We have to go warn Jared, he has to know Mikey is missing,"

"Ok, then I will go tell him," Rosaline says.

"I am going with you," Prue says. "Be sure to freeze the demons if they come for Zeke," Prue says to Piper who nods.

Rosaline and Prue orb out.


Prue and Rosaline orb in and start looking around, "Ugh, being down here scares me," Rosaline says.

"It's okay sweetie," Prue says to her. "Where's Jared's chambers at?"

"This way," Rosaline says leading Prue to Jared's area.


Andy bursts through the door as Leo orbs back into the house with Jake and Zeke. Not a minute sooner Max flames in. "Thanks for bringing the target for me," Max says walking towards Zeke.

"No," Piper says throwing her hands out and freezing Max, Leo and Jake. "Ok, Prue better get back soon,"


Demons are all around Prue and Rosaline, "Master Jared wishes not to be disturbed, leave," a guard says. The demon forms an energy ball.

Prue pulls Rosaline behind her as the guard throws the energy ball and she sends it back to him with a wave of her hand. She grabs Rosaline's hand and they are engulfed in a pink light and disappear.

They reappear beside Jared in his chambers, "Sorry to interrupt," Prue says, "We need to talk, it's about Michael,"

Jared turns to his demons, "Leave us," He says and they all shimmer and flame out. "What's wrong?"

"Some demons attacked him, Max and Ralph I believe," Prue says.

Jared's eyes widen, "M-max a-and Ralph?"

"Yes and we were hoping you would know who they were," Rosaline says.

"They are very powerful demons," Jared explains "The prophecy says that only the Chosen One can vanquish them,"

"And who is that?" Prue asks.

"No one knows," Jared says "It's been hidden even from us,"

"Well, Mikey tried to vanquish them and he did but they came back," Prue tells him, "Unless, they were never really vanquished…" She realizes,

"They wouldn't have been, that's why they were exiled a long time ago," Jared says. "Is Mikey all right?"

As Prue is about to speak she disappears in pink light.

"Let's go," Jared says grabbing Rosaline and flaming them out.

Old abandoned place

Ralph is staring at Michael, Michael is staring at Ralph, "He should be back by now," Ralph says.

"Well, he's not." Michael says.

"He will be," Ralph says.

"Why do you guys need me?" Michael asks

"To get us back to the underworld," Ralph says.

"Why?" Michael asks.

"To destroy you, your father, and the Source," Ralph explains. Michael squints his eyes, very much like Prue does, it's the only way to alter history, and rule the world. Ralph thinks in his mind. "Why are you staring at me?" Ralph asks. Michael doesn't answer but blink his eyes and Ralph flies back into the shelf, as Michael uses Prue's power.


Max, Jake and Leo are still frozen, Piper didn't want to take the chance of unfreezing Max. "I wonder what's taking Prue so long." Piper says to Phoebe.

"Well, whatever it is we are facing, we have potions, spells, amulets, we are ready for this battle," Phoebe says.

"Phoebe, I don't want what I said to Michael earlier to be the last thing I ever said to him. I mean I don't even know what came over me. I don't think he'll forgive me, I literally ran out on him in his time of need." Piper explains.

"Piper, we can worry about all that later, right now we need to focus on Mikey," Phoebe says grabbing Pipers hand and as she touches Piper, Phoebe suddenly has a premonition.


There is a set of crystals on the floor Michael has one is his hand, Max flames in, Michael drops the crystal and a cage forms.

End of premonition

"I think I just had a vision," Phoebe says aloud.

"About," Piper asks

"Mikey, I'm going to go scry for him," Phoebe says as Max, Leo and Jake unfreeze.

"Where is he?" Max asks, "Where's the other target?" He practically screams.

Prue teleports in at that moment, she sees Max standing there next to Jake, she swings her arm and sends him harshly into the wall. "Not my cousins friends," Prue taunts to Max.

"You cant do anything to me," Max says. "You cant vanquish me, not without the chosen one, I can keep haunting him for eternity until he finally gives me what I want,"

"And what might that be?" Prue asks him her eyes never leaving his.

"You'll see soon enough," Max says before grabbing Zeke, who was by Piper's side and flaming out.

"We have got to find them, Mikey would never forgive us if we let anything happen to Zeke," Prue says running up the stairs.

Abandoned place

Max and Zeke flame in and he throws Zeke to the ground, Max waves his hands and there is a shield on the window and doors, "No escaping this time, only I have to power to get you out of here," Max says "I'll be back," He flames out

Zeke looks like he is about to do something he'd regret, "I cannot believe this," Zeke says. "I cannot believe that we are in this position again,"

"Look, man, I'm sorry, I didn't even…" Michael tries to say but is interrupted.

"I don't care anymore, everything that I try to do ends up ruined or destroyed by you and your family," Zeke rants.

"I'm sorry," Michael apologizes.

"Stop, you always say that and you always get me involved, just stop!" Zeke yells. "You know, after all this just don't talk to me anymore."

Michael feels a sudden feeling of loss in his heart, first Piper, now Zeke, Michael couldn't help but tear up.

Golden Gate Bridge

Jared and Rosaline flame in, "I know one of you can hear me, I need to talk to you," Jared says.

An elder, male and a black robe, orbs in and recognizes him, "Jared, wonderful to see you again,"

"As to you," Jared says to the elder.

The elder looks at Rosaline and says, "I am Gideon,"

Jared looses his patience "Forget that, Michael was taken by demons, long ago exiled, they are taunting the Charmed Ones and Michael's closes friends,"

"I'll see what I can do," Gideon says orbing out.

Jared waits till the orbs die down before saying "Thank you," and flaming out.

Abandoned place

Max flames back in and says, "Get up,"

Michael gets up and Max uses a blast of his own telekinetic power to pull a chair up and hold Michael there, Max forms a fireball and holds it up. Michael looks at Zeke and then back to Max, "Ok, I'll help you, on one condition,"

"I'm listening," Max says.

"Let Zeke go and leave my family alone and, I promise I'll give you whatever it is you want," Michael says earning a look from Zeke.

Ralph, now back in consciousness, conjures an athame, readying it at Zeke. Max puts the fireball out stares at Michael for about ten minutes before putting his other arm down and saying, "You know just get him out of here," Max says as Michael gets out of the chair, but Max grabs his arm and says "But, if you are not back here tomorrow by mid-night I promise I'll make your life hell. Then I'll kill your family, your father your friends even your cousins."

"Understood," Michael says flaming he and Zeke out he bounces off the shield as Max lets the shield down.

Ralph walks up to Max, "Why did you let him leave? I thought you were gonna make him suffer,"

"Because he looked pretty beaten up as it was," Max says calmly.


Michael and Zeke flame in mid-air and fly into most of the demons standing by Jared. He looks around. Jared is standing before them, "You need to be more careful." Jared says.

"I know, I just…" Michael says.

"Is it true you made a deal with Max months ago?" Jared says in a tone of anger.

"Yes, but…" Michael tries,

"Did you know Max was exiled long ago? Did you know no one can vanquish him?" Jared yells.

"No, I didn't," Michael says looking to the ground.

"Because he doesn't pay attention," Zeke says aloud to himself.

"Yeah well, I don't care anymore," Jared says "Just go. Get out of my underworld." Jared commands.

"Dad, I…" Michael tries to get through to him.

"I said Get Out," Jared yells as a stream of fire comes out of Jared's eyes and hits Michael sending him backwards. "And I don't ever want you coming back down here again, you don't belong here, is that clear?"

"Crystal clear, my liege," Michael says.

"That's a little harsh, My Liege," Cole says walking into the view of the three people.

"Belthazor, this doesn't concern you, and I don't care anymore, Michael can get lost for all I care. I'm done. It's exactly what Teresa did when she was still alive." Jared says.

"Cole, please just take me home, dad doesn't want me apart of his life anymore, so I guess I'll see you around, Jared." Michael says before he and Cole shimmer out.

Jared waves his hand and Zeke is flamed out.


Prue and Andy are in the attic, Prue is saying the to call a lost witch spell. "Prue, this is the third time you've said the spell, it wont work," Andy says.

"Well, something has to work," Prue snaps.

Suddenly, the book of shadows flips to the page on Belthazor, "Cole," Prue whispers.

Cole and Michael shimmer in at that moment, "Prue," Michael says.

Prue looks behind Andy and says "You look like you have been through hell,"

"Yeah, um, where are…" Michael says as they hear a crash down stairs.

"Piper! Phoebe!" Prue yells.

They all run down stairs, Piper is trying to freeze the demon but he fights through it. "Stop it," Michael says. The demon walks towards Michael who, freezes up upon seeing him. But to his surprise the demon was sent flying backwards. "You," Michael manages to let out before freezing up again.

"Mikey, we need you," Phoebe yells. "Now's your chance vanquish him,"

The demon gets up and looks at all the people in the room before shimmering out. "Mikey, you okay?" Prue asks him.

"No, I'm not okay," Michael says before going upstairs to his room.

Upstairs, Michael slams his door closed, "Mikey, what's going on?" Rosaline asks

"It's all my fault, I never should have signed that stupid contract," Michael says finally losing it.

"It's ok," Rosaline says.

"No its not everything is not okay, some psychos have me in their sights, my best friend wants nothing to do with me, my father doesn't want to see me anymore, and now the demon that killed my mom, is out to get me," Michael explains.

"Mikey i…" Rosaline says only to be cut off my Michael.

"Rosaline please I just need to be alone right now," Michael says storming off into the attic.

In the closet, Max was eavesdropping, he looks to the ground and sees an old photo of Michael and Zeke, he picks it up only to find small orbs pushing the two teenagers apart. "Oh, my," he says to himself.

Zeke, can we talk please? Michael tries to ask.

Michael doesn't look at anything he just stares at the floor while wrapped up in a blanket, sitting on the couch. He's writing in his notebook about his life. Dear Journal, I have lost a lot in one day. I've lost my best friend, I've been exiled from the underworld, and one of my cousins thinks I'm a danger kid. Why do I always set a bad example when I try to protect the ones I love. And on top of that I have to honor the deal that was made months ago…I don't want my family hurt because of this…

Michael writes more before he passes out on the couch, Max comes out of hiding and walks up to the note book and reads what is written. He looks at the sleeping Michael, "I am so sorry my liege, I never meant for this to get out of hand," He sees the bracelet that Michael had always been wearing, "Is that a friendship bracelet?" Max wonders to himself he grabs it and yanks it off before he is suddenly thrown across the room by a wave of Prue's hand.

"Get away from him," Prue orders.

Michael wakes up at the crashing of the shelf, he gets up and forms an energy ball and throws it at Max. It barely even phases him as he gets up. He grabs Michaels hand and pulls him into a choke hold. Max forms a fireball.

Prue waves her hand again and sends Michael and Max flying. "Prue, don't, I have to honor the deal I made, tell Piper and Phoebe I love them," he says before he mouths the words 'I love you' to Prue and Andy before he is flamed out with Max.

"Mikey," Andy yells in the empty attic.

Old abandoned place

Michael and Max flame in. Michael glows before stumbling backwards and falling to a chair. Max and Ralph look in complete wonder at him, "What's happening to me?" Michael asks.

"Your power is weakening," Max starts to explain, "Your friend and the bonds that you had have been severed," he looks at Michael, "Your power is weakened,"

"Because of you," Michael yells, "You tricked me into signing the contract,"

"I will make you a deal, I am giving you this potion that will give you an hour to get your girlfriend to kiss you, the kiss of true love that is. If she does kiss you before the hour is up, you'll become human permanently and have no interference with me and my brother ever again. But if she doesn't you turn back to the way you are now."

Max pulls Ralph back a few feet before whispering, "Maybe we should let him go," Ralph says.

"No I will see him suffer, and his father," Max says walking over to him. He says a spell in a weird language.

Michael closes his eyes and feels all the pain suffered throughout the years, when he opens his eyes they are very black, his voice is very demonic, and Max says, "Get to your book and get the spell, don't disappoint me, destroy anything or anyone in your way,"

Michael nods and flames out,


Rosaline and her father, Steven, walk into the attic door, Prue and Andy look up from the book. "Hey," Rosaline says.

"Hey," Prue says, "I cannot find anything else out about this demon that took Michael,"

"I tried calling Zeke but it went to voicemail," Rosaline says.

"Let me see," Steven Sanchez says and Prue flips the book around. He looks at the page.

Rosaline sees Michael's notebook and reads what's inside it, 'To my best friends Zeke and Rosaline,' she reads. Prue, Andy and Steven look at her. She looks at the picture taped to the inside of her and Zeke and Michael. 'To my two bestest friends, I love the both of you, I cant imagine anything happening to you guys,'

Andy takes the notebook and reads, 'Dear Andy, you are the one I saved years ago, I know you don't approve of me doing things to save this family, ever since Piper's wedding I have been scared of you, your baby cousin-in-law, Mikey.'


Zeke is helping people set up for homecoming, "Here you go," Zeke says handing the people Zeke hired some money,

"No need, it's already been paid for," The guy says,

"What," Zeke says confused.

"Yeah, this letter came," The guy says giving it to Zeke.

Zeke looks at it, Zeke, sorry for not being able to help you with this homecoming thing. Sorry for destroying the homecoming banner, don't worry about the payments all of the cost is coming out of my…cousins paycheck actually she offered but that's beside the point. Take care, hope to see you at homecoming, your former pal, Mikey. "Aw that is so nice, I guess I should have taken his call, hey maybe he left a message," He says to himself pulling out his cell phone.


Jared is looking at a picture of Michael, Teresa and himself. "Oh, what have I done," He asks himself. He looks up and says, "Teresa I cant keep it from him any longer, I have to tell him about your mother still being alive. He has the right to know."


Prue, Andy and Steven are in the attic, "What do they need with Mikey?" Prue questions aloud.

Andy sees an orange glow by the attic door, "Prue,"

"We need to find a way to vanquish them," Prue goes on.

Andy tries again, "Prue,"

She looks to where he is looking and they see Michael eavesdropping, "Mikey…" Rosaline says as she is pushed back a little bit, by the baby.

He looks at Prue, "You're in my way," Michael says in his demonic voice as he forms an energy ball.

"Mikey…" Rosaline tries again.

Andy pulls her back, "Don't, that's not Mikey anymore," He says.

Michael advances on Prue, Andy, Steven and Rosaline. Piper and Phoebe appear in the attic behind Michael. Phoebe throws a potion at him and he is thrown to the other side of the room.

He gets up and forms an energy ball. Prue throws her arm out, planning on sending him flying but he only goes stumbling backwards a few steps. "My powers are stronger than yours, Prue." Michael says in his demonic voice. He forms an energy ball and is about to throw it. Rosaline steps forward and throws both her hands out and shoots Michael with ice. As she is trying to put Michael in ice, Prue thinks before casting a spell,

Take my powers blessed be

Multiply its strength by three

There is a swirl of orbs around Prue as she suddenly multiplies into three.

The three Prue's look at each other and join hands, and narrow their eyes and Rosaline is pulled off the ground and floats over to behind Prue. They look at Michael and narrow their eyes and Michael is thrown backwards into the wall, nearly through the wall.

He gets up and flames over to the book, he tries to grab it but it glows and flies away from the pedestal.

Max and Ralph flame in and Michael sends an energy ball directly towards (Real) Prue, she throws her hand out and sends it to Ralph, who is vanquished, "Don't make me do this Mikey," (Real) Prue warns.

Prue (A) and Prue (B) Disappear.

Michael forms a larger energy ball and tries again. She throws her hand out and sends it back to him and he blows up.

Piper freezes Max. Little buzzing black dots start flying around as Michael is resurrected.

Downstairs Zeke bursts through the door and sees the house is a mess. He grabs a potion from the side of Michael's backpack and heads upstairs.

Michael forms another energy ball as Zeke walks in, "Hello Zeke," He says throwing the energy ball, Zeke dodges it. Zeke throws the potion and Michael is turned back to himself. Zeke looks at the broken friendship bracelet on the floor.

"No," Max says. "You turned him back," he throws a fireball at Prue from behind and she flies into a shelf. Zeke tries running towards Michael but Max sends him flying out the window. Max looks towards Michael "I told you I'd kill them if you didn't help me," Rosaline throws ice towards Max but it only hits his chest. "How many more have to die for you to do as I ask?" Max asks throwing a fireball at Rosaline, who is thrown into the wall.

Max looks at Michael, "The spell if you will,"

Michael grabs the book and opens to a spell, I hope you know what you're doing. Andy says telepathically.

Hear the words, hear the rhyme,

Heed the hope, within my mind,

Send me back to where I'll find,

What I wish in place and time,

A blue triquetra opens on the wall. "Now it's time to change history," Max says walking into the portal.

"No," Michael yells running in after him,

"Mikey," Andy yells chasing after Michael.

Manor 1969

There is a blue glow on the wall as Andy and Michael come flying through and landing on stuff. "Ow, ok we need to stop Max before he changes history," Michael says running to the book only to find it not there. "Where's the book?" he sees the calendar, "1989," Michael yells. "We need to get out of here,"

Andy and Michael join hands and flame out.

Manor: Present day

Leo and Natalie orb in and see everyone knocked out. "Oh, my," Leo says. He kneels down and heals Prue. Natalie goes and heals Zeke.

Rosaline's wound is engulfed in an ice form and heals completely. "Where's Mikey?" She asks.

"I don't know, and Andy isn't here either," Prue says.

"Why would a demon want to turn Michael evil?" Piper questions as she looks at the book. She sees the time travel spell, "Oh," She mumbles. "I think I found Michael and Andy," she says as the others look at the page.

Prue gets a powerful feeling inside of her as she is surrounded by a flash of pink light and disappears.

Some building in San Francisco: 1969

Michael and Andy flame into a building and see a door. "Wait a minute," He says recognizing the place. A door is about to open and Michael and Andy panic and hide. "Ok, we need to find Max." Michael whispers.

Andy gets up and says "Mikey," tapping on his back, or rather pulling him into his arms and they see Max throw a fireball at them. Michael flames himself and Andy out allowing the fireball to go right through the rematerializing flames as they flame back in. "Stay down," Michael says pulling him down.

"Do something," Andy whispers.

Michael looks around and sees a vase. "Vase," He says and it flames through the air and hits Max from behind.

Suddenly, white orbs surround Andy, Max and Michael and they disappear.

Two guys in white suits, the cleaners, start to erase the events of Michael's actions.

Manor (Present day: Changed)

Michael and Andy appear in the center of the attic in bright orbs and become corporeal. They look around only to find darkness all over. "What the…" Michael says.

Andy and Michael go downstairs and open the door, "What did we do?" Andy asks upon seeing the darkness all over San Francisco.

Michael looks down and sees a newspaper, which he picks up. He looks at it, Max's Picture is on the newspaper. "Rulers of the world Max and Ralph," Michael says.

"We're back," Max says in a very deep demonic voice as he flames in with Ralph.

"What did you change? Why did you do this?" Michael asks as Max and Ralph advance towards him. Little did they know Prue teleports in behind them.

"You're a failure," Max begins. "You screw everything up, you said it yourself a while ago," Max says his demonic voice getting scarier. Prue hides behind a shelf in the other room and listens in. "if you weren't a failure, you'd still have someone to look after you."

"I have someone," Michael states before freezing up.

"The Charmed One's you mean?" Max asks him. He holds his hand out over Michael gaining control over him, "There nothing more than dumb witches looking after a stupid immature brat, who is about to die himself. And then they'll die."

"You wouldn't dare to touch them," Michael threatens.

"Why would we want to, when we have you now," Ralph says flaming a knife into his hand.

Max gives Ralph a wait sign. Max turns back to Michael, "Dear Child, did you ever consider that maybe your cousin was right a few months ago. Maybe the demon that killed your mom was really after you." Michael thinks for a moment before Max continues, but in a demonic voice again, "Your ass is mine again," when he touches Michael, Michael reads his thoughts, Anyone you tell of your actions of turning back time, will be in danger,

Suddenly, Jake walks in through the back door with some kind of potion and runs to the dining room. He sees Max and Ralph. The same time Prue comes out of the other room. Jake throws the potion at Max and he is thrown backwards.

Max throws a fireball at Jake but he dodges it. Jake throws his own hand out and shoots electricity from his hand vanquishing Ralph. The knife drops to the ground. Michael's eyes widen, "The Chosen One," he mumbles.

Max gets up and runs towards Michael, only for Michael to be thrown across the room with what seemed to be a powerful blast of telekinesis. Jake holds his hands out and shoots Max with electricity and then he is vanquished.

Michael picks up the knife and looks at it. He looks up to the ceiling and then to Prue. He shouts and screams. Before he can do anything though, he, Prue and Andy are surrounded by bright white orbs and disappear.

Manor (Present: Regular)

Prue, Andy and Michael become corporeal. Michael flames out before Piper and Phoebe could get down the stairs. "Where's Mikey," Phoebe asks.

"He flamed out," Andy says.

Outside/Rosaline's house

Michael flames in outside by the park and starts walking. He drinks the potion, the white and black orbs of his power floats out of him.

Michael walks over to Rosaline's house and knock on the door. No answer. he walks back home.


Michael walks into the house and sees Rosaline, "Rosaline," He says.

"Mikey, thank goodness your all right," She says.

Michael looks at the clock and thinks to himself, One minute left. He looks at Rosaline, "If you kiss me before 9' o clock I'll remain human." He explains.

Prue, Piper, Phoebe, Andy and Steven are all on the stairs above them watching.

Rosaline looks at him, he is about to make his move but she stops him, "It's the magical you I fell in love with," She says smiling.

The clock chimes and Michael and Rosaline are surrounded by the blue light coming from above them on the chandelier. The white and black orbs of Michael's power return to him.

He looks at her and says "Rosaline, would you like to go to the homecoming dance with me?"

She tears up, a little, "Yes," She says before they flame out.

An Apartment building

Jared flames in and knocks on a door. Some lady opens up and says, "Jared,"

"I need to show you something," He says taking her hand and flaming out.


Michael and Rosaline flame in and walk towards the gym. They walk in and hear Zeke on the microphone. "Please, excuse us we are having technical difficulties, the music people are not here yet."

Michael looks at Rosaline, "I'll be right back," He leaves the gym. He walks up into the office and gets on the computer and hacks his way into Zeke's iPod. He plays the music and he puts a speaker to a microphone.

"We are very sorry too…" Zeke starts and is cut off by the music playing on the loud speaker. Michael walks back in. A slow song comes on and Zeke sits on a table and watches everyone dancing with there dates.

Michael and Rosaline are slow dancing. Rosaline sees Zeke being lonely at a table. "Maybe you should go talk to Zeke," She suggests.

"What if he wont talk to me?" Michael asks. Rosaline gives him the, 'Go talk to him' look. "Ok, I'm going," Michael says.

Prue, Piper, Phoebe, Cole, Andy and Leo all walk in.

He walks up to Zeke, "Hey, date never showed up?" Michael asks pulling up a chair next to him.

Zeke looks at him, "No, I have been a little busy with this homecoming thing, besides who would want to date a loser like me anyway?"

Michael looks at him and says "Zeke, you are not a loser," Michael sees a girl that Zeke likes standing behind them, "Look, man, just talk to her ok," Michael concludes before getting up, "I can understand if you still don't want to talk to me anymore. Just think about what I said," Michael says rolling up his sleeves and revealing the destroyed friendship bracelet, before walking off back to Rosaline, who was talking to the girl Zeke likes.

The girl Zeke likes walks up to Zeke, "Hey, wanna dance," She asks him.

Zeke gets up and sees Rosaline and Michael behind them, talking to each other. Prue walks up to behind Zeke and pats his shoulder, "Can I talk to you for a second sweetie?" She asks.

Zeke says "Yeah," He turns to the girl he likes "I'll be right back," Zeke says to her walking away with Prue.

Prue shows him the note Michael left in his notebook and Zeke almost has tears in his eyes. He looks for Michael. He spots him by a wall leaning on it talking to Andy. "Come on," Prue says as they walk towards Michael and Andy.

Zeke stops in front of them and says, "Andy, may I talk to Mikey alone please?"

"You bet," Andy says.

Andy and Prue stand behind Zeke several feet away.

Zeke stares at the friendship bracelet Michael is wearing, "Is that the friendship bracelet I made you last year?" Zeke asks.

"Yeah, it kind of got destroyed though," Michael says.

"You kept it this long?" Zeke asks.

Michael looks at Piper and nods. She freezes the entire gym.

Michael nods, "Yeah," Michael says taking it off. "But you aren't my friend," Michael says. Zeke is about to say something but Michael goes on, "You're more than that, you're like my brother," Michael says putting a hand in his pocket and pulling out a bracelet that says 'Bro's for life' on it.

Zeke looks at it then gives Michael a very tight hug, "I'm sorry for what I said before," He starts crying and Michael pulls him into a hug and Zeke cries on Michaels shoulder, "Thank you, Mikey. Thank you for walking into my life, thank you so much for watching over me," Zeke says crying harder.

"You're welcome, Zeke," Michael says as Prue, Piper, Phoebe, Cole, Andy and Leo all circle around Michael and Zeke.

Zeke says, "I hate arguing and fighting with you man,"

"I know, I know, it's all right man," Michael says.

Michael feels a strong feeling in his heart as his friendship is being restored. The picture of Michael and Zeke; lying in Michaels closet, white orbs surround the two making them as close as they were before.

Zeke is crying so hard he can barely talk, he manages to let out, "I love you Mikey,"

"I love you too, Zeke," Michael says not letting Zeke out of his arms.

"Me too," Rosaline says hugging Michael and Zeke.

"Us too," Prue says as she and her sisters hug the three teenagers standing before them. Cole, Andy and Leo join the hug too.

Prue, Piper, Phoebe, Cole, Leo, Andy and Rosaline stop hugging as Michael is still talking to Zeke.

"Is it all right if I get my best friend back?" Michael asks.

Zeke nods and says, "I don't want to lose you, you're the one I look up to, you are my big brother," Zeke says.

"Don't worry, you won't lose me, I promise, brothers stick together forever." Michael says. Mikey, take him somewhere to talk these guys could unfreeze any minute, Piper says telepathically. "Let's go home, little brother," Michael says forming the brightest of flames and flaming out.


Michael and Zeke flame into the attic. They start talking again before going down the stairs. Downstairs Jared and the lady, Teresa's Mother, Scarlet, flame in. "Stay here," Jared says flaming out.

Michael and Zeke are walking down the stairs and Michael stops upon seeing the woman in front of him. She takes a step or two forward, "Michael,"

"Yeah, it's really me," He says finally realizing who the woman is, "Hi, grandma Scarlet," He says.

"I need to get home Hun," She says.

"I got things to do," He says before waving his arm, "Her home," He calls and she flames out.

"We need to go," Michael says flaming out.


Michael and Zeke flame in. Demons are standing before them. "Master Michael," The demons say kneeling.

"Well, someone is looking rather fine today," A female demon says walking into the cavern. Her eyes on Michael,

Michael looks at her weird, "Um, thanks," He says slowly. Grabbing Zeke's hand, "Bye," Michael says shimmering he and Zeke to his fathers chambers.

Michael and Zeke shimmer in and are thrown backwards by a powerful force. They hit a wall as Jared's minion advances on them. One conjures a sword.

Michael rolls on the ground dodging the sword as a minion tries to slice him. Jared approaches the fight. "Ok enough of this," Michael says shimmering to behind the demon. Michael throws out his hand, "Sword," He calls and it flames to him. He throws it at the demon who is engulfed in flames.

More and more demons advance on Michael and Zeke, "Oops, forgot about being exiled," Michael says flaming he and Zeke out to safety.

"After them," A head minion says.

"No, stop," Jared commands

"You were only supposed to scare them not try to kill them," Jared says.

"Understood," The head minion says shimmering out.

Manor: Attic

Michael and Zeke shimmer in, "Ok, we cant tell the sisters about what's going on," Michael says. Zeke looks at him weird, "If they find out, they'll be in as much danger as we are, I don't think they remember what happened before though,"

Old abandoned place

Max and Ralph flame in, there is another demon there, "Did you do it?"

"Yes, I think I've scared him into believing that the evil does exist, soon we'll have him once again,"

The demon shows his face, he looks like a grimlock, "Good,"

Manor: Downstairs

Prue and Andy enter the house, "I'm worried about Mikey, he's been acting so strange, talking to people who aren't there, he's been acting weird since Shax attacked a few days ago,"

"We'll figure it out honey," Andy says comfortingly

"Hopefully," Prue says eying the door and flicking her finger and telekinetically closing it.