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Pairings: Robanny, Obsessive Meddler (those are the only ones I've known or have so far. I will list more later if it does comes up)

The last day of school is the most relaxing day for lunch. No more homework, no more detention, and lateness to class. Everyone is eager to start their summer, but we're not like everyone. Jazz has grown older for the past two years and already finished her first year of college. Her hair has gotten longer and into a ponytail instead of a headband like she usually wears. She has grown greater disappointment towards her education since she already knew all of them. She's waiting for the skill or hand-on courses. At the moment, she's reading adult and mental psychology – getting a year ahead already. Tucker outgrown the need of his beret and letting his hair grows for once! Of course, as happy as a senior he is, he's the valedictorian of our class. His obsession with technologies hasn't stopped, but improved. He formed almost every digital or device into holographic touch screen. So far, only his PDA is what everyone is seeing him use. If it is anything else, his backpack, watch, cell phone, and glasses are used for ghost emergency. Sam has let her hair grown longer to her shoulders and less…gothic she used to be. She's more into dark fashion, though. She's been studying everything that can relate to the ghost zone or ghosts, in case of anything. After learning about Pandora Box, Sam was quick to study as much as she can. She finally figured out how to get healthy food out (more of vegetarian), by donating money and request the company to use these money for actual vegetarian food. The school, restaurants, and ice cream shops were pleased and willing to accept that to meet her requirement. That brought up their business even large due to vegetarians, healthy eaters, and diet eaters were fanatical about more options to eat.

Things have changed over the past two years. We're finally glad to be graduating and say goodbye to high school. My hair grew too, but not so much or a big deal. It only grew in the back to a few inches. My fighting skills have improved and I managed to pass high school with an okay average. It was better than freshman year, I'd tell myself that. There hasn't been a serious dating for me since Sam and I dated. We tried for months, tried again, and nothing seems to work out well. We gave up by the sixth time we broke up. There wasn't a point to it and we remained as friends anyway. To me, I had to focus on my education and getting through my life.

We're sitting outside for lunch, Jazz visiting us to spend time before going to part time work, and she brought cookies for us. Tucker loves her cookies and sky dived for them. Dash walked by and winked at me. I was confused…

I leaned over to Sam and whispered to her, "Why is he winking at me?"

Sam looked to see Dash winking at me one more time, "That's because the jock is flirting with you. According to Kwan, he flirts by winking to whoever he likes and gives them ahead up that he might ask you out."

My tilted, "So, he's gay?"

"The rumor was confirmed last year," Tucker joined in, "Paulina admitted it that he has a crush on Kwan's second cousin's best friend. They dated for a couple of months and it broke Dash's heart."

My head nodded, "Thanks. But I'm not worried, I'll say no anyway."

Jazz shrugged, "He's not that bright and you'd probably prefer someone smart like Sam and compatible."

I groaned, "Sam and I aren't dating anymore or ever again to each other."

Sam nodded, "Yeah, it didn't work out well for us. So, I doubt I'd be your sister-in-law someday, Jazz." She pointed out obviously.

"What is the problem?" She set her book down.

"Her parents hate me," I mentioned.

Sam crossed her arms, "We barely agreed anything about our future planning, even with raising a kid!"

"Or when girls come to talk me and she accuses that I'm cheating." I pointed out.

She nodded, "Or he gets upset when I do not tell him something right away."

We were done, but we made our point. My sister whistled and understood where this was going. We took our time eating lunch and –

Oh, no. A ghost really had to interrupt my lunch time on a last day of school? Why? I stood up and climbed up the tree behind us. Dash is watching, but everyone knows I am the first person to disappear. I made sure I was in the dark and difficult area to see and transformed to Phantom. I went invisible and flew around to find the ghost.

There's a dart flying right at me and I appeared immediately. The design was metallic gray and it was following me. I knew who this was and fled out of the way. The laughter in the air has informed me he was nearby.

"You know, Skulker, it's the last day of school and you had to pick today? What happened? Your girlfriend kicked you out of the house?" I commented.

"I will have your pelt and she will never have me out of the house!" His shout seem to be impossible to change.

Skulker hasn't given up hunting me – because of his deep obsession. He would come out if he feels it is a 'perfect' time to hunt and get me as a present for Ember. I hadn't expect them to be dating each other, but who knows. Right now, the dart was literally on my tail and I had to pick up the speed. So the speed increases as much as I could, I checked to see, and shocked to see it was almost catching up to me! I needed to stop Skulker and blasted the dart with ice blast against it. The dart froze and slowly falling down to the ground. At least it's not within crowded of people or anyone nearby. It exploded by the time the dart hits the ground.

Skulker followed me and I hit him with the darker green ectoblast at him. He was trying to avoid each blast I've got held inside of me. His armor on the shoulder pulled out the laser and struck out in my direction. He attempted to get me lose my power temporarily. The accelerator flight has picked up and managed to get him lose track of me by sight. It took him a while to locate where I may be and he needs to be stop!

I knew too well that his suit is ghost blast resistence, but not ghostly wail…unfortunately, he knew I can't use that power to stop him unless it's an emergency. I flew quickly over to my team members – where everyone else is inside the building but them – and took a deep breath.

"Sam, Tucker, I need you both to get the Fenton Thermos ASAP! Jazz, do you have the Fenton Peeler?" My friends did not waste time and Tucker used his back to turn into holographic scooter for two.

Jazz nodded, "Yes, what's the plan for him?"

"I need to distract him for a little while and you can try to shed down his suit until it's the layer where I can destroy the rest myself." I explained.

She grasped that quickly, "Got it. You start up now and make sure he's close and you are out of the way."

My thumb appeared up for her and I flew out of the school's courtyard. Skulker seems to find me already and blasting at me with the laser. I managed to get into a tornado on Skulker – which he hates to be reminder of Ember – and missed me several time. Woohoo! I can't believe he still hasn't figured it out how to stop me when I'm practically circling him in a phenomenal speed.

"Hold still, will you! Accept yourself as a place of my pelt prize!" He burst out at me.

My eyes rolled and knowing that will be impossible to make it happen. Skulker may be a tiny ghost, but he has a huge obsession to his reputation as the ghost zone's greatest hunter. He doesn't know that my team and I are the best, only we return everyone back to their home.

Jazz was fully suited in the Fenton Peeler and ready for action. I lowered down to the ground and be prepared to trick him. Skulker still thinks I'm in that tornado flying trick, but he hasn't noticed his tracker device – which takes about five or seven seconds. His head jerked down and flew immediately to my whereabouts. Jazz tipped herself over closely without given noticed and I was ready to escape before her action takes over.

My knees bent down and my feet pounced up to flight again-


A massive air pressure against my body has nearly made me lose control of my flying ability. Jazz collapsed and Skulker was startled as he fell down to the ground. It took a few seconds to grasp what had happened. I turned over to the direction where the rough wind had came from and checked sky high to its location.


"NO!" My core was beating so hard, couldn't think straight of anything else.

"Danny, what's wrong? What happened?" Jazz managed to get back on her feet and looked up at me.

I knew there wasn't a time to waste. I snatched Jazz and flew us over to the direction. She turned pale as she realized what had happened. She made sure her Fenton Peeler wasn't in active mode and shuts it down. We were seeing our home destroyed in pieces and flaming in fire to the rest of itself. A couple of buildings were destroyed, but not horrible as ours. It was still standing when ours weren't.

The beating inside my chest couldn't hold it together and too much. My eyes tried to check for my friends, but they were nowhere around. I was too choked up on the idea of anything happening to them. What was worse is our parents. I set Jazz down on the ground as I shifted to Fenton. The sirens were going off like crazy from every sense of direction. Everyone shouting, mumbling about the horrible explosion, and the worse to witness in this very town. No one had wanted to see something this terrible, especially on a first day of summer. Jazz held onto me tightly in her grip and cried on me. I was taller than her, so it helps…but…

I did not want to believe a thing. What was worse is that I sent…my best friends to their deathbed. Why did this happen? Jazz couldn't hold herself together anymore when her knees gave out. I held her up and stared at the building we called home.

Everything was gone. Mom…dad…Sam…and Tucker. They were gone and they were never coming back. They died in an explosion.

The police officers spotted us – since everyone knows us – and checked over us to see if we're alright. They were doing their job, but I refused to let anyone take my sister away from me right now. The firefighters were taking care the fire and cleaning up the street's damages. There were too many people in our surrounding. Jazz needed me right and there were no times to cry or wallow for the people we have lost. Our last time being with them was gone and there wasn't a thing we could have done. Clockwork hasn't showed up, so it means no evil has come or falling into the end of the world scenario. My emotions were off limits, but my oldest sibling was crying to the point she was not thinking straight anymore. Everything felt like a drag, but more of a dream. How much I could have wished it were a nightmare instead of a reality we are standing in right now.

Jazz wasn't easy to look after, but she took a shower at the hotel we're at. I finally opened my bank account and took a few of hundreds dollar for us to stay. She came out in blue robe, her hair completely wet, and her eyes lost. My head picked up and saw the pain she's in. I knew how she felt…losing our loves hasn't seem so real, but it's happening.

"H-h-how c-could this happen?" Her voice croaked.

My eyes drew down, "Mom and dad were working on something and a big mishap on the chemical. It was one of those chemicals that create bomb mix to real life bomber in action." I told her.

I found out before we got to the bank, but she wasn't nearby me when I found out. I told her I'd tell her after the shower. She accepted that, but it wouldn't be easy for us to stomach. We're both too devastated to handle anything.

It was ten hours ago when it happened. We couldn't eat right now, not with everything on our mind, and how shocking it to handle it. Let alone the fact those people are the closest and the only people we knew personally. Our parents did not even know the secret's truth. They were going to be finding out on my graduation day. No one even knew I was planning to do that and I had wished I have told them sooner. Somehow, I regretted not sooner.

Knock knock!

My head jerked at the door and puzzled about that. It was late and there was no way anyone could have been wanting to disturb us right now. We're sort of outside of Amity Park since no one knows who we are here. Jazz looked strictly ill with an unexpected guest. My hand gestured her to stay put and let me handle this. I walked up to the door and slowly opened it. A black suit caught my attention and greeted by sight.

"Vlad?" I was shocked to see him here, he wasn't happy nor upset, "What are you doing here? How…" My head shook, fruitloop.

He lowered his eyes, "Daniel, I figure your sister and you need some support. I came as soon as I could." He sighed miserably about it too.

He wasn't acting and I can tell. I wasn't in the mood to kick him out of the hotel – besides, this building isn't my home – and I let him in. He noticed it was a substitute home for us right now, but I don't care. It's somewhere we can sleep for now. Jazz picked up her head and saw him. Her lips quivered and she ran up to him. He was startled, but he hugged her back. I stood by my bed and recalling the past.

I was afraid. Afraid that Dan would be another repeat, but this time, it was because of my parents' invention that backfired. Still, I needed to keep my guards up around no matter what the situation in.

Vlad is comforting my sister and helping her at the best he could. He treated her respectfully, caring, and loving as a man he should be. Maybe having him here for today would work out, but I can understand him too. He was and used to be close to our parents. He understood exactly what we were going through and he's grieving with us. He's the only person that can relate to us in every situation we have.

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