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I had to admit; Robin did not waste our time leaving and told everyone right to the last minute before we left within five minutes. Dani was willingly to look after everyone and help in missions. She understood and supported my side mainly. Everyone else had an issue about leaving for these few days. Starfire complained how boring the place would be without him, but Dani wasn't too sure why yet. I had to pack a few clothes and he packed his own things – which I never saw him doing.

We managed to go towards the Slade Study room and it was to secure my teleportation privacy from Slade. That and he wanted to change clothes and put on his sunglasses. I managed to find out the weather's temperature and assumed it would be freezing with the windiness today. A dark red jacket did suit me well to blend in – hopefully.

"How does your teleporting ability works?" My heat had mate asked.

"Two ways…one is I have to know where. Two is where I hold your hand, and you think of the location." I explained simple as possible.

He nodded, "Let's go with a second option. Someone is waiting for us there."

I blinked and could not recall the times when he did. He must have arranged it during our sleep. My friends did say I was a heavy sleeper, so it could be normal. However, this was the side of Dick. He wore a dark-blue sweater with black T-shirt, stylish blue jeans (damn; I could see his fine ass), and typical red converse sneakers. His hair was pat down, but I hadn't noticed they were long, but nowhere passed his cheeks. They were very dark-brown hair as I have noticed, and it suited him quite well on him. He was practically normal looking for once. His hand slipped onto mine and held onto me for dear life. His grip was tight, but I understood he was either nervous or worried about this. My hand gripped him back to ensure him; it would be fine. It did not ease anything for him, and he was staring at the ground while holding his bag. My other free hand held my packed bag.

There was a quick alternative view now, seeing how dark and creepy this place truly was. It was a dead-end ally; the atmosphere was beyond creeping up against my spine, and the aroma was a heavy and thick with blood, smoke, alcohol, sweats, garbage, and wet animals. My nose scrunched up for a brief moment and slowly adjusted to the environment's scent. However, this view was not a pleasant place to be welcomed as if criminals could murder any second.

However…that was not the case. A black limousine parked in this creepy ally, and the driver's door opened. There was an old man dressed up like a butler, I guess, and he walked up to us as if our sudden appearance was normal to him.

"Master Grayson, welcome home."

Dick nodded, "Thank you, Alfred. Alfred, this is Danny. Danny, this is Alfred. You can trust him."

The man held out his hand while his other hand rested on his back, "It is a pleasure to meet you, Mister…?"

My head shook, "Just call me Danny."

Alfred accepted it for a reason – normally people would be concerned, but for some reasons, he would figure it out one way or another. I just was not ready for overall explanation of my family. I greeted him and he was firm well with a shake.

"Let's head home. I believe he is waiting in the living room." Alfred commented.

Dick sighed, "I guess so."

I could tell by his tone, he was not too thrilled about anything, and this man was being kind. I noted that he was a butler for sure. His accent was British and I hadn't heard that in such a long time. It was Jazz's dream to go to Britain College, but everything has changed. I wasn't too sure about her marrying Vlad, but it was based on their choice and decision. At least I won't feel so alone without her. I'd hate to see Vlad-

Whoa, Fenton, I ought to focus on this short vacation with Dick right now. Alfred was kind enough to open the limo door for us and drove us to wherever we needed to be. Dick leaned back in his seat of the ride and something about this situation wasn't right. I sat down next to him and pulled him into my arms to show him that I care.

"What's wrong?" I snuggled up with him.

He scoffed, "I'm going to get lectured by him again."

I frowned, "Why does he need to lecture you? You're not a kid anymore." I think…I hope!

He snorted, "Long story, but a short one is I almost got killed and he wanted me to stay on the sideline permanently. After that, I became a titan leader."

I blinked and thought about it for a while. It was adding up in my thoughts about everything I had known and it would make sense what Jazz has told me. However, his behavior could be a connection. That needed to change and the question was how?

"If he does that, I will kick his ass." I declared.

He smirked, "Good luck. No one could defeat him, not even Superman or-"

My eyes rolled, "I get the point."

At least I managed somewhat of a smile out of him. His head turned and stared at the window. I followed his example and saw-

Whoa. That place…was huge! It was ten times the size of Vlad's mansion – or used to be. There was so much land, garden, fountain, and one large garage. It took a few seconds to realize that Dick had been adopted by a rich man, but who? Although, I do recall the interaction between Vlad and Dick, my mate didn't care about the man's money at all. So, he knew the life already. I used to, but that didn't matter much anymore.

"We are here, Master Grayson." The door was already open.

I noted Alfred did not waste his time at all. He didn't seem to care who I was, but very welcoming at the same time. Was that possible to act like this way? He was a strange man from the way I was seeing it. Dick helped himself out of the limo, and I followed him out. He kept walking as if nothing has changed and going along with this situation. Our bags were still in our grip – which I was not comfortable with the Butler guy holding it. Not that I have issued with him, it was based on experienced a few years ago.

A light footstep was heading into our direction, a man, who wore black camp shirt and dark jeans, greeted us with a reasonable smile. I noted he has dark, thick, and short hair like a business man. He had something in his hand, but hiding it for some reasons.

"Good to see you are home, Dick." His tone was calm and controlled.

My mate nodded, "Thanks, but it's a few days visit." He cleared up.

The man accepted, "That is fine. Now, are you going to introduce me your friend?" He didn't waste his time – sort of like Vlad.

Dick gestured me, "This is Danny. Danny, this is Bruce." His hand moved towards him, "There is no need to be surreptitiousness. He knows."

Bruce did not remove his electric blue eyes on Dick. There was this heavy tension going on and almost felt like suffocating to breathe the same air. The titan leader was not standing down to what he has said and proving to this man that he was not a child. My free hand rested on his shoulder and looked directly at the foster father.

"I'm not the average type of person to take this secret as a big deal. After all, I have my secret too and he knows it too. I know the protocol by heart long ago." But, no one needed to know that…My mental mind shook to forget about it right now.

Bruce straightened out his shoulders, "You do know the risks you are at."

Honestly, it felt like five times worse than meeting a parent without messing up. Unfortunately, being a hero has a lot of pressure more than don't act in a certain way or the moral expectations.

"Risks do not concern me, sir. It's the trusts you have to remember or there are no benefits to reach any goals." I decided to be smart about this – I have to love Jazz sometimes.

Bruce nodded, "You're wise, kid, but it is not what you realize the risk you are in."

Ha, he has no idea he's talking to a halfa. However, something about him was telling me he was attempting to figure it out. It was the same habits that Dick has to learn about me, and it was a signal for me to change course.

"Or maybe you aren't seeing my view. If you don't mind," I lifted my bag, "I'd like to put this in the guest's room or his' room." Perfect way to escape, but at least he's okay.

His hands hid into his pockets, "Dick, your room is still there. You know where the guest's rooms are. Find me there." He stated.

Dick's energy changed a bit to a relieved escape here. It wasn't something I had to expect and I figured it was because of me. I knew Bruce's secret and that man doesn't like the idea of others' knowing his hero. Of course, I noticed Alfred somehow snuck away. He's good at disappearing or something. He couldn't be a ghost, but a ghost overshadowing a human can be possible.

Bruce and Dick exchanged brief nods at each other and walked in separate directions. My feet picked up and followed my mate to wherever the rooms were.

"He's frustrated that I broke one of his rules and difficult solving what you are or who you are." He pointed out.

I hummed, "Yeah…I'd be pissed, but I would have gotten over it. I mean, a hero for a hero, right?"

The leader shrugged, "To each and to their own."

Somehow, it would have been Sam's comment. She would have agreed with him right away and they would be great friends. He took the stairs up and my eyes followed up the length – yeow! This was long stairways! It ought to be a mile up at least. A chuckling caught my attention and my head shook.

"Now I know why I don't care for money. Rich people got long stairs and I never bothered to walk up or down after that." His eyebrow rose at me as I floated up and gathered him into my arms.

I carried him as I flew straight up and followed the staircase's direction without any interruptions. Dick was alright with this – assuming he doesn't like this kind of a trip up anyway and way too used to the elevator back at the tower for the past few years.

"My room isn't far." He commented, "The next guest room would be a bit far and sneaking around with-"

"-Sharing it with you, remember?" I didn't need him to use psychological mind or question on me here.

"At least this one is roomier." He stated.

I wasn't too sure what he had meant specifically. It could be the room, his closet, bathroom, or something else I wasn't catching on. For now, I kept flying until we reached the end of the stairs and found it to be glad we didn't head by feet or it'd be impossible to succeed within a short time or even make it within ten minutes.

I set him down and he kept walking down the hallway. At least his memories reliable and helpful because there were several doors down this direction. There must have been a trick to it or something that could have caught his eyes, and he turned towards the left on the door. His hand turned the knob, and the door opened with a push. Like a puppy following, my curiosity has gotten the better of me and headed into the room helplessly. I noted it was the same way our room was at the tower. It didn't bother me. His bed was on the right side – closely to the window with thick and dark curtains and a double doors closet on the other side, on the left side was a bathroom door, and everywhere else was basic things any teenagers could ever want. He got a couple of laptops here, desk, bookshelves with several books, and posters of his likes, and interests involved. I noted he liked an old band – but I wasn't too sure if he still does. From what I could tell, this was him as four or more years ago. It didn't tell me much, but I could pick up the fact there wasn't any pictures in this room other than one with a red hair girl with-

Him! It was when he was much younger looking, and I aimed straight to it. He did have a built and slim body, but full of cheerful life in him. There were his eyes in my discovery and how bright crystal blue and sapphire blue eyes he had. It was a vibrant color to catch my attention and awed to such a discovery in my entire life. At the same time, I found him to be so cute for this younger time.

"Dick, can I see your blue eyes now?" I kept looking at the picture for a while and wondering if they were still the same, but I turned my head over to him.

Dick lifted his chin up and I was already eager to see those blue eyes in person. For a moment like this, I'd be the first to witness and the titan members would have killed me to tell them. Especially, when he never let anyone in his team to know or see his true eye color.

"This does not get out to the titans." His voice warned, "Or you won't hear the end of it from me."

Somehow, I did not doubt him. Dick accepted my response and sighed to accept what was coming to him. His right hand rose to the temple of his sunglasses and lifted them up with closed eyes. Slowly coming over to him with an encouraging smile and waited when he was ready.

"You know I've got blue eyes and I'll admit that blue eyes mate is my kinds. I already love your eyes in the picture and I already love them now." I figured words could be helpful for him.

His eyelid rose and those special blue eyes that seem so alive than the picture could show, "Don't tell the teams…please." He insisted, his gripped tightly on the temple, and light breathing.

My hand held his', "Dick, they won't. I promise you they will never be able to get it out of me. When we go home, all they are going to see is that I know nothing. All they are going to know is if we're having a baby." I kissed his forehead, "I meant it. They're only going to be thinking about is our baby. I promise you that much."

He took a deep breath and his hands were shaking nervously. He finally removed the sunglasses and his eyes were exposed to me alone. They were so beautiful, at the same time, sad to see there were little life in this vibrant blue eyes. The tears had made him so much more innocent and I softly smiled at him.

"Beautiful as you," I whispered.

His cheeks drew in bright colors and looked away nervously when I told that. Dick wasn't used to compliment from everyone and I knew I had to do that more often. The tears escaped and I wiped them off for him as I cupped his face.

"Now, I am guessing he does crime fighting missions by late hours and his last sentence meant special place." I thought something would cheer him up before we even get to anything tonight.

He grinned, "He's going to flip when he learns."

I smirked, "Now that's the Robin I know, but only tonight."

"If the mission is done first."

My eyes narrowed at him and pushed his back up against the wall. My lips pressed against his lips and went crazy on him. Dick melted into that kind of a feeling. His hands tried to grip onto my hands and I immediately removed them and held it above his head to shove him who was in control. He moved his head, but I followed to kiss him like happy puppy to see their owners again. I sensed he needed to breathe and pulled back while keeping him there. We panted, feeling heated up, and his innocent blue eyes were causing me to start now. How beautiful and alluring in my life to witness.

I leaned next to his ear and whispered heavily, "I can't wait to fuck you and see how hot you'll be tonight." I smiled.

Dick shivered and his knees nearly gave in, but my other hand slipped behind him to prevent him from falling. His body was against mine and feeling the human heat was comforting.

"Danny, you really had to do that." He frowned.

I chuckled, "I'm only motivating you for tonight as all."

His head rested on my shoulder to hide his face, "You're crueler than Joker."

I was confused when he meant Joker since I hadn't gotten a single clue who this guy was. I knew he wasn't talking about some card joker. My fingers slipped through his dark hair and decided to set that aside for now. It wasn't something I wanted this to turn out, but it was giving him a chance to be him entirely. I had truly hope there won't be any Slade interruptions and needed to look into that later.

"So, where's there?" My hand drew away from his head and held his waist as he gave me the look of excitement for today's mission.

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