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Since it was late, Robin has put me in a bedroom that was literally next to his room. He showed me where backup pajamas were stored and down the hallway for bathroom. I knew too well, how bathroom works if there is only one. After Robin made sure I was in my guest room, he locked the door and my eyes rolled. He really thinks he can keep me in here that well for the night?

For now, I had better play along and I noted this room meant no privacy for sound. If I make a call, they will be wondering excessively much. That and who I am connect to would be dangerous. Although, the window revealed an ocean view with the whole city in is beautiful. If only Sam could be here, she would love the sight of this place.

I couldn't even sleep and needed Jazz. My eyes closed for a few second and my duplicate appeared at our home. She's in the living room on that emergency computer with the webcam on. At least it's Vlad she's talking to and she noticed me on the camera.

"Hey Jazz," I waved.

She gasped, "Danny! You need to go back to the tower!"

My eyes rolled, "I am at the tower."

My sister realized, "You duplicated here. Well, Vlad's on." She pointed at the computer.

I nodded and joined her up by the computer. I knelt down and greeted Vlad. We no longer felt like archenemies anymore and decided to be ally from now on.

"I see you're taken by the titans. I am arranging my flight out and should be there by ten in the morning. I trust you be careful, Daniel. These titans do not hide their abilities as the rest of the world do. I'll have Jasmine send-"

"-Jazz!" My sister snapped at him.

He sighed, "…Jazz." He given into her, "-some money you may need."

I guess she has him around her fingers now and I didn't even demand him to do whatever it takes to keep her happy and going for her life. Right now, I needed something to keep me busy.

"Okay. But, who are these guys? I get they're superheroes, I can tell Robin is their leader, and they have a tower as a home." I needed information.

Jazz nodded, "Starfire, she is an alien from another planet. She's known for her strength, starbolt, and flight."

I assume the starbolt was similar to ecto energy. Other than that, I hadn't expected an alien for the first time in my life.

"Cyborg is half robot, half human. He has sonic laser, strength, speed, invisible scanner, works with technology as well an inventor, and the oldest of the team." Which made sense, "The green dude you were upset about earlier, that's Beastboy. He's an animal shifter and strongly a vegetarian." I wouldn't blame the dude anyway for being a vegetarian, "Raven is a mysterious one, but she's an alien with dark magic power." That was obvious, "And Robin, the team leader. He is the world's top detective genius and former sidekick to Batman. Batman is known for his vigilante hero work, but he doesn't associate with the titans due to something happened a few years ago." She explained, "But, Robin is the most serious leader in the team."

I guess I acted right on my instinct about everything. If I made one wrong movement, he would know something. It's better off he thinks Slade must have assumed something interesting or useful about me.

"But why does Robin thinks I need protection?" My hands on my waists.

Vlad nodded, "Slade is well known for taking people into his pawns. Robin must feel you may be a danger to him if he uses you as a pawn."

"Make sense," Great, "Slade told me he knows my secret." I pointed out obviously needed to be said, because these two are the only people I've got to trust.

Vlad knew how personal our secret tends to be and Jazz is our neutral party of our secret. We're working together to keep this out of anyone's knowledge or face the consequences to sacrifice more lives or risking theirs. Vlad had shut down his ghost portals to maintain ghosts out of the real world – hence, our world.

"Then, you will need to avoid using any ghost powers in their presence and Slade will realize he misanalysed."

"How long?" My arms crossed.

Jazz and Vlad were exchanging looks on this, but I did not like it at all. I had to accept what I needed to hear.

"Impossible," They spoke union.

I groaned, "You tell me that if I had to stay there for a year, then leave, Slade would still want me?"

"He still wants Robin too, you know? He's practically obsessed with having him." Jazz pointed out, "That's why Robin feels better having you at his tower in secure protection."

In a way, I was doomed from the start. At least, I might as well make myself live at home with the titans. I muttered how impossible everything will be. I groaned miserably about this idea here.

"Vlad, when and once I do get back home, I better expect you keep Jazz safe." My head shook, "If there's villains on the street attacking or someone falling from the sky, there's no way she's safe on the street. Why didn't anybody look up about the city?" I was rather shocked to see either of them had never checked.

Jazz shrugged, "According to the site, it said this is one of the most safe city and exciting place to live. I picked this place figuring it would be a good choice. I didn't think of the heroes and villains here."

"Oh, you did? Did you even look to find out why it is considered safe?" I pointed out obviously.

"No. But, it did slip my mind with Jump city's name belongs to the titans."

Somehow, I feel not surprised. She's struggling to move on, but with losing our love ones is difficult.

"Anyway, I'll deal with the titans and if you need me, the code is rain." I stated.

She nodded, "I see you have a preparation plan there."

I shrugged, "I just want to be in your reach, but not on their attention to suspect anything."

Vlad tilted his head sideway, "Daniel, there is something you must know-" Suddenly something ringing and he sighed, "I'll tell you later about it. See you both soon." He hung up on the video chat.

Jazz and I were wondering what important information he needed to tell me directly. I shrugged it off for now and Jazz hugged onto me immediately.

"I better let you go, Danny. I know you can't duplicate for too long." She sympathized for me.

"I wish I could."

"Don't let Desire catch that."

I smirked. I guess, so called for normal for us. However, I knew that was long gone since I attempted doing that a few years ago. At least living two lives are better than dealing with one alone.

Jazz waved and I waved back. My duplicate disappears and now, I am back with just me. I was glad that Robin wasn't checking into the bedroom for the night. He must have reserved sleep to fight criminals, but how can they tell?

Right now, I wasn't even tired and feel like getting out of this room immediately. Then again, I can't use my power at all. If I'm bored…I may just well relax on the bed and hope Jazz bring a laptop at least.

Since I fell asleep early, I woke up early. I didn't bother changing pajamas, I was sort of suspicious with those clothes wear. At least the window was a nice view to see a sunrise for the first time. I've always seen a sunset, but not so much with a sunrise. The sky is practically pink-ish and orange. It helped to keep my mind off from things a bit, but it always brings peace to me.

The door slid and my head turned to my left side. The leader walked in cheerfully as ever for a good morning. My brow rise and wondered what he'll be saying.

"Morning, Danny. Would you like the rest of the tour here?" He offered.

I shrugged, "I've been wondering when I was going to get out of here. I was up an hour early today." There's alarm clock in this bedroom and I woke up at five, now it is six o'clock.

I got off the bed and to leaves the room finally. At least I won't be back in this room until it's time to sleep. Robin left the room and guided me down the room. He had pointed out everyone's room; how the bathroom is practically in the middle. I noted that Raven is the farthest way or opposite from Robin, but Beast boy is literally next to her room. Starfire's room is across from Robin's and mine. Cyborg is across from the bathroom located. My ears picked up clues that three people were still sleeping, but Raven was already awake and she was doing some meditation of her starting day.

He showed me the gym and training room – which seems awesome to have. Wait, a minute! Hold it there, Fenton. Robin is doing this to make me open up about my secret and I wasn't going to let that happen. I had to pretend none of this strikes my interests at all. He led me downstairs to the garage that was filled with a few motorcycles…which I'm hating to be reminder of an enemy I know. And there's a couple of T-Car he commented.

"Now, the center of the tower. You can hang out there, since most of us are there often, and we got kitchen, living room, and criminal monitor there. Plus, it's a big screen to watch anything, but I can promise you that there will be interruptions." Robin explained.

I nodded, "Kinda figured that out."

His head tilted, "How?"

"You're a hero, villains are unpredictable and crimes are impossible to control or expect," Trust me, I ought to know that too well and it robbed so much of my sleep, eating, and free time.

Robin didn't react too much to my assumption or anything. At least, he can't catch onto me something so obviously in my own mind and a part of me.

"So, what secret does Slade thinks you have?" The double door slid open to reveal the center tower room.

On the right, there's a small kitchen with gathering counter table with chairs. On the left side, it's a large and open space. In the middle, the big screen Robin had described with computer keyboard down below. However, the big screen is more of a transparent like to be a window as well. It comes with half 'C' couch with a small round table in front. The place is huge for the center tower.

"Beats me. What is he going to do with someone who is highly obsessed with astrology field and an okay artist?" At least those are truths.

Robin didn't believe me, "I doubt Slade needs your assistance on those two. Do you have any sort of powers or some unusual knowledge people barely know about?" He headed over to the kitchen.

Robin does not waste his time. I looked around the room and thought back about astrology a couple of times.

"Like I said, highly obsessed with astrology. I have discovered a special asteroid that is made something to go against particular specie, but it's far out of our reach." I explained and still a truth.

Robin blinked, "What kind of specie?"

My head shook, "I rather not say. If it gets out, I'm afraid of the government will take advantage of that and it won't do anybody good."

"So Slade may have a purpose and advantages." He pulled out cereal boxes and bowls, "But, that doesn't make sense. How come you're strong as Starfire?"

I checked out their living room area to observe closely with. Robin was asking questions I couldn't exactly answer normally for everyone. At least playing 'distracted' is working out for me, but I heard him.

"Um, I worked out a lot since I was a baby. My dad forgot we don't have his strength and up until I was fourteen, I was able to carry his weight fine."

His head tilted, "How much did he weight?"

"About almost three hundred."

His breathing stopped literally, but I was betting he barely had that strength before he was able to. At least it's a good cover up and truth intact. I noted how the television screen and window as one. It was more than I can easily recognize, but it wasn't good, as Tucker would want this. I should be fascinated, but I failed that test since Sam and Tucker got the best of technologies.

His breathing returned to normal and started taking care of breakfast with milk. I finally joined up by the counter and helped myself to sit down. He did the same.

"How much can you carry by now?"

I shrugged, "Beats me. I barely know my own strength," I sheepishly smiled.

"You haven't measured it?"

My head shook, "None of the equipment at school was meeting my expectation. Then again, no one really knows."

Robin hummed, "Perhaps the gym here will help you find out. Cyborg can almost push nine hundred pound. Starfire is quite up to two thousands pound." Now I understood why he compared my strength to hers.

"I doubt I'm that strong."

"You almost crushed me," He accused me.

"You were clinging onto me as if I'm your girl."

We stared at each other, but he was too amused about everything. I wanted to wipe that smirk off his face as soon as possible, but I couldn't. We started to have breakfast finally, but today did not seem to be simple as I expected.

Robin wanted to do some serious work out, but I had to put in flaws of my fighting skills. He had me sweating my ass off too much today and nonstop action. He was thrilled by the idea of new movements and it's hard to give it all my shot. He was driving me crazy!

He used most of his weapons in attack and defense modes, but I chose to be careful at the best effort. Starfire and Beast boy were watching us in battle combats, but it wasn't that great. They didn't stay around for too long because Cyborg demanded Beast boy to clean up his room. Starfire said something about not missing her fungus world show or some nonsense. Robin showed no distraction in his training focus and kept going and going no matter what.

He was sweating so much, but I never saw anyone so determine. Then again, maybe he wishes to test my strength.

Finally, we're circling around and guards up on for once. His way of fighting was predictable, but I haven't let him know that immediately or obviously to his perspective. It's worse than how Vlad saw me, analyzing every specific detail of me inside and outside, and doing whatever pleases him. Robin must have psychoanalyzed me, using psychology communication talk with me, and by recognizing truths and lies. He was not fooled by me, but he suspect there were still more to why Slade wanted me.

He leapt up in the air and I fell on my back to use my feet to push him out of the way. He rolled in the air and collapsed to the ground to land. We panted heavily and not keeping our minds off this miniature battle. Robin wanted me to give up, but I refused otherwise. He's good, but not as good as I am.

There were so much eagerness to use my powers, yet, my mind mentally reminded me that would expose my secret. A secret of being a halfa and no one will ever know. If anyone finds out, then the GIW will find out. They were upset to lose my parents' business, but they were sort of glad to see both Jazz and me were alive. We weren't going to be their next guinea pigs or excuses to encourage their businesses. It wasn't happening for them and it never will.

"Come on, don't hold back, Danny. You must have wanted to show off to somebody." Robin teased.

My teeth gritted and remained focus on my own human strengths and nothing else. He was not going to win.

"I am giving all my best." I told him.

His head shook, "Not from the looks of it here." He was ready to strike out against me, but I caught his bo-staff and flipped him over.

I bent down closer to him, "I'm telling you, this is all my best effort. We've been on this for hours, Robin. We need water and food."

Robin landed flatly on his back and shocked to see I did that. Wasn't that a common move? I guess barely anyone knew that one or used it often. He looked up at me – despite of the fact he wears a mask – and wondered on his own.

"An average human would ask for water with an hour, not six hours. For food, they would have asked for it in two and a half hours." He stated with facts.

I shrugged, "I'm not your average human." I was already leaving the gym and my hand caught his bo-staff in striking and he was hanging in the air, "Can it, would you?" I was annoyed and hungry!

Robin dropped his staff finally and I dropped it too. I headed out to the center tower and he followed – well, joined – me for walk back to the center tower. It was a long day and I hadn't expected something this serious in a long time.

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