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The phone is press up against my ear and trying to get my minds straight thinking right now.

"Hello?" I mumbled.

"Danny, the rain."

The rain? I was chanting it in my mind for a while, and how it had have felt familiar. I blinked and realized it was Jazz. She needed me. I looked at the clock and noticed it was five in the morning. Ah, no wondered I feel a bit groggy. I sat up and sighed.

"I'll be there in a minute and this time, my actual whole self. There were too many missions last night." And during the night.

Criminals really do take their jobs seriously and at the horrible hours. At least I'd come back to the tower by eight to make sure Robin eats.

"Okay, see you soon." Her voice sounded strange.

She wasn't warning me, so that means nothing is wrong. It just meant she needed me. I quickly got dressed and teleported to the house. She was sitting in the living room while Vlad was in the kitchen cooking. So they were both up.

"Hey Jazz," I yawned, "What's up?"

She smiled as she came up to hug me, "Well, all of us needs to talk." She stated directly.

We headed into the kitchen with Vlad, "Okay, about what?"

Vlad set down pancakes and orange juice. That's odd…he hates cooking. Maybe Jazz had him on the term with her without getting into trouble with me. We sat down at the table. Vlad took off his cooking apron and set down on his chair.

She hummed, "I'd like to let you know who I am dating," She was hiding her other hand, which tells me something.

I blinked, "He proposed to you? How come you didn't let him meet the family first?"

She's all flustered up about it, "You already know him."

My eyebrows formed together, "I do?"

She bitten her lip, "Yes." Her eyes almost led to somewhere-

I checked my surrounding, but it's just-

"VLAD?!" My head jerked up at him.

He gulped, feeling a bit worried, and Jazz sheepishly smiled. This is her way of saying surprise. To think about it, he's been on her side for the longest time and they chatted a lot with each other. My eyes peered over to her to check first.

"You're not pregnant, are you?"

She frowned, "No I am not. You know I feel marriage first before having a baby…besides, I really do love Vlad and we're planning to get married next month. This way, Vlad and I can be ready for his summer heat."

I stammered, "S-summer heat?"

Vlad nodded, "Yes. I believe I was supposed to warn you is that your ghost half will block out. I almost had it happened to me, but it never did. Ghosts have heat like animals do, but we do not remember during the session. The only way out is if someone interrupts, I was luckily enough to have staff members interrupting me prevented having…well, sex with the young worker of mine. I advise you to avoid being alone at the tower, but it sounds like you managed well."

I blinked, "Oh."

I was shocked to see how bad it is for me. I'd have to remember that from now on. Although, I hadn't realized they have been together for quite some times.

"Are you really serious about my sister, Vlad? Because if not, I will not approve any of this." I had to warn him.

He nodded immediately, "Daniel, your sister is a world to me. Here, I have done nothing but to earn her heart by working for them. I have been there for her emotionally and physically. All I wish to do is treasure her deeply in my heart for the rest of my life. After all, I chose her to be immortal with me."

Immortal!? Heck, I had no idea that possible. My core skipped a beat and trying to understand and be patient about this first. Vlad is serious and I knew how he is personally. Jazz was actually happy and I'm glad she told me at all before she gets married to him. My eyes eased up and turned to her.

"Jazz, I want nothing more than your happiness." I smiled.

She hugged me out of her chair, "Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are definitely the best brother! We're only having a small wedding and private one, but your titan friends are more than welcome to come." She hinted off.

I chuckled, "Alright, I'll tell them." I kissed her forehead and turned to Vlad, "If you ever hurt her in anyway, I will ice your ass off."

Vlad held up his hands to surround himself and he does have humors of his own sometimes, but he knows better. I stood up and felt something was seriously wrong. I couldn't shake the feeling of it and needed to get going.

"Call me later about the wedding date is! See you both later!" I told them and teleported back to the tower in my room.

I rushed out of my room and heard so much commotions going on. They must have come back from their last mission today. I ran over to the medical wing and saw Robin on the bed. His stomach looked bleeding, but it wasn't being shot. It was done internally. Beast boy ran out of the room since he couldn't stand the sight or smell of blood. Starfire was too worried and too worried if she is hurting him in anyway. Cyborg rushed to get the vital being checked.

Robin groaning in such unbearable pain to handle and clutching over his stomach was. The blood was coming out so badly and nothing was getting done.

"Robin, I need you to lay straight so I can determine through the x-ray scanner and find out what is wrong." Cyborg instructed.

Robin looked like as if he was going to cry due to this pain he was suffering. He heard the man tried to do this slowly as possible. Raven lured Starfire out of the room because it was getting too much for her to handle.

"What happened?" I was so confused.

He hasn't even eaten his breakfast yet! Cyborg was placing his arm over Robin in the middle and scanned him from head to toe twice. The half robotic man was reading the scan in his visionary robotic eye.

"One of the HIVE Five members used their metal boot and kicked him the stomach strongly. He has gone in traumatic pain and it freaked the criminal out. We brought him here as fast as we could, but the symptoms…" He stopped and trying to concept the reading, "…is the related to miscarriage?" His head shook, "There is a dead baby inside of him. If we don't remove this one soon, it can kill him."

Miscarriage? He was pregnant? Cyborg rushed over to his equipment and I joined by Robin's side. He's going to need someone by him, but I don't understand. How can he be pregnant? Wouldn't…no, he didn't even know he's pregnant. Otherwise, he would have taken a vacation.

Cyborg brought over some painkillers and numb reliever for Robin. At least he was calming down after the first minutes of the shots. He laid back and watched Cyborg making an incision to an opening. At least he has x-ray vision helping him out and slowly cuts Robin open like a pregnant woman I guess.

"What…what is going on?" Robin finally connecting to reality.

I looked at him, "You had a miscarriage. Cyborg is getting the dead baby out of you before it can kill you."

He was tensed when I told him, but he stared in front of himself in the witness. Cyborg was careful enough in his doing without causing difficulty. He's wearing gloves, but there were so much blood to see. Cyborg seemed to be heartbroken at the sight of the baby and he pulled it out of Robin slowly. It was so…small. Almost a size of an avocado and I was shocked. Cyborg was kind enough to break the cord between the carrier and the baby. He wrapped the baby in a blanket, even if there is no longer a sign of life, there were still some respect. Robin was willing to hold it, even if he hadn't known of his pregnancy. I wondered whose the father of this baby, but how could a leader get pregnant though?

Cyborg was taking care of the mess, but I was puzzled for a human male to be capable of being pregnant. Robin looked at this baby and he was sad. My hand rested on his shoulder to comfort him, but there wasn't much we could have done. If we had known he was pregnant, he would have stayed here.

The fixing Robin back up to normal was done, but he has several stitches that would take a long time to heal. Cyborg was relieved and he went to wash his hands. It was a dead silent for me to witness so…upsettingly. Cyborg came up back to join us and did some vital reading.

"Robin, that was a three month baby you had miscarried. Now, this ain't right and I'm sorry to see this. How could you be pregnant?" Cyborg had to ask, while checking on the vitals.

The leader shook his head, "I-I didn't even know. But I need to be alone with Danny."

Cyborg sighed, "Alright, but I'd recommend not moving out of this bed for a couple of days. I've got the fluid running, so no needs for the bathroom. I'll let you have a moment with the unborn baby…by the way, it's a boy."

Robin nodded when he the request, but he was choked on the gender. A boy? If he had known sooner, he wouldn't have been out in the field fighting. Cyborg left the room and decided to explain to the others about what has caused Robin to be bleeding.

"I'm so sorry, Danny. If I had known I was carrying our boy-"

My head jerked at him, "Ours? I don't even remember having sex with you?" I frowned.

He nodded, "Yes. Don't you remember at all? Your eyes glowed green, then kissed me, and dragged me to my room for sex."

The blackout…Vlad mentioned it before. My eyes drew down to a baby and couldn't believe it. That is my son. Our son. We both barely had a clue of his pregnancy or even thought of this. That's why Vlad warn me, but he never said anything about when the heat comes. We did that three months ago?! Oh, shit…

"No. I'm sorry. I should have known why I couldn't remember. Ghost's heat blocks it all out unless being interrupted. No one interrupted," I groaned, "Dammit!" My foot kicked back to the wall.

Robin was definitely upset, but nowhere to match as mine. Three months? I saw a couple of signs like fainting, sleepy, and moody. He probably had morning sicknesses, but he didn't even realize that connection. It all took up to a miscarriage. It wasn't right or fair. The baby was so small. My eyes picked up to Robin and sighed.

"I-I'll give you another kid, if you want? I can heal you up right now and we can get right to it." I felt hurt. I felt like I've failed to protect.

He lifted the baby up, "Do you want to hold him?"

My lips quivered and nodded. My hands reached out slowly to approach and he was so light. He has Robin's nose, my cheeks, and so small. I sat down next to Robin, unfazed by the commotions from another room, and we were facing a situation we barely knew. This baby wasn't strong enough. It panged my core to no ends, but I could not understand why one criminal thought to kick him in the stomach. Why wasn't anyone watching Robin or by his side to prevent that? I hadn't felt like such a failure in my life for one life that should have counted on me to keep both of them living.

I finally clicked by to reality by my trickling down tears. I couldn't understand it, but it was happening. Robin understood the same thing. He removed his gloves and feels the baby's skin and blood. I was holding his head, so small.

"I'm sorry for not realizing this any sooner." Robin croaked.

My head shook, "It's not your fault. We didn't know or thought about you being pregnant. I mean, I didn't even know I did that to you or my ghost half would be causing you to be pregnant." I sighed, "Maybe a name and a nice burial for this little boy would…er, give us peace."

He agreed, "Somewhere close, but away from the criminal's reach."

"What about across from this land. The one with bunch of trees." My thumb pointed at the window.

He nodded, "That would be good." His head lowered and sees a smile on his face.

Robin groaned, sensing that he's in too much pain. In a way, he's going through so much to handle and I knew from a couple of experiences. Paulina got pregnant last year, but she still carried on her education. On the way to school, she was in so much pain and I found her on the grass in my Phantom form. I couldn't believe the pain she was in! I rushed her to the hospital and the hospital took over. Then, I visited her after school was over and she was giving birth to her. She cried so much because she couldn't handle the pain anymore. At the end, she meets her little girl and she was so happy to make it through. To me, pain was something no one should suffer through.

I handed him our son and my hands came over to his stomach. The intangibility triggered and his body adapted to the calling of healing. I felt eyes were on me, but it wasn't one person watching me. My head picked up and turned to the door. All the titan members were witnessing my power at work. Robin breathing became regular once the pain were going anyway, the skin was healing to the point he will not have a scar, and inside of his body is back to normal. The others finally came in, curious about everything, and watching me use my power of healing in action.

It was the dead silent in this tower for the first time with everyone. It was like no one was breathing or daring to cause their heartbeat to be loud. The questions were left hanging in the air much to my attention, but Robin knew better. I finally got Robin healed now and pulled away.

"What were you doing to Robin," Starfire spoke up finally.

My hands were tangible again, "Healing him." I answered.

Cyborg went over to check the vital and stammered, "He is healed. I don't understand?"

Raven joined at the end of Robin's bed, "I cannot even heal him this fast." She held a questioning face directly to me.

Beast boy tilted his head, "So…does that means Robin is right, you have superpowers?"

I nodded, "Yes."

Robin picked up his head at everyone, "He hasn't lied to any of us, he avoided the topic for his own reason. I've known about it for a while, but it is his decision." He pointed out, "Right now, I'm on the matter of the situation when I had absolutely no idea of my pregnancy."

Beast boy gained closer and saw the baby in his arms dead, "I'm sorry, dude."

My hand rested on his shoulder, "It's our situation, Robin." My lips tugged a bit, "I'm sorry I didn't tell you guys right away. Robin told me about the whole metahuman laws and you guys have seen my form."

Cyborg blinked, "Your form?"

Everyone was watching me closely and I decided to show them. If Slade thinks I'm going to hide, forget it. They are going to know before he pushes it out to them. My ring appeared and does its usual job. Robin shivered at the ring passing through him. My Phantom side was happy to be a ghost again like usual. Raven pushed back her head and observed me.

"You were there when he passed out?" She had to ask the obvious.

I nodded, "Yes. I saw the Sladebots through the mission camera and realized you guys needed help. So, I came and gave a helping hand."

"Seriously, dude!" Beast boy shouted, "All those times, you could have stopped everyone so much faster!" He was complaining.

I chuckled, "Sorry. I was going through my own grieving at the time, but when I got back out there that day. I started to miss it, the fight, teamwork, justice served, and experiences in life. I forgot about a particular promise I made to someone from a few years ago." Four years ago, actually, "But, what I did not know is that I must have blocked out during a heat session. Robin hadn't told me what I did to him, but he got pregnant because of me." I sighed, "I'm not an expert on ghost's heat, so I failed to notice."

Starfire eyed down on our son, seeing everything that had happened, and how sad she seemed to be. Raven often don't express, but she was showing the same as Starfire was.

"Since we all know, you are required to be a part of the mission and every single one of them. Is that understood?" She demanded that out of me.

I chuckled, "Yes, ma'ma."

"I don't know what else to say, but you're free to get out of here, Robin." Cyborg commented.

He smiled a bit, "Thank you, but I'll stay here a little longer. Danny and I need to figure out a name for this one." He pulled up his knees and placed the baby on his legs.

Starfire sat down on the opposite side from where I am, "He looks beautiful, Robin. I would love to cherish him in the Tamaranian way, if he has not been lost." Her voice was low for the first time for me to hear.

The leader nodded his head, "Thank you."

I transformed back to Fenton, not caring about staying in this form any longer, and I sat down next to Robin. It seems so unrealistic, but everything was in front of me. My fingers met the baby's cheek and feeling the smooth skin.

"I remember a name that used to be strange until I learned its meaning. It means alive."

He glanced up at me, "What is the name?"


He nodded, "Vian would suit him well."

I smiled, "Yeah, it would."

Oddly, I hadn't expected today to be full of surprises or uncovered discovery. I hadn't felt so terrible, even though I barely knew this person. I felt terrible for what I could not have prevented. It's a repeat all over again like losing my best friends and my parents because I failed to keep them safe under my promises. It was going to change for the better soon because there's no more hiding.

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