Chapter 3: Now and Then

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This will be the last of the journal entries… Maybe…

Entry # 3 June 21, 2002

Dear you worthless waste of tree,

It is I once again! Mwahahaha…. Ah fuck it. So let's see… The goons said to stop writing about my past and focus on now. Thanks for the suggestion, but I think it would be of much better use if it were up your ass! Not that it would fit, seeing how your head is already up there… Heh, good one… Going back to where I left off, I don't remember much… I didn't regain consciousness until a week after my "outburst". When I did wake up, ho boy, that's when the fun began…

Darkness and pain; I couldn't see or hear anything but my own heart beat. I tried to move but found that I was once again bound, not to a chair or table like a sensible lab rat but hung by my wrists, in the middle of a room and my ankles were even chained to the floor. That makes perfect sense doesn't it?My whole body stung, like getting soap in your eye; that aching, burning sensation that throbs and won't go away. I tried opening my eyes but found my vision blurred by what seemed to be a piece of cloth.

"Damn science hippies. Couldn't they be a little more creative?" I muttered in annoyance. That's when I heard a low chuckle. The blindfold was removed roughly and I was greeted by the last person I wanted to see.

After my eyes adjusted, I realized that I was in my room and not alone. I groaned and glared up at my "visitor". His lab coat was blindingly bright white and not a wrinkle on it except on his right arm where he sported a cast. He wore his usual smoke grey slacks and a black t-shirt. His once crazy, out of control brown hair that stood out in every direction possible was reduced to nothing more than stubble. The left half of his face was covered in bandage; his glasses were replaced with a rectangular monocle.

"Cut yourself shaving, Doc?" I snorted, trying not to laugh from the pain that gnawed at my ribs.

"Now now my child, there is no need to be rude. I do not want to have to punish you again." The man scolded, his voice thick with disgust.

"Why Father!" I growled, my voice dripped with sarcasm and hatred."I did not realize it was you! I couldn't recognize you with those ugly ass band-aids across your face. You should consider changing your name to Dr. Bald Ass." He snarled and kneed me in the stomach causing me to spit up a little bit of blood.

"DON'T YOU DARE TALK TO ME THAT WAY CHILD" He spat and gripped my chin roughly, leaning in close. "I gave you life child, and I can take it away just as easily." I chuckled deeply and spat in his face, his bandages soaking up the blood riddled spit.

"You sick bastard. You gave me nothing. You took away everything I ever had. Killing me would only be a wish come true."

He growled and backhanded me, my chains rattled wildly. He stood straight up and walked away, heading towards the door.

"You may say that now but, in time you will come to thank me." He stopped at the door and looked at me. "As for your wish, my child, it will have to wait. I have big plans for you. If you don't behave child, I may have to grant it. As for now, we will need to work on your obedience." He smirked and left.

After he left and from then on I was beaten for every day I resisted his training and experimenting. The beatings went on for almost 2 years, though during those years my resistance slowed from every day to every week till finally, I just stopped resisting. It wasn't until my 15th birthday that I finally stopped openly resisting. "Father" was pleased, to say the least. The year after that was surprisingly nice. Though I did not get a better room, I got better food and even got to meet some of the other patients.

Guess that's my past… Now that that's over I'm guessing I'll have to talk about my current situation… Oh joy…

Well let's see, I still hate everything and still retaliate but I do it in a more subtle manor, like "accidentally" setting science pukes' coats on fire during testing or "falling asleep" during training. Nothing too critical though, I prefer to not end up getting beaten agian… I may have regenerative abilities that go along with the glow and green skin, but that shit hurts… On the brighter side, pun not intended, I have made a few "friends" with the other lab rats.

My favorite is this one girl called Chloe or as the Pukes like to call her, 5P4R3. I don't know what her "ability" is but she's always wearing a pair of white gloves. As for looks, she's actually really beautiful. Her hair is silvery white and stops at the middle of her back. When her eyes aren't hidden behind the curtain of hair she calls bangs, they're an electric blue. Like I said, she's really beautiful… she's really the only reason why I haven't left this hell hole… You're probably wondering why she couldn't just escape with me. Well, she can't walk. She lost the use of her legs after an experiment went wrong when she was 10.

When we aren't being used as lab rats we are given time to interact with each other, well those of us whose abilities are stable. It's nice; the facility has a large room they stick all 15 of us in that, thanks to Edith whose ability is nature/plant life, turns into a beautiful garden during Social Time, or as they call it "Societal Interaction Training" or SIT for short. Guess that means we might actually get to re-enter society, if they don't kill us first. Speaking of which, Social Time is about to start. I promised Chloe I would meet her under the willow tree. It's funny, SIT was actually designed for us to not only interact with each other and "practice" our social skills but also give us a chance to freely use our abilities without getting in trouble. The whole garden thing was because of that and now, 3 years after SIT was introduced, Edith has designed and been able to maintain a basic garden layout.

Well if I go on any longer I'm gonna be late to SIT!

**Hasta la vista suckers!**

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