Hey guys! It's nice to welcome back my perverts! I know this one is A LOT shorter than the other one, but there is a reason! The first one I had to get them to the bedroom. This one they were already there. Besides... You really think Pitch is going to be very worried about foreplay after fucking Jack ONCE then having to go 7-8 months without? Nope! Not a chance! Anyway... Enjoy!

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Pitch let his mind drift as Jack read, rubbing his hands slowly over the boy. He wasn't really listening to the words, he knew the entire book by heart after all. A shiver went down Jack's back, and he stumbled over a word. Pitch smirked, slapping Jack's rear hard. "Concentrate Jack. Make it through the story and you'll get a prize."

Jack whimpered, but continued reading. Pitch purred as he leaned over Jack, bracing his hands on the bed by Jack's head. Jack whimpered again, trying to press against Pitch, but being held firmly in place. Jack sighed as he finished the story, turning his head to look up at Pitch. "I'm d-done!"

Pitch smiled when Jack grinned up at him. "That you are. Very eager aren't you?" Frost spread across Jack's cheeks, and he pressed his face into the blanket to hide it. Pitch chuckled leaning down to bite Jack's ear. "I guess I can give you your prize now."

Pitch grabbed a couple of the belt loops on Jack's leather pants, yanking them down quickly. Jack let out a little squeak, struggling a bit against the shadows. Pitch looked the boy over, licking his lips as he looked over Jack's bare backside.

Waving one hand, Pitch smirked as shadows wrapped around Jack's legs, pulling them apart. Jack whimpered, struggling harder against the shadows. Pitch stood slowly, sucking on three of his own fingers. He smirked once he deemed them ready, and chuckled. "It will do no good to struggle. Just relax and enjoy."

Without warning, Pitch pushed one slick finger into Jack all the way to the knuckle. A shiver shot down his spine when Jack groaned, sending tingles all the way to his toes. Pitch wiggled the finger, making Jack moan quietly. Pitch bit his lip, trying so hard to resist the urge to just slam into the young man under him.

Pitch slid a second finger into Jack, thrusting them slowly. Jack whimpered, struggling weakly. Pitch rubbed Jack's shoulders. "Does it hurt?" Jack whined, but shook his head. Pitch smirked, thrusting his fingers faster. "Do you want more?" Jack tensed, but nodded slowly, burying his face into the blanket again.

Chuckling, Pitch leaned over Jack, pressing his fingers deeper into the boy. "I want you to beg." Jack mumbled something, but it was too muffled by the blanket for Pitch to pick it up. Pitch smirked, stilling his hand, and bringing the other around to tease Jack's already throbbing manhood.

Jack gasped, rolling his head to the side, and panting. Pitch purred at the look of pure pleasure on the boys face. Jack bit his lip, shaking his head quickly. Pitch's smirk grew into a full grin. He always loved a challenge.

**Pitch shoved his third finger into Jack's hole, thrusting them fast. Jack arched as high as he could, all but screaming, and started squirming. Pitch couldn't help the dark chuckle that escaped him as he watched all defiance melt from Jack's face, replaced with the purest wanting.

Pitch pressed as much of his body as he could, while still retaining the ability to move his hands, against Jack. He pressed the tip of his finger to the base of Jack's shaft, dragging a nail slowly up the underside. "Beg for me Jack. I'll give you anything you want."

Jack turned his head as far towards Pitch as he could, little clouds of fog coming from his mouth as he panted. "Pl-please Pitch! I can-n't take much more!" He whimpered, pressing back on Pitch's fingers as best he could.

Pitch groaned, the words shooting electricity straight to his groin. Pitch pulled back just long enough to quickly slip his cloak off, and slide his pants off. He stepped forward again, licking his fingers, and rubbing the liquid around Jack's hole. He rubbed the last bit of saliva on his throbbing cock before lining himself up with Jack's hole.

Pitch grabbed Jack's hip with one hand, gripping hard enough to leave a bruise. He leaned down, kissing, and nipping at Jack's neck as he pushed forwards, hoping to distract the smaller male from the obvious pain.

Jack hissed as Pitch pushed past the tight muscles, gripping the blanket with his teeth. Pitch didn't stop until he was fully sheathed in Jack's tight body. He groaned, using his free hand to brace himself against the bed, gripping Jack's hip even harder with the other. "Just re-elax Jack."

Jack whimpered, but soon relaxed. Pitch nodded before pulling almost all the way out and pushing back in slowly. He started a slow, but steady pace, making sure to keep a grip on his dwindling control.

When Jack moaned, and pressed back, Pitch lost the last bit of restraint he had. He started slamming into Jack with enough force to make the boy rock against the bed, even with the shadows restraining him.

Jack screamed, and for a moment Pitch worried he was hurting the boy. That thought flew out the window when Jack spoke. "Oh fuck! M-more!" Pitch growled, lifting Jack's hips slightly, pushing in deeper. He moved his free hand down to stroke Jack's leaking member, rubbing his thumb over the slit when he pushed in particularly roughly.

Jack arched hard, frost spreading out across the entire bed. Suddenly the shadows were gone, and Jack's hands shot from where they had been pinned. One gripped onto Pitch's hand that was digging harshly into his pale hip. The other reached out to grip the blanket, seeking anything to keep him grounded.

Pitch pressed himself completely against Jack, forcing the boy into the mattress with every thrust. Jack moaned loudly as Pitch shifted, and the older man chuckled, knowing he had finally found the boys sweet spot. He brought both hands to grip Jack's hips, slamming harshly into the smaller man's prostate.

Pitch knew he wouldn't be able to last much longer, he had been waiting for too many months for this. He bit Jack's neck roughly, drawing a small bit of blood. Pitch pulled back, smirking at the already bruising flesh. Leaning down to Jack's ear, Pitch purred. "Scream for me, my sweet little Jack."

Jack screamed in pleasure as Pitch slid one hand down to stroke his cock in time with his rough thrusts. Pitch shivered as Jack's eyes rolled into the back of his head. He groaned as Jack's already tight hole tightened even more, and he felt cool liquid on his hand.

Pitch moaned as he slammed deeper into Jack, wanting to get his seed as deep into the boy as possible. He bit Jack's shoulder as he orgasmed, making Jack cry out again.

Coming down from his high, Pitch looked down at Jack, who was panting under him. Jack's eyes were closed, and Pitch smirked, grinding into the boy. "You better not go back into hibernation. I don't know if any of the Guardians would survive if you did."

Jack chuckled weakly, opening his eyes. "I guess I can't hibernate anymore then." Pitch smiled as Jack's eyes drifted shut again. He pulled out slowly, looking Jack over when he didn't move. After a moment he decided that the boy must have fallen asleep, and rolled his eyes.

pitch cleaned Jack up quickly before placing him in bed, and covering him. Jack's eyes opened for a moment, and he grabbed Pitch's hand weakly. Pitch raised an eyebrow as he leaned down, kissing Jack gently. Jack's eyes started drifting shut again.

Pitch smiled, grabbing the book Jack had been reading, and settling into bed beside the boy. Pitch sat with his back to the headboard as he opened the book to a random page. Jack shifted, snuggling against his side, and falling asleep.

Pitch chuckled, resting one hand on the back of Jack's head, and brushing his fingers over the base of his skull. If this was going to be the way it was having Jack around, Pitch would certainly be able to handle having to deal with the Guardians occasionally. Little did he realize what he would be dealing with very soon.