It's Not Over

I try to see the good in life
But good things in life are hard to find

I'll try to do it right this time around - let's start over
I'll try to do it right this time around - it's not over
'Cause a part of me is dead and in the ground
This love is killing me but you're the only one

I've taken all I can take and I cannot wait
We're wasting too much time
Being strong, holding on
Can't let it bring us down


After Episode 2.13 "Dead Reckoning." WARNING: Smut ahead!

Reese was prepared to die. He had been for a long time, in fact. He was not, however, ready to die knowing that Finch had died with him, trying to save him. So it was with tremendous relief that he heard the cell phone's impersonal tone acknowledging Finch's success and saw the older man's face relax.

Finch had been prepared to die. He obviously preferred not to and had worked feverishly to prevent the bomb from detonating, but that did not negate the fact that he had risked his own life to save Reese's. And Reese was not about to forget that. This was, after all, the second time that the smaller, quieter, seemingly shy and timid man had done so. The reclusive computer genius had proven to have immeasurable reserves of courage, the likes of which Reese had rarely (if ever) encountered — even in all his years of military service.

When an explosion rocked the building, ricocheting through the narrow valley of the street below, Reese remembered for the first time that Mark Snow had been wearing an identical bomb vest. He hadn't been as lucky as Reese; of course he didn't have a guardian angel whose wings were hidden in the names of his many aliases. Reese managed a dry quip, his training kicking in, but the realization that a similar blast would have blown him to bits — leaving law enforcement to identify him only by DNA — roiled in his stomach. The thought that Finch (or whatever his real name was) would have been blown away right next to him... chilled him to the bone.

"Well, while the authorities are distracted with that mess," Finch said, limping back towards Reese after a cursory survey of the chaos below, "let's make ourselves scarce."

"Couldn't agree more," Reese said, watching his partner bend over to pick up the hard drive. A surge of warmth flooded Reese, giving him enough strength to start walking again. He was exhausted, but he was still alive; he could keep moving until they were both safely away from this place.

They rode a service elevator down to the basement level while Finch monitored the police activity by high-jacking the building's security system with his phone. Doubling back up to the ground floor, they hid in an office — after Reese had picked the lock — until all units in the building were outside collecting the wreckage of the car as evidence. They slipped out a back exit and into Finch's awaiting car, where he used his laptop to erase all of the video footage inside and around the building.

"I've uploaded a virus to damage their backup server so they'll blame the explosion for the deleted data," Finch explained while putting his laptop away, then started to drive.

Reese only grunted in reply since he was working on disconnecting the cell phone from the vest. There was a backup fuse, just as he'd expected, but he saw no point in telling Finch about it. Once the detonator was thoroughly removed from the explosives, he allowed himself a deep sigh.

"I'm sure you'll feel better without that thing around your body," Finch observed, not hiding his distaste. "I know I will."

Reese nodded. "Can't wait to get a hot shower."

After a moment Finch asked, "Have you had anything to eat?"


"I'll drop you off at the apartment before I go get something. I'm afraid at this hour it will be hard to find anything palatable..."

"Anything's fine, Finch. I'm not picky." Reese grinned as though to himself. "I'm just glad to be alive."

Finch acknowledged the remark with a sidelong glance. "As am I, Mr. Reese. Incidentally, it's amazing what an appetite almost being killed can work up." He did not bother to mention that the entire time Reese had been in Stanton's clutches, he had been unable to eat as well.

They rode the rest of the way in silence until Finch pulled up to the curb.

"I'll leave the door unlocked," Reese mentioned as he got out of the car.

"No need, Mr. Reese — I have a key."

"I meant the bathroom door. In case you wanna join me."

The grin he gave Finch then, leaning down into the open car door, was definitely salacious. Finch had to swallow hard before he could answer.

"Enjoy your hot shower, Mr. Reese... or perhaps a cold one would be better."

"Just finding renewed joy in being alive, Harold," Reese told him, then let out a low chuckle and closed the door. He strode into the building, taking the steps two at a time, as Finch drove off in search of palatable food.