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swagdaddy has logged on (Jerry)

mathisawesome has logged on(Milton)

imaplaya has logged on (Eddie)

sexyblackbelt has logged on (Jack)

blondeblackbelt has logged on (Kim)

swagdaddy: hey Jerry in the house

mathisawesome: salutations my friends

imaplaya: sup

blondeblackbelt: hi

sexyblackbelt: hey guys hey Kimmy

swagdaddy: Ooooo it looks like Jack has a crush

sexyblackbelt: Shut up Jerry, and I don't have a crush on Kim

blondeblackbelt: mmmhmmm sure jack sure

sexyblackbelt: no need for sarcasm Kimmy and besides i'm not the one that likes somebody it's you that likes me

mathisawesome: Jack do not upset Kim she will destroy you trust me.

imaplaya: O.O

swagdaddy: great job Milton now i'm even more scared of Kim! Oh and has anyone noticed that jack's and kim's usernames are like the same thing

Blondeblackbelt: Jerry I know where you live and I will bring saltines

swagdaddy: NOOOOOO help me someone help me please

mathisawesome: your on your own buddy

imaplaya: yup I will say some nice words at your funeral

swagdaddy has logged off

imaplaya: sorry guys I have to help my mom set the table see ya tomorrow

imaplaya has logged off

mathisawesome: Bye Jack and Kim I have to finish next weeks homework

Blondeblackbelt: Bye Milton remember to take a break

sexyblackbelt: Bye Milton

mathisawesome has logged off

sexyblackbelt: hi Kimmy

Blondeblackbelt: Hey Jackie

sexyblackbelt: solve this riddle for me:

if you ask someone to do something for you, what is the first word you say?

what's the opposite of me?

what's the opposite of stop?

what's the opposite of in?


what's the opposite of you?

Blondeblackbelt: answers:







sexyblackbelt: yes I will

Blondeblackbelt: Yay i'm Jack Brewers girlfriend

sexyblackbelt: I gotta go bye my beautiful girlfriend XXXX

Blondeblackbelt: bye Jackie XXXXX

sxyblackbelt has logged off

blondeblackbelt has logged off


Kim Crawford has changed her relationship status to 'in a relationship with Jack Brewer'

Jack Brewer has changed his relationship status to 'in a relationship with Kim Crawford'

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